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No. 50, Monday July 2, 2000

Vale Joey Dunlop

Joey Dunlop

   We’re sorry to report that Joey Dunlop MBE OBE was killed last Sunday in a racing accident in the former Soviet state of Estonia. Apparently the conditions were very wet and he was killed instantly in the 125cc event.

  Dunlop, 48, began his race career in 1969. He was a legendary performer at the Isle of Man TT event, where he won 26 TTs, the first in 1977. Affectionately known as Yer Maun, the part-time Irish publican also won five Formula 1 world championships between 1980 and 1988. He is survived by a wife and five children.

  Joey was famous for his charity work, often loading up his van in the off-season and delivering locally-supplied aid to Romania and more recently Kosovo. He was arrested and even shot at during these escapades, but always made the delivery.

  There is talk of holding a Dunlop tribute night in Melbourne in the near future, and we’ll let you know of further news.

A British web site has put up a virtual tour of the Triumph factory ? try the following link.

A team of Italians has set a bunch of new endurance and speed records on a mildly modified Suzuki Hayabusa at the Nardo speed bowl. The most impressive is a 250kmh average over 12 hours.

Suzuki has launched its new 1200 Bandit overseas, with two models - the 1200 naked bike and an S model with a bikini fairing. UK MCN (<>) has shown this pic of the bike. Apparently it runs new carburetion and cam timing, plus air injection. The wheelbase is 5mm shorter, seat height considerably lower, while there’s a new set of six-piston brakes up front. Early ride reports say it’s a good thing.

GP team Proton Roberts has confirmed that Australian Anthony Gobert will be riding the recently redeveloped KR3 at this weekend’s British GP.

  "We're excited," said Team Owner Kenny Roberts, himself a former three-times World

  "We're developing our new bike during the racing season, and it was always our intention to put a top-level rider on it as soon as we had the teething troubles ironed out, and had two bikes built, so that he could have a pair in the pits.

  "We know Anthony rides anything pretty hard, and we also know that Donington Park is a good type of circuit for our motorcycle. At the same time, the latest version is developing fast, with the best-yet combination of horsepower and handling.

  "It's a good opportunity for him to show us ? and everybody else - what our new bike is capable of doing," Roberts concluded.

  "I'd like to prove to Team Roberts that it'd be worth sticking me on the bike for the rest of the season," Gobert added.

  More info: <>

KTM has revealed its first 2001 model, the 125 SX Mxer. It runs a longer-stroke powerplant along with a new fuel tanks and upgraded WP suspension.

UK MCN says that an inaugural FireBlade festival attracted 1000 Blades.

World MX championship update:
  Craig Langston on a KTM won both 125 motos in Slovenia, giving him a 30 point lead overall on Dobb (272) and Brown (248).

  Frederic Bolley won both 250 motos in Belgium on a Honda. Pichon still leads the championship (294) ahead of Bolley (270) and Beirer (221).

  Joel Smets took both 500 motos in Belgium. He leads (329) Marnicq Bervoets (249) and Peter Johnasson (228) overall.

Lead Yamaha world superbike rider Noriyuki Haga has lost his appeal against doping charge in an FIM judgement that listed it as "acceptable but not well founded". He has lost his points and prizemoney from the South Africa round and faces a three-week suspension. The latter puts him out of action for the USA round at Laguna Seca.

  More info:

Ducati has announced three new Australian dealers: The Stable (Wagga Wagga, NSW), Bike City (Adelaide, SA), Ducati Canberra (Phillip, ACT).

MV Agusta/Cagiva has added a dealer to its line-up: Central Coast Motorcycles (West Gosford, NSW).

Reader recommended web sites: - a classic site from Murray Barnard. ? from George Brockie.

  From Kai Tiffany in the USA:
"You guys have GOT to visit the following web pages of a Japanese company
that does custom Hondas; "V-PER" they call themselves (see links below).
This company's stylists have really got it going on! Whew!

On the other hand, their English stinks; the company's name, "V-PER", stands
for "Vibrated Performance". Eh?

On their used bike page, they have a customized 1997 Suzuki Volty 250 that they call a "SUPER DUNG". And what about their...1998 Monky Goose, 1997 Skid-Scud, 1993 Gray-Fellow, 1992 Killi-Fish.

Who makes up names like these for motorcycles that they intend on selling to the public?!  On the other hand, the bodywork they've made up is stunning...




CB-1300 - "Deathstar Galactica" ?

As if that wasn't enough, check out their clay prototype Valkyrie; you could have your very own Judge Dredd-mobile

The sick, twisted mind that came up with this Valkyrie is a genius."

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Article by Guy Allen

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