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Rick Steves' Venice
by Rick Steves, Gene Openshaw
Paperback from Avalon Travel Publishing

Venice: Lion City
by Garry Wills
The tiny island city-state of Venice was, for a time, one of the greatest maritime powers the world has ever known, its influence extending far beyond the Mediterranean. Garry Wills, well known for his studies of American political history, travels far afield to explore Renaissance Venice at the height of its power. Venice, Wills writes, was "not an ideal state." Its champions would claim otherwise; they held a view of Venetian "exceptionalism," an idea that the city-state, like its classical Athenian model, was somehow destined for great things. It achieved many of them, gathering phenomenal wealth through the monopolies of its many guilds, floating great navies that controlled the seas, and building a splendid, renowned city. Wills profiles the leaders, great families, corporations, and institutions (including what he calls a "gerontocracy" of elder statesmen) that allowed such growth, as well as women, ordinary workers, and other actors who do not often figure in histories of the period. He examines the religious beliefs and worldly wisdom that motivated and justified the Venetian impulse to achieve wealth and power, and he takes his readers on a learned tour of Venice's architectural and artistic glories--many of which survive today. No, it was not ideal, Wills concludes, "just better than most of those around it--better able to sustain, over a long period, whatever ideals it had." His account of those ideals and the city they made will appeal to a wide audience of readers. --Gregory McNamee -
Hardcover: 415 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.17 x 9.56 x 7.58 
Publisher: Simon & Schuster; ;
ISBN: 0684871904

Venice (Citymap Guide)
by Shelley Wanger (Editor), Knopf Guides Staff

A Thousand Days in Venice: An Unexpected Romance
by Marlena De Blasi, Marlena De Blasi

Streetwise Venice
by Michael Brown (Map)

Stones of Venice
by Lionello Puppi, Mark Edward Smith (Photographer)

Frommer's Northern Italy with Venice & the Lakes
by Reid Bramblett (Author)

MapEasy's Guidemap to Venice

Fodor's Citypack Venice (Citypacks)
by Fodors (Editor)

Venice from the Bell Towers
by Tudy Sammartini, Daniele Resini (Photographer)

Venice and the Veneto
by Sonja Bullaty
With its lovely waterways, stunning architecture, and spirited carnival, it's no wonder that Venice has enchanted visitors for centuries. In "Venice and the Veneto", photographers Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo capture the allure of this unforgettable city in rich, full-color photographs that resemble fine paintings. Each of the nine chapters focuses on a different Venetian theme, including "A Watery Realm", in which breathtaking views of the city's waterways may be found, and "Piazza San Marco", "a compelling image whether the day is just dawning, already well advanced, or drawing to a close." Bullaty and Lomeo also turn their expert eyes to the beautiful region surrounding Venice, the Veneto, which "encompasses Palladian palaces, medieval villages, vineyards and the Dolomite Mountains." Such splendid photographs, when coupled with the musings on Venice from distinguished writers, artists, and musicians sprinkled throughout the text, make "the ideal gift book for those who have experienced the magic of Venice and long to return, as well as those who look forward to exploring this magical city and discovering the Veneto."
Hardcover: 180 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.95 x 10.18 x 10.25 
Publisher: Abbeville Press, Inc.; ; (April )
 ISBN: 0789201666 

Venice & The Veneto (Eyewitness Travel Guides)
Venice & The Veneto (Eyewitness Travel Guides)
by Susie Boulton, Christopher Catling, Dorling-Kindersley
Paperback from DK Publishing

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