Riley 1932 9 Plus


It is no exaggeration to say that the appearance of the 1100cc 9hp Riley at the Olympia Show October 1926 revolutionised concepts of light car design - its lower build, outstanding handling and good brakes, the products of careful detail design, were matched by the strong, light and advanced engine, which developed remarkable power for its modest size, and began a chain of development that continued until well after WWII and also spawned the E.R.A. racing voiturettes, the most successful British racing cars of their time.

Breathing efficiently through hemispherical combustion chambers and 45-degree overhead valves opened by short pushrods from twin high-set camshafts, the unit simply wanted to rev, and permitted a lowish rear axle ratio that in turn gave good acceleration. The 4-speed gearbox was a joy to use. Apart from a handful of obscure, low-volume specialised sports cars, no other light car produced in similar quantities offered anything comparable.

Exciting sports models such as the ultra-low Brooklands and then the beautiful Imp and Lynx, and a welter of competition successes carried the Riley Nine into the 1930s. A welcome upgrade, the Plus Ultra series began production during October 1931. Underpinned by a revised 'double-dropped' chassis that was not only stiffer but also sat occupants between the axles to the benefit of both ride and roadholding, the new models could be had with a variety of open and closed coachwork.

Finished in maroon over black with black leather upholstery, this particular example is described by the vendor as being in "good" condition with regard to its engine, four-speed manual gearbox, electrical equipment, interior trim and paintwork. Manufactured by the Midland Motor Body Co, the handsome four-door tourer coachwork is said to be original to the chassis as is the engine. Formerly registered as 'MV 2291', the Riley acquired its current 'MN 2291' number plates when imported to the Isle of Man in late 2002.

Riding on nineteen-inch wire wheels, this delightful Post Vintage Thoroughbred is offered for sale with Isle of Man registration document and old Vintage Sports Car Club 'buff' form. Re-registering the car with the DVLA should be a straightforward process.

Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions

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