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Henry Moore: Sculpting the 20th Century
by Julian Andrews, Dallas Museum of Art, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, National Gallery of Art (U.S.), Dorothy M. Kosinski
Hardcover from Yale Univ Pr

Henry Moore (Artists in Their Time)
by Sally O'Reilly
School & Library Binding from Franklin Watts, Incorporated

Henry Moore Tapestries
by Ann Garrould, Valerie Power, Henry Moore
Paperback from Lund Humphries Pub Ltd

Celebrating Moore: Works from the Collection of the Henry Moore Foundation
by David Mitchinson, Henry Moore, Julian Andrews, Henry Moore Foundation
Hardcover from University of California Press

Moore in the Bagatelle Gardens Paris
by David Cohen, et al

A Monumental Vision : The Sculpture of Henry Moore
by John Hedgecoe, Henry Moore

London's War: The Shelter Drawings of Henry Moore
~Julian Andrews
Synopsis: During the early part of World War II, Henry Moore had to give up working on sculpture when his Hampstead studio was bombed. Instead he concentrated on drawing, creating a monumental series of works showing the plight of people sheltering in the London Underground. This work considers Moore's visual documentation of the shelters within the context of the events of the London Blitz of 1940-41. It looks at Moore's personal and political feelings about the coming war and his doubts about working as an Official War Artist, comparing Moore's wartime drawings to works by other artists and to documentary photographs. In addition, the author considers the influence of the Shelter Drawings on people's feelings about the Blitz and their effect on public attitudes towards Moore's work.
Paperback - 144 pages (28 October, )
Lund Humphries; ISBN: 0853318441

Henry Moore: Sculpting the Twentieth Century
~Dorothy Kosinski
Yale University Press
Hardcover - June 2001

Henry Moore (Life and Work Of...(Paperback))
~Sean Connolly
Heinemann Library
Paperback - August 2002

Henry Moore
~Henry Moore, John Hedgecoe
Collins and Brown
Paperback - 1 September, 1999

Henry Moore Complete Sculpture: Sculpture 1921-48
~David Sylvester (Editor)
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - December 1988

Henry Moore: Complete Drawings 1977-81
~Henry Moore
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - January 1995

Life of Henry Moore
~R. Berthoud
Giles de la Mare Publishers
Paperback - 7 April, 2003

Henry Moore: Writings and Conversations
~Henry Moore, Alan Wilkinson
University of California Press
Paperback - 1 April, 2002

Henry Moore Complete Sculpture: Sculpture 1974-80
~Alan Bowness (Editor)
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - 8 November, 1994
Special order

Henry Moore Complete Sculpture: Sculpture 1964-73
~Alan Bowness (Editor)
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - 22 July, 1977

Henry Moore Complete Sculpture: Sculpture 1949-54
~Alan Bowness (Editor)
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - June 1986
Special order

Henry Moore Complete Sculpture: Sculpture 1955-64
~Alan Bowness (Editor)
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - November 1986

Henry Moore: Complete Drawings 1916-29
~Ann Garrould (Editor)
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - June 1996

Henry Moore: Complete Drawings 1930-39
~Ann Garrould (Editor)
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - March 1998

Henry Moore: Complete Drawings 1916-83: Drawings 1940-49
~Ann Garrould (Editor)
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - 28 May, 2001

Henry Moore: Complete Drawings 1982-83
~Ann Garrould (Editor)
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - 30 September, 1994

Henry Moore Complete Drawings 1916-86: Volume 4: Complete Drawings 1950-76
by Ann Garrould
Hardcover from Lund Humphries Publishers

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Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook
by Henry Moore, Kenneth Clark
Paperback from Thames & Hudson

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Creative Lives: Henry Moore (Creative Lives)
by Jeremy Wallis
Hardcover from Heinemann Educational Books - Library Division

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Celebrating Moore: Works from the Collection of the Henry Moore Foundation
~Alan Bowness (Foreword), David Mitchinson (Editor)
Lund Humphries
Hardcover - 30 June, 1998
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Henry Moore Wood Sculpture
by Henry Moore
Hardcover from Universe Books
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