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Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud
Silver Cloud Specifications
Rolls-Royce found in farm shed
Engine Components
  • Engine: In-line 6 Cylinder type B60*,  producing @178 bhp at end of model run. 4 ring pistons.
  • Valves: overhead inlet and side exhaust valves, exhaust 1.85" with nickel chrome plated heads by Rolls-Royce. Inlet 1.625", then 2" inlets from chassis # LSDD136. Valve seats are screwed into the alloy head.
  • Bore x Stroke: 3 3/4 x  4 1/2"  (92.25 mm. x 114.3 mm)
  • Capacity: 298.2 (4887c.c.)
  • Compression Ratio: 6.6 : 1, then 8:1 from chassis # LSDD136.
  • Firing Order: 1, 4, 2, 6, 3, 5
  • Tappet clearance:   Inlet .006"  (.15 mm) Exhaust .012  (.3 mm)
  • Contact breaker gap: .019"-.021" (.45mm - .55mm)
  • Sparking plug: Lodge CLNP or Champion N8BR (14mm)
  • Spark plug gap: .025"(.65mm)
  • Carburettors: Twin SU
  • Fuel Tank capacity: 18 gallons *
  • Oil sump capacity: 16 pints
  • Coolant capacity:  3 1/2 gallons (Engine and Radiator)


  • Rolls-Royce built, GM-derived, 4 speed Hydra Matic with kick-down change.
  • Overall gear ratios:
1st: 13.05 : 1
2nd: 9.00 : 1
3rd: 4.96 : 1
4th: 3.42 : 1 (direct)
Reverse: 14.72 : 1
  • Rear Axle Semi-floating type.
  • Differential: Hypoid bevel drive driven by two-piece propellor shaft.
  • Ratio: 12/41 (3.42 : 1)
  • Oil capacity: 1 1/2 pints
Chassis Components


  • Welded box section 16 guage steel frame by John Thompson Motor Pressings.
  • 286x76mm cast iron drums f&r. Hydraulic front and combined hydraulic and mechanical rear brakes with servo.
  • Independent front suspension  incorporating coil springs, hydraulic shock dampers and torsion rod stabiliser.
  • Rear suspension by semi-elliptic springs in combination with controllable hydraulic shock dampers. An axle control rod ('Z' bar) is fitted which, together with the road springs, takes the torque and brake reaction.
  • Steering: Cam-and-roller type
  • Wheelbase 123"
  • Weight approx 4370 lb.
  • Tyres 8.20 x 15". Pressures: 22psi front, 27psi rear.

Top speed 106mph (171kph), 0-60 achieved in 13 seconds, standing quarter 19 seconds. (These figures likely for the later 8:0/1 compression ratio engine)
Fuel consumption: 15 to 16 mpg.

First model released by Rolls-Royce in April 1955. Designed by J.P. Blatchley, the Silver Cloud and Bentley S had nearly identical bodies, chassis and technical specifications (only the radiators and badging differed). The standard bodies were produced by Pressed Steel Ltd and had aluminium door panels, boot and bonnet halves. 
Some chassis were supplied to coachbuilders James Young, H.J. Mulliner, Hooper, and Park Ward. A manual gearbox was available to special order prior to 1957.

Production: 2238 + 121 long wheelbase, total 2359.

* Gallons - Imperial gallons unless otherwise noted.

There is an excellent article on Silver Cloud and Bentley S1-S3 in the March 1993 Classic and Sports Car magazine. Back issues may be available from

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Chassis Series


SWA 2-250 1955/56 123" wheelbase
SXA 1-251 1955/56
SYB 2-250 1956
SZB 1-251 1956
SBC 2-150 1956/57
SCC 1-151 1956/57 Power steering optional
SDD 2-450 1957/58
SED 1-451 1957/58
SFE 1-501 1957/58
SGE 2-500 1957/58
SHF 1-249 1958/59
SJF 2-250 1958/59
SKG 1-125 1959
SLG 2-126 1959
SMH 1-265 1959
SNH 2-262 1959
ALC 1-26 1957/58 Long wheelbase (127")
BLC 1-51 1958/59
CLC 1-47 1959
Information from the Rolls-Royce Owner's Club of Victoria

Further information from various sources, primarily "Original Rolls-Royce & Bentley" by James Taylor.

Chassis: At chassis # SZB113, stiffeners were added at the jacking brackets at the centre of the side rails. From chassis # SZB139 (Aug 1956) a splayed front end was employed requiring different front bumpers. 

Jacking points are just behind the front wheels, and just ahead of  the rear wheels. The jack is a Smiths Bevelift.

Rear Suspension: 9 leaf springs per side, right hand springs slightly heavier. All leaves are Parkerised, top four are interleaved with rubber. Spring assembly is sealed in a leather boot, and is lubricated with moly grease. Many modifications were made to the rear axle and rear suspension components during the model run. A pedal under the dash actuates the front suspension lubrication.

Fuel tank: 18 gallons, aluminium alloy. Feed pipes are aluminium on early chassis numbers, changed to copper due to salt corrosion at chassis # SZB29. SU electric fuel pumps work constantly.

Wheel nuts on left side are left hand thread. All threads on the chassis are UNF.

If removing guards for any reason, it's a good idea to have the heat exchangers pressure tested at the same time.

subject: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud web site
message: The rear axle and pinion arrangement shown on this web site is from an earlier MKVI or early R type. The detail on the SC 1 is different.

The 4887 cc car engine was never refered to as a B60 and indeed if it had been called a B type it would have been a B61.
R-R car engines were always called either senior range of chassis engines and the term B60 refers to a commercial and military engine on which very few parts were interchangable with the car range. The B60 was and still remains in any case a 4.25ltr engine.

Click here to see a remarkable relic found in a shed at Byron Bay, Australia.

Note the similar lines of the 1955 Armstrong Sidley

Brough Superior
The "Rolls-Royce" of Motorcycles
T.E. Lawrence, a great proponent of the Rolls-Royce marque, was alsoa magnificent motorcyclist. He owned a succession of Brough Superiors andtravelled at speed over distances which in this day and age seem quiterespectable, but in the 1920's & 30's were little short of incredible.hand