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Bill Mauldin's Army
by Bill, Mauldin
Paperback - 384 pages Reprint edition (August 1987)
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891411593

The Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor
by Robert Weston, Robert Taylor, Charles Walker
Hardcover - 128 pages
David & Charles; ISBN: 0715390082

Robert Taylor Air Combat Paintings
by Robert Taylor, Don S. Lopez
(Paperback -- October )

Bomber Missions : Aviation Art of World War II
by G. E. Patrick Murray
Includes works by Robert Bailey, Stan Stokes, Jim Dietz, Keith Woodcock, Keith Ferris and Paul Eckley.
Hardcover: 144 pages
Friedman/Fairfax Publishing; ISBN: 1586630814;
Both Sides of Peace : Israeli and Palestinian Political Poster Art
by Dana Bartelt (Editor), Contemporary Art Museum
Paperback - 160 pages
University of Washington Press; ISBN: 1885449046

Burma Railway Artist : The War Drawings of Jack Chalker
by Jack Bridger Chalker, Jack A. Chalker, Edward Dunlop
Hardcover - 136 pages (March )
Combined Books; ISBN: 0850523370

Celebration of Flight The Art of Roy Cross
Celebration of Flight The Art of Roy Cross
by Roy Cross, Arthur Ward
Hardcover from Airlife Pub Ltd
The Confederate Image; Prints of the Lost Cause
by Mark E. Neely, Harold Holzer, G. S. Boritt (Contributor)
The principle focus of The Confederate Image is on the prints of three prominent southern Civil War figures - Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson.
Paperback - 257 pages
Univ of North Carolina Pr; ISBN: 0807849057

Drawing Fire: A Combat Artist at War: Pacific Europe Korea Indochina Vietnam
Howard Brodie

They Drew Fire : Combat Artists of World War II
by Brian Lanker and Nicole Newnham
Hardcover - 192 pages
TV Books Inc; ISBN: 1575000857
Up Front
Bill Mauldin
A facsimile edition of an enduring classic coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of V-E Day on April 29, 1995 and features the immortal words and drawings of American combat soldiers created by a World War II infantryman and Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.
Hardcover / Published 1995
Design for Victory : World War II Posters on the American Home Front
by H. Rubenstein, W. Bird
Paperback - 120 pages
Princeton Architectural Pr; ISBN: 1568981406
Dr. Seuss Goes to War: The World War II Editorial Cartoons of Theodor Seuss Geisel
by Richard H. Minear, et al
Before Yertle, before the Cat in the Hat, before Little Cindy-Lou Who (but after Mulberry Street), Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) made his living as a political cartoonist for New York newspaper PM. Seuss drew over 400 cartoons in just under two years for the paper, reflecting the daily's New Deal liberal slant. Starting in early 1941, when PM advocated American involvement in World War II, Seuss savaged the fascists with cunning caricatures. He also turned his pen against America's internal enemies -- isolationists, hoarders, complainers, anti-Semites, and anti-black racists -- and urged Americans to work together to win the war. The cartoons are often funny, peopled with bowler-hatted "everymen" and what author Art Spiegelman calls "Seussian fauna" in his preface. They are also often very disturbing--Seuss draws brutally racist images of the Japanese and even attacks Japanese Americans on numerous occasions. Perhaps most disturbing is the realization that Seuss was just reflecting the wartime zeitgeist. . --Sunny Delaney -
Hardcover - 272 pages
New Press; ISBN: 156584565X

Julian Scott : Artist of the Civil War and Native America; With 97 Illustrations
by Robert J. Titterton
Listed under American Art History

London's War: The Shelter Drawings of Henry Moore
~Julian Andrews
Listed under Henry Moore

The Maritime Paintings of Robert Taylor
The Maritime Paintings of Robert Taylor
by Robert Taylor, Heath Edward, Edward Heath
Paperback from David & Charles
Portraits of Combat : The World War II Art of James Dietz
by Jay Broze, James Dietz
Hardcover - 144 pages
Friedman/Fairfax Publishing; ISBN: 1586630806

Propaganda Postcards of World War II
by Ron Menchine
Listed under Collectible Postcards

War in Pacific Skies: Featuring the Aviation Art of Jack Fellows
War in Pacific Skies: Featuring the Aviation Art of Jack Fellows
by Charlie Cooper, Ann Cooper, Jack Fellows
Hardcover from Motorbooks International
World War II Posters 16 Art
by Anna Samuel (Editor)

World War II
by Florence Leniston (Editor)
Paperback Poster edition (March )
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486416755

Evil Doesn't Live Here : Posters of the Bosnian War
by Daoud Sarhandi, Alina Boboc
Paperback - 194 pages
Princeton Architectural Pr; ISBN: 1568982682

The Lines Are Drawn : Political Cartoons of the Civil War
by Kristen Smith (Editor), Jennifer L. Gross (Editor)
Hardcover - 160 pages
Hill Street Pr; ISBN: 1892514060

The Mighty Eighth : Warpaint & Heraldry
by Roger Anthony Freeman
Listed under B17 Flying Fortress

For the Boys : The Racy Pin-Ups of World War II
by Max Allan Collins

Rommel's Year of Victory : The Wartime Illustrations of the Afrika Korps by Kurt Caesar
James Lucas, et al
Listed under Afrika Korps

21st Century Collection of National War College Military Image Clipart
with nearly 20,000 Public Domain Images in JPG and GIF Formats: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Weapons, Insignia, Maps, Flags, Leaders, Photographs, Posters, Backgrounds, More (Core Federal Information Series)
by U.S. Government 
Listed under Clip Art

Wake Up, America : World War I and the American Poster
by Walton Rawls, Maurice Rickards

Winslow Homer: Paintings of the Civil War
by Marc Simpson, Nicolai, Jr. Cikovsky, Lucretia Hoover Giese
Listed under Winslow Homer

Echoes of Distant Thunder : Life in the United States, 1914-1918
by Edward Robb Ellis, 1996.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Images of War : British Posters, 1939-45
by J. Cantwell, 1989.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Persuasive Images : Posters of War and Revolution from the Hoover Institution Archives by P. Paret, B. Irwin Lewis, 1993.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Tuskegee's Heroes : Featuring the Aviation Art of Roy Lagrone
Charlie Cooper, et al
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Shouts from the Wall : Posters and Photographs Brought Home from the Spanish Civil War by American Volunteers by C. Nelson, 1996.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The First World War in Posters, from the Imperial War Museum, London
by J. Darracott,1974.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Donald Friend, Australian war artist, 1945
by Donald Friend
Out of Print - Try Used Books

To the Kwai and Back: War Drawings 1939-1945
by Ronald Searle
Searle survived the Burma Railway, just, and returned with a unique visual record of the tragedy. He narrates the tale with great humility, brevity and flashes of dark humor. An important addition to the military historian's library. Db.
Hardcover from Atlantic Monthly Press ISBN 0871130734
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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