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Books on the naval battle between Spanish galleons and Drake's Men-of-War in 1588
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The Armada of Flanders : Spanish Maritime Policy and European War, 1568-1668
(Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History)
by R. A. Stradling
(Hardcover - June 1992)

The Armada Campaign, 1588 (Elite Series, 15)
by John Tincey, Richard Hook (Illustrator)
Paperback - 64 pages Revised edition (December 1988)
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 0850458218
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Elizabethan Sea Dogs 1560-1605 (Elite Series, 70)
by Angus Konstam, Angus McBride (Illustrator)
Paperback - 64 pages
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1841760153

The Spanish Armada (Osprey Trade Editions)
by John Tincey, Richard Hook (Illustrator)

Defeat of the Spanish Armada (Great Battles Series)
by William W. Lace
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Examines the pivotal naval battle in which the upstart British defeated the supposedly invincible Spanish fleet, changing the balance of power in sixteenth century Europe. 
(Library Binding)

Exploring the Spanish Armada
by Winifred Glover

The Spanish Armada of 1588
by Eugene L. Rasor
(Hardcover - December 1992)

Spanish Story of the Armada and Other Essays
by James A. Froude
(Hardcover - June 1971)

Philip of Spain
by Henry Arthur Francis Kamen

Sir Francis Drake: The Queen's Pirate
by Harry Kelsey
Remembered in standard history texts as an adventurer who helped extend England's maritime empire to the coasts of Africa and the Americas, Francis Drake roamed the world under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth I. He enriched her coffers by attacking Spanish merchant ships in the Caribbean, raiding ports, looting churches, and taking a cut of the slave trade--the acts not of a military man, Harry Kelsey argues, but of a pirate, and of a cowardly one at that as he was given to fleeing at the first sign of danger, leaving his men behind. Even so, for his services Elizabeth awarded Drake a knighthood and a degree of immunity until he failed to appear at his post during a naval engagement against ships of the Spanish armada. He then lost the queen's favor and disappeared from history's stage. Drake has few champions today, certainly fewer than he did in Elizabethan times. Even then he was none too popular. This well-written revisionist biography explains why. --Gregory McNamee -
Paperback: 566 pages
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300084633;

Sir Francis Drake : The Queen's Pirate
by Harry Kelsey
Hardcover - 592 pages
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300071825

Francis Drake : Life of a Hero
by John Cummins

Sir Francis Drake : His Daring Deeds
by Roy Gerrard

Sir Francis Drake : And the Foundation of a World Empire
(Explorers of New Worlds)
by Jim Gallagher
(Library Binding)

Sir Francis Drake and the Struggle for an Ocean Empire (World Explorers)
by Alice Smith Duncan, et al
(Library Binding - December 1993)

Sir Francis Drake (Groundbreakers)
by Neil Champion
(Paperback - April 2001)

Sir Francis Drake (Famous Explorers)
by Tanya Larkin
(Library Binding)

Voyage of the Armada : The Spanish Story
by David Howarth
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