Armstrong-Siddely 1935 12hp


Introduced in late 1928, the 12hp was the smallest model in the Armstrong-Siddeley range. Based on a leaf-sprung, drum-brakes chassis, it was powered by a four-cylinder 1236cc (1434cc from 1931) engine and could reputedly exceed 60mph. H&H are indebted to the vendor for the following description: "Beautiful little lady and one of the few remaining Maltby Drophead Coupe conversions. First registered in 1935, she saw plenty of use. First owner was a local doctor who used her for house calls. She passed through a number of keepers but then lay abandoned in a garage for sometime. An avid collector later bought her during the 1990s and ordered a respray in her original colour - blue. However, he didn't get a chance to do much more as he sadly died before he could really get into restoring her. She sat alone in a remote garage shed for another year or so prior to being sold to the current owner. He had great dreams for his little lady and commissioned a specialist engineer to undertake an extensive refit. The engineer scoured the country and found specialists to assemble a replacement pre-selector gearbox (the craftsman responsible used to race them in his younger days). The Drophead further benefited from a new radiator, rebore on the engine, all new electrics, conversion to unleaded, new petrol tank and new exhaust system. He even found a business that made the Bakelite starter button. She fired up and ran smoothly but sadly that's where the story ends. The current owner had to move north and had too many business commitments to complete the final restoration of the bodywork. However, this should hopefully not entail too much extra work. The woodwork appears sound, the leather seats are not torn and there is only light damage on the internal felt lining. The cover is new and will require the insertion of a viewing window. The vendor is trying to get a new MOT certificate in time for the auction as she is running and driving but has been garaged for a few years since his move. She is DVLA registered and comes with a full receipted history of the restoration work plus photocopies of a complete original maintenance manual".

Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions

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