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A Long Trek Home: 4,000 Miles by Boot, Raft and Ski
A Long Trek Home: 4,000 Miles by Boot, Raft and Ski
by Erin McKittrick
Paperback from Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 1594850933

The adventures of a young, idealistic couple who choose to reduce their world down to just two small packs and the next 100 yards in front of them.
In June 2007, Erin McKittrick and her husband, Hig, embarked on a 4,000-mile expedition from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands, traveling solely by human power. This is the story of their unprecedented trek along the northwestern edge of the Pacific Ocean--a year-long journey through some of the most rugged terrain in the world-- and their encounters with rain, wind, blizzards, bears, and their own emotional and spiritual demons.
Erin and Hig set out from Seattle with a desire to raise awareness of natural resource and conservation issues along their route: clear-cut logging of rainforests; declining wild salmon populations; extraction of mineral resources; and effects of global climate change. By taking each mile step by step, they were able to intimately explore the coastal regions of Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska, see the wilderness in its larger context, and provide a unique on-the-ground perspective. An entertaining and, at times, thrilling adventure, theirs is a journey of discovery and of insights about the tiny communities that dot this wild coast, as well as the individuals there whom they meet and inspire.
Snow Sense: A Guide to Evaluating Snow Avalanche Hazard
Snow Sense: A Guide to Evaluating Snow Avalanche Hazard
by Jill A. Fredston, Doug Fesler
Paperback from Alaska Mountain Safety Center
ISBN: 0964399407

"Snow Sense" is the best-selling, easiest to read, most informative avalanche safety book available. Intended for skiers, snowmachiners, snowboarders, climbers and others who work and play in avalanche country, "Snow Sense" is written to help backcountry travelers learn to recognize, evaluate, and avoid snow avalanche hazards.

Avalanche accidents do not happen by accident; they happen for particular reasons. "Snow Sense" addresses the critical terrain, snowpack, and weather variables that make it possible for a slope to avalanche along with the human factors that allow most accidents to happen. If you don't want to become an avalanche victim, read this book.

Powder Ghost Towns: Epic Backcountry Runs in Colorado s Lost Ski Resorts
Powder Ghost Towns: Epic Backcountry Runs in Colorado's Lost Ski Resorts
by Peter Bronski
Paperback from Wilderness Press
ISBN: 089997466X
In its heyday, Colorado had more than 175 ski areas operating on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, and while many of those resorts have shut down, their runs still shelter secret stashes of snow. Pristine slopes await backcountry powder hounds out to discover these chutes and steeps, bunny hills and bumps. Chronicling the history of more than 36 of these "lost resorts," Powder Ghost Towns provides the beta for how to ski and board these classic runs today, with comprehensive information on trailheads, where to skin up, and the best descents. Coverage ranges from southern Wyoming's Medicine Bow Mountains to the Colorado-New Mexico border, including famous old resorts like Hidden Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park.
The Complete Guide to Cross-Country Ski Preparation
The Complete Guide to Cross-Country Ski Preparation
by Nat Brown
Paperback from The Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 0898866006

An essential resource for serious skiers.

Nat Brown was the official U.S. Cross-Country Team and U.S. Biathalon Team waxer for two Olympics and five World Championships. With this book, he offers a systematic course on choosing the right skis and preparing them for optimal performance.

Emphasizing simplicity and practicality, Brown guides skiers through all the techniques-basic to advanced-needed needed to produce fast skis. He covers the basic mechanics of skis and wax; all the factors that can affect a ski's speed and how to minimize or eliminate them; and advanced topics such as testing and repairs. Illustrated with b&w photos.

The Linde Werdelin Ski Guide Switzerland
The Linde Werdelin Ski Guide Switzerland
by Morten Linde, Jorn Werdelin
Paperback from Beautiful Books
ISBN: 190563675X
 Following in the tradition of Hip Hotels and the Wallpaper City Guides, the brand new Linde Werdelin Ski Guides will offer a highly personal and authoritative guide to the best ski runs, the best hotels, the best restaurants, and the most exclusive tips to be had in the world's finest ski resorts.
Utah: The Complete Ski and Snowboard Guide: Includes Alpine, Nordic and Telemark Skiing and Other Winter Sports
Utah: The Complete Ski & Snowboard Guide: Includes Alpine, Nordic and Telemark Skiing & Other Winter Sports
by Michael R. Fine
Paperback from Countryman

Utah is known for having "the greatest snow on earth," and this comprehensive guide provides all the details you need to make the most of your vacation.
From listing by terrain types to tips and tricks at each resort, this book explores skiing and snowboarding in Utah in exceptional detail and provides the insight you need to enjoy everything the mountains have to offer. Full-color throughout.

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The New Summit Hiker and Ski Touring Guide
by Mary Ellen Gilliland
Spiral-bound from Alpenrose Press
ISBN: 1889385077

50 Historic Hiking Trails near Breckenridge, Frisco, Copper Mountain, Keystone-Dillon in the Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness and the Gore Range Wilderness,in Colorado.

Popular Colorado author-historian Mary Ellen Gilliland introduces hikers and winter recreationists to mine camps, ghost towns, stagecoach tracks and narrow gauge railway routes, each resonating its own gold rush history. Scenic nature hikes, peak climbs, alpine lakes and waterfalls are destinations for the hikes. Added feature: special hikes for children.

Fit to Ski and Snowboard: The Skier s and Boarder s Guide to Strength and Conditioning
Fit to Ski & Snowboard: The Skier's and Boarder's Guide to Strength and Conditioning
by Rocky Snyder
Paperback from International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
ISBN: 0071468994

Hit the slopes with greater strength, balance, and endurance than ever before

Whether you're a weekend warrior or an advanced athlete, Fit to Ski and Snowboard helps you create the ideal conditioning program for your body and your needs. You can do these personalized workouts at the gym or at home, tracking your progress with the workout log and muscle chart. You'll be amazed how much you can: 

  • Improve your balance with wobble board and stability ball exercises
  • Strengthen and protect your back using core training techniques
  • Gain quicker reactions through plyometrics
  • Increase your flexibility with sun salutations and stretches
With this all-in-one fitness handbook, you're sure to be in peak condition next time you challenge the peaks.

". . . packed with exercises that let athletes tap their maximum potential before the snow flies."
--R. Mark Elling, author of The All-Mountain Skier

"Rocky's training tactics will help you improve fast!"
--Jeff Bennett, coauthor of The Complete Snowboarder

From Tip to Tail: The Layman s Guide to Basic Alpine Ski Tuning
From Tip to Tail: The Layman's Guide to Basic Alpine Ski Tuning
by David J. Rader
Paperback from Cornerstone Publishing Company
ISBN: 0964555018
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South American Ski Guide (Adventure Guides)
by Chris I. Lizz
Paperback from Hunter Pub Inc
ISBN: 1556504772

This guide is part of a series focusing on outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, downhill skiiing, parasailing, backpacking, waterskiing and scuba diving. Historical and other background information is provided, as well as comprehensive travel details.

Ski Faster: Lisa Feinberg Densmore s Guide to High Performance Skiing and Racing
Ski Faster: Lisa Feinberg Densmore's Guide to High Performance Skiing and Racing
by Lisa Feinberg Densmore
Hardcover from International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
ISBN: 0071343814

Ski Faster

Learn to ski as expert racers do, even if you never plan to enter a starting gate.

You don't need nerves of steel and a passion for flying down slopes at 85 mph to benefit from the competitive-level advice and insider anecdotes in this book. In fact, even if moving at 15 mph on the intermediate slope makes you nervous, Ski Faster is for you . . . if you want to ski better . . . have more fun on the slopes . . . and learn how to carve those new shaped skis like a pro.

"The best skiers are ski racers," writes Densmore, pointing out the technical impact of champions such as Jean Claude Killy, Stein Ericksen, and Ingemar Stenmark. In this book, Densmore shows all skiers how to apply champion racing techniques not only to gain speed but to improve skill. Ski Faster shows you how to 

  • Prepare for and enjoy any kind of alpine race, no matter what your present skill level
  • Tell a slalom course from a Giant slalom or Super G
  • Get more fun out of skiing by mastering better technique
  • Ski professionally with improved form and better-carved turns
  • Understand how the new shaped skis improve your carving and racing potential
With pro-level guidance on training and conditioning . . . on-snow and dry-land drills . . . waxing tricks . . . faster starts . . . course tactics . . . mental preparation, including conquering fear of speed . . . tips from top racers . . . and over a hundred illustrations that make it all easier to understand, Ski Faster is the finest race-preparation manual available.

"A must-have in any Alpine master's ski library." --Bill Skinner, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Masters Coordinator and Park City Resort Masters Coach

"The most complete ski racing book written! It's an encyclopedia that reads like a personal diary of a ski racer. Whatever your interest or ability, this book will help you ski better and Ski Faster!" --Dave Merriam, Director of the Stowe Ski and Snowboard School and Head Coach of the PSIA Demonstration Team

"Lisa Feinberg Densmore has compiled a comprehensive digest of pertinent concepts, details, and personal accounts to form an improvement road map for recreational skiers, beginning-to-seasoned racers, instructors, coaches, parents, and fans. I'll recommend this book to many people." --David Ojala, Program Director, Mammoth Mountain Ski and Snowboard Team

Aspen Ski and Snowboard Guide
Aspen Ski and Snowboard Guide
by Neal Beidleman
Paperback from Wolverine Publishing
Media Published: 2006-
ISBN: 0972160973

This pocket-sized color book is the ultimate insider's guide to the lift-accessible, in-bounds skiing and snowboarding on Aspen's four mountains: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass. Author Neal Beidleman shares local knowledge that will help you make the most of your time and find the best terrain in Aspen/Snowmass including over 150 runs not covered by the trail map. Packed with action and aerial color photographs, this book is also a source of inspiration and handy souvenir of your ski and snowboard adventures.


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