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Only the Ball Was White: A History of Legendary Black Players and All-Black Professional Teams
by Robert W. Peterson

Cool Papas and Double Duties : The All-Time Greats of the Negro Leagues
by William F. McNeil

Complete Book of Baseball's Negro Leagues
by John B. Holway, Lloyd Johnson, Rachel Borst, Buck O'Neil
Paperback from Hastings House Pub

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I Was Right on Time: My Journey from Negro Leagues to the Majors
by Buck O'Neil, et al

The Journal of Biddy Owens: The Negro Leagues, Birmingham, Alabama, 1948 (My Name is America)
by Walter Dean Myers

Black Ball2012 Calendar: The Negro Baseball Leagues
Listed under Baseball Calendars

The Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Baseball Leagues
by James A. Riley (Editor), Monte Irvin

Voices from the Negro Leagues: Conversations With 52 Baseball Standouts of the Period 1924-1960
by Brent P. Kelley

Black Baseball's National Showcase: The East-West All-Star Game, 1933-1953
by Larry Lester, Joe Black

Catching Dreams: My Life in the Negro Baseball Leagues (Sports and Entertainment)
by Frazier Robinson, et al

Sunday Coming': Black Baseball in Virginia
by Darrell J. Howard

Black Diamond: The Story of the Negro Baseball Leagues
by Pat McKissack, et al

The Indianapolis ABCs: History of a Premier Team in the Negro Leagues
by Paul Debono

The Kansas City Monarchs: Champions of Black Baseball
by Janet Bruce
Paperback from Univ Pr of Kansas

Leagues Apart: The Men and Times of the Negro Baseball Leagues
by Lawrence S. Ritter, Richard Merkin (Illustrator) (Library Binding - March )

The Negro Leagues (African-American Achievers)
by James A. Riley (Library Binding)

Negro Leagues: All-Black Baseball (Smart About History)
by Laura Driscoll, et al (Library Binding)

Josh Gibson (Baseball Hall of Famers of the Negro Leagues)
by Nick Twemlow (Library Binding)

Cool Papa Bell (Baseball Hall of Famers of the Negro League)
by Shaun McCormack (Library Binding)

Judy Johnson (Baseball Hall of Famers of the Negro League)
by Kathleen Billus (Library Binding)

Chris Von der Ahe and the St. Louis Browns
by J. Thomas Hetrick

Baseball's Other All-Stars: The Greatest Players from the Negro Leagues, the Japanese Leagues, the Mexican League, and the Pre-1960 Winter Leagues in
by William F. McNeil

'I Will Never Forget': Interviews With 39 Former Negro League Players
by Brent Kelley

Buck Leonard (Baseball Hall of Famers of the Negro League)
by Simone Payment (Library Binding)

Satchel Paige (Baseball Hall of Famers of the Negro League)
by Julie Schmidt (Library Binding)

Monte Irvin (Baseball Hall of Famers of the Negro League)
by Katie Haegele (Library Binding)

Queen of the Negro Leagues: Effa Manley and the Newark Eagles
by James Overmyer

The Spirit of St Louis: A History of St. Louis Cardinals and Browns
by Peter Golenbock
Listed under St. Louis Cardinals

One Championship Season: The Story of the 1944 St. Louis Browns
by Carson Van Lindt
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Green Cathedrals: The Ultimate Celebrations of All 273 Major League and Negro League Ballparks Past and Present
by Phillip J. Lowry
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The St. Louis Browns Through the Years (1902-1953)
by Bill Borst, Jim Scott
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Still Last in the American League: The St. Louis Browns Revisited
by William A. Borst
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The 1922 St. Louis Browns: Best of the American League's Worst
by Roger A. Godin
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