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Balham to Bollywood
by Chris England
Paperback from Hodder & Stoughton


Cricket Explained
Cricket Explained
by Robert Eastaway
Paperback from St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 0312094116
Cricket Explained offers the sports enthusiast a user-friendly introduction to baseball's British cousin, a game that shares with America's national pastime the common ancestor "rounders".

This is the definitive beginner's guide to the game of cricket, written by a world authority on the sport, the co-inventor of the Coopers & Lybrand World Cricket Ratings System. Cricket Explained takes the reader from the game's fundamentals -- basic rules, terminology, equipment -- to the finer points of strategy, individual playing styles, and cricket lore.

The book includes a combined glossary/index for easy reference and is illustrated throughout with the lighthearted drawings of British cartoonist Mark Stevens. So even if you don't know "short leg" from "silly mid off" or a bowler from a batsman, you'll come away from Cricket Explained with an understanding for this truly international sport which, like baseball, is loved both for its elegant simplicity and its vexing complexity.

Among the topics covered in Cricket Explained's concise, user-friendly entries are:
-- Cricket's history
-- Making sense of the action on the field
-- Batsmen and the batting order
-- Fielders and fielding positions
-- Fielding and batting tactics
-- Scoring and statistics
-- Bowling strategy
-- How many players are required
-- How runs are scored, outs are made, and a game is won
-- Umpires and the rules
-- Bowlers and their individual styles
-- Different types of cricket played throughout the world

Cricket For Dummies
Cricket For Dummies
by Julian Knight
Paperback from For Dummies
ISBN: 0470034548

Whether you're a weekend cricketer or aspiring armchair expert, Cricket For Dummies helps you make sense of this fascinating sport. Not just a jargon busting guide to cricket's laws, techniques and tactics, it also contains advice on kitting yourself out and provides lessons on playing the game and improving your batting, bowling and fielding skills. For the budding fan, there's a guide to the greatest players, the memorable matches, and a tour through the cricketing scene - both domestic and international - giving you the knowledge you need to fully appreciate this special game.

This book has been updated for the Ashes 2009, featuring revised information on new players, the Indian premier league, Stanford 20:20 and the latest coverage of past and future competitions.

Julian Knight is a BBC journalist, writer, and cricket enthusiast. He is a former youth coach and captain, and has been a club cricketer for over 20 years.
Consultant Editor Gary Palmer played first class cricket for ten years with Somerset before becoming a professional coach.

Cricket s Strangest Matches
Cricket's Strangest Matches
by Andrew Ward
Paperback from Robson Books
ISBN: 1861052936

"A true tale of odd games and one of the most entertaining volumes to appear of late." Wisden Cricket Monthly A fascinating collection of true stories on cricket's oddest matches - some bizarre, some astonishing and some just downright hilarious. They include an account of the game that was played on ice; the game in which two professionals took on eleven amateurs; the game in which both teams were all out for nought; then there was the game where one-armed players took on one-legged players and the one in which the last man scored 163!Taken from annals of cricket history, Cricket's Strangest Matches is a must for all cricket enthusiasts and for anyone interested in the history of the sport.

More Than a Game: The Story of Cricket s Early Years
More Than a Game: The Story of Cricket's Early Years
by John Major
Paperback from HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007183658
The former Prime Minister examines the early history of one of the great loves of his life in a book that sheds new light on the summer game's social origins. In this work, the author examines the game from its origins up to the coming of World War I. Along the way he considers the crucial role of the wealthy patrons who gambled huge sums on early matches; the truth behind the legends that have grown up around the famous Hambledon Club; changes in rules and techniques--including the transition from underarm to overarm bowling--the long standing but often blurred distinction between "gentlemen" and "players;" the coming of the MCC and its role as the supreme arbiter of the game; the spread of cricket throughout the British Empire; and the emergence of the county game and international competition.
Village Idiots? An Affair with English Cricket
Village Idiots? An Affair with English Cricket
by Tim Wade
Paperback from Trafford Publishing
Media Published: 2006-
ISBN: 1412026083

A gently mocking view of English village cricket by an Australian (the 'Old Enemy', no less) who has been bewitched by its grace, charm, and sheer otherworldliness.
The Wit of Cricket
The Wit of Cricket

Paperback from Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 0340978899
A bumper collection of the funniest anecdotes, jokes, and stories from cricket's best-loved personalities. Cricket is a funny old game--even when rain stops play! Now you can read not only the most popular stories by five of the game's all-time great characters--Richie Benaud, Dickie Bird, Henry Blofeld, Brian Johnston, and Fred Trueman--but also the humor and insights of modern players including Michael Atherton, Andrew Flintoff, Darren Gough, Kevin Pietersen, and Shane Warne. Crammed full of dozens of hilarious anecdotes about legendary Test cricketers such as Ian Botham, Geoffrey Boycott, Denis Compton, Michael Holding, and Merv Hughes--plus broadcasting gaffes, sledging, short-sighted umpires, and the first male streaker at Lord's!

Greatest Moments of Cricket
Greatest Moments of Cricket
by Ralph Dellor
Hardcover from Green Umbrella Publishing
ISBN: 1906229767
 The Little Book of the Greatest Moments of Cricket is a 96-page hardback book written by Ralph Dellor and Stephen Lamb. A collection of articles celebrating the most iconic moments in cricketing history, it is sure to bring back some of the most emotional events to have taken place in recent cricketing history, but also remembers those events that stretch further back into the golden age of cricket. Whether it is the Ashes or other memorable matches against some of England's greatest rivals such as the West Indies, Sri Lanka or South Africa, this is a fantastic celebration of cricket.
Bob Woolmer s Art and Science of Cricket
Bob Woolmer's Art and Science of Cricket
by Bob Woolmer, Tim Noakes, Helen Moffett
Hardcover from Random House Struik
ISBN: 1770076581

Certain to become the definitive manual on playing and coaching cricket, this trail-blazing book represents the first time that a cricket coach and a sports scientist (both world experts in their field) have teamed up to create probably the most comprehensive book on playing and coaching cricket there is. The authors vision: to develop players who show not only technical but mental strength, and who are as physically fit and injury-resistant as possible. Much more than a coaching manual, this book reflects Bob Woolmer's passion for constant innovation and questioning his dedication to the art and science of cricket. Lavishly illustrated with specially commissioned drawings and photos, the book includes useful summaries, anecdotes and tips from some of the game's greatest players and characters.
A Century of Cricket Jokes
by Bill Stott, Helen Exley
Hardcover from Exley Giftbooks
Beyond a Boundary
Beyond a Boundary
by Cyril Lionel Robert James, Robert Lipsyte
Paperback from Duke Univ Pr (Trd)
The Best of Bevan: The World's Finest One-Day Cricketer Recalls His Most Memorable Matches
by Michael Bevan
Paperback from Allen & Unwin

Coaching Youth Cricket
Coaching Youth Cricket
by Australian Cricket Board
Paperback from Human Kinetics (T)
The Crazy World of Cricket
by Bill Stott
Paperback - December 1992

Cricket and Race
by Jack Williams
Hardcover from Berg Pub Ltd

Chalice Worship
by Colbert S. Cartwright (Editor), O. I. Cricket, Harrison (Editor)
Hardcover - July 1999

The Development of West Indies Cricket: The Age of Nationalism
by Hilary Beckles
Hardcover from Pluto Press


Don Bradman : Challenging the Myth
Don Bradman : Challenging the Myth
by Brett Hutchins
Hardcover from Cambridge University Press
The Glory Days of Cricket: The Extraordinary Story of Broadhaifpenny Down
by Ashley Mote
Hardcover - July 1999

History of Indian Cricket
by Mihir Bose
Synopsis: On 24 August 1971 - "The Day the Elephant came to the Oval" - India, under the captaincy of A.L. Wadekar, won her first Test match against England in England. From this dramatic starting-point Mihir Bose focuses on the rollercoaster nature of India's cricket history, from its early days in the time of the British Raj to the present day period that has been characterised by both the sublime (the batting mastery of Sachin Tendulkar) and the ridiculous (the match-fixing scandals associated with the nefarious activities of certain Indian bookmakers). Mihir Bose's lively, informed and always entertaining text is supported by a full statistical appendix, including the scorecards of all India's most famous Test matches and a table of averages of all India's Test players.
Paperback - September 2002

History of West Indian Cricket
by Michael Manley, Donna Symmonds, Clive Lloyd
Paperback from Andre Deutsch Ltd

Special Order

Legends of Cricket: Profiles of the Game's 25 Greatest
Legends of Cricket: Profiles of the Game's 25 Greatest
by Annette Sampson, Geoff Armstrong
Hardcover from Unwin Hyman
Liberation Cricket: West Indies Cricket Culture (Sport, Society, and Politics)
by Hilary Beckles, Brian Stoddart (Editor)
Paperback - April 1995
Intended as the first text for the new course in cricket history at the University of the West Indies. Traces how West Indians have become world masters of cricket and how the game contributed to the rise of nationalism and independence in the region. The 23 essays cover colonization and cultural imperialism; ...

Lord Hawke: A Cricketing Legend
by James P. Coldham
Paperback from I.B. Tauris

Opening Up: My Autobiography
by Mike Atherton
Synopsis Mike Atherton is considered by many to be the most articulate and perceptive captain of English cricket since Mike Brearley. He was also one of the most determined batsmen of the 1990s, and as an opener, a vital component of the England team. Atherton has played professional cricket for Lancashire and England for 15 years, despite a serious back complaint. He represented England in 115 Test matches and captained his country on a record 54 occasions. His recovery from a difficult situation in 1995 (when he was accused of ball tampering during the first Test match against South Africa at Lord's) proved a tough hurdle, yet one that would strengthen his resolve. His autobiography contains many serious observations about world cricket, as well as humorous asides and perceptive insights into the game.
Hardcover from Hodder & Stoughton

Silence of the Heart: Cricket Suicides
by David Frith
Hardcover from Mainstream

The Tao of Cricket: On Games of Destiny and the Destiny of Games
by Ashis Nandy
Paperback - April 2001

The Tented Field: A History of Cricket in America
by Tom Melville
Paperback from Popular Press


The Ultimate Guide To Weight Training for Cricket
The Ultimate Guide To Weight Training for Cricket
by Robert G. Price
Paperback from Price World Enterprises
Unity Beyond the Cricket Field : National Anthems, Flags and Mottos of the Caribbean
by Bryan Auguste
Unity Beyond the Cricket Field defines the game of cricket as the unifying force of Caribbean people and outlines the need to sustain this harmony but move towards greater identification as enshrined in the Anthems, Flags and Mottos. It also contains in the appendix a series of exercises designed to help the youth in developing greater self-esteem to sustain a greater awareness of the region's aspirations while identifying with the game of cricket. ...

Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2000 / A Century of Wisden
by Matthew Engel (Editor)
With its time-honored mixture of statistics and reports, accolades and unexpected happenings, Wisden assesses a year of controversy and achievement for men and women within the sport of cricket. This Millennium Wisden edition will feature a special section devoted to cricket in the twentieth-century. ...
Hardcover - January 2001

Mound Stand: Lord's Cricket Ground London 1987 Michael Hopkins & Partners (Architecture in Detail, 01)
by David Jenkins, et al
Paperback - September 1997
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Cricket: Techniques, Tactics, Training (Crowood Sports Guides)
by Doug Ferguson
Paperback - February 1993
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