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Acts of War : The Behavior of Men in Battle
Richard Holmes
Published by Free Pr  September 1989
ISBN: 0029148510
Arming the Future : A Defense Industry for the 21st Century
by Ann R. Markusen (Editor), Sean S. Costigan (Editor)
Council on Foreign Relations Press; ISBN: 0876092466

Combined Arms Warfare in the Twentieth Century
by Jonathan M. House
Paperback - 372 pages (April 20, )
Univ Pr of Kansas; ISBN: 0700610987

Dictionary of Acronyms, Slang, Installations, Medical Terms and Other Lexical the Modern United States Military : Over 15,000 Weapons, Agencies...
Stephen F. Tomajczyk
Listed under Military Reference Books

Desert Storm
Military History Magazine
Listed under Gulf War

Digital Soldiers : The Evolution of High-Tech Weaponry and Tomorrow's Brave New Battlefield Vol 1
James F. Dunnigan

The European Armaments Market and Procurement Cooperation Vol 1
Pauline Creasey, Simon May 
Hardcover / Published 1988

Every Inch a Soldier : Augustine Warner Robins and the Building of U.S. Airpower
(Texas A&M University Military History Series, No 37)
William P. Head
Hardcover / Published 1995

Fortress America: The American Military and the Consequences of Peace
Fortress America: The American Military and the Consequences of Peace
by William Greider
"The U.S. military-industrial complex, as we have known it, is in the process of devouring itself, literally and tangibly. The awesome interlocking structure of armed forces, industrial interests, and political alliances that has sprawled across American public life and purpose for two generations cannot endure for long," writes Rolling Stone correspondent William Greider in the introduction to Fortress America. Although shorter than his previous books on the Federal Reserve and the global economy, Fortress America is vintage Greider: strong reporting and sharp analysis on a topic of current and compelling interest. Greider doesn't address U.S. defense strategy so much as the perverse economics underlying the American military establishment. Costs and commitments forever escalate as basic military readiness deteriorates. The Pentagon continues to request next-generation fighter aircraft and Congress agrees to fund them even as fundamental training exercises go wanting. The problem isn't that the United States will lose its next war, but that massive waste and incredible redundancy make national defense a pricey behemoth. Greider calls for a fundamental reordering of priorities; this is an argument Washington--and, increasingly, the public--cannot ignore. --John J. Miller -
It is the kind of book that leaves a reader agitated and indignant, and should by all rights ignite an urgent national debate. 
The New York Times Book Review, James B. Stewart
Paperback - 224 pages 2 edition (December )
PublicAffairs; ISBN: 1891620452
Fortunate Son: The Autobiography of Lewis B. Puller, Jr
Lewis B. Jr Puller
Listed under Vietnam War

Hazardous Duty : One of America's Most Decorated Soldiers Reports from the Front With the Truth About the U.S. Military Today
David H. Hackworth, Tom Matthews

Holding the Line: U.S. Defense Alternatives for the 21st Century
by Cindy Williams (Editor)
Paperback - 300 pages (January 22, )
MIT Press; ISBN: 0262731401

Immediate Action
Andy McNab
From the war-torn streets of Armagh to the frontlines of the Gulf War, Andy McNab brings home the horrors--and even humor--of modern war. Recounting his military life, starting as a young soldier fighting the IRA, through his years in the world's most effective Special Forces unit, readers get a astonishing account that the Bristish Government tried to suppress.

In Athena's Camp : Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age
by John Arquilla (Editor), David F. Ronfeldt (Editor), Heidi Toffler, Alvin Toffler
The information revolution is transforming the nature of conflict. The era of massed field armies is passing because the new information and communications systems are increasing the lethality and range of small units. In social conflicts, the Internet and other media are greatly empowering individuals and small groups to influence the behavior of states.
IN ATHENA'S CAMP brings together the views of experts in the fields of military strategy and the information technologies to take a serious look at the information-based revolution in military affairs and to anticipate what form future wars and other conflicts will take.
Paperback - 501 pages

In Search of the Warrior Spirit
Richard Strozzi Heckler
An enlightened look at advanced special forces training.
Listed under Special Forces

Into the Storm : A Study in Command
Tom Clancy, Frederick M. Franks
Into the Storm takes a look deep into the operational art of war as seen through the eyes of some of America's most outstanding commanders.
Listed under Gulf War

It Doesn't Take a Hero
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
The general who led the troops who attacked Iraq during the war in the Persian Gulf discusses his experiences during the Vietnam War, his personal life, and his beliefs.
Listed under US Army

Jane's International Defense Directory
Jane's Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems
Listed under Jane's Military Books

Joint Air Operations : Pursuit of Unity in Command and Control, 1942-1991
(A Rand Research Study)
James A. Winnefeld, Dana J. Johnson
Hardcover / Published 1993

NBC : Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare on the Modern Battlefield
by John Norris, Will Fowler
Listed under NBC

The Next World War: Computers Are the Weapons & the Front Line is Everywhere
by James Adams
Paperback - 368 pages (December )
ISBN: 0743223802

On Killing : The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society
by Dave Grossman
Paperback (November )
Little Brown & Co (Pap); ISBN: 0316330116

One More Bridge to Cross: Lowering the Cost of War
by H. John Poole, William S. Lind
Paperback - 142 pages Reprint edition (September 15, )
Posterity Pr; ISBN: 0963869531

Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm: Chronology and Fact Book
Kevin Don Hutchison
Listed under Gulf War

The Origins of SDI, 1944-1983 (Modern War Studies)
by Donald R. Baucom
Most people think Star Wars was Reagan's idea, but its roots reach decades farther back. Military historian Don Baucom traces them to the dawn of the atomic age in 1944. In this first scholarly account of the origins of SDI, Baucom brings together the political, technological, and strategic forces that have shaped the history of ballistic missile defenses from World War II to the present day. He chronicles major technological developments and shows how SDI emerged in 1983 from the technological and strategic legacies of the ICBM, ABM, SALT, and SAFEGUARD programs.
Paperback: 296 pages
Univ Pr of Kansas; ISBN: 0700611002; (December 1992)

The Patton Mind : The Professional Development of an Extraordinary Leader
Roger H. Nye
Listed under Patton

Phantom Soldier: The Enemy's Answer to U.S. Firepower
by H. John Poole, William S. Lind (Foreword)
Paperback - 360 pages illustrate edition (August 9, )
Posterity Pr; ISBN: 0963869558

The Principles of War for the Information Age
by Robert R. Leonhard
One of the most cogent and respected strategic theorists in today's military sounds the alarm: We have no viable doctrine for tomorrow's war. 
Paperback - 304 pages
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891417133

The Principles of War for the Information Age
by Robert R. Leonhard
Hardcover - 288 pages (November )
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891416471

Private Warriors
by Ken Silverstein, Daniel Burton-Rose
Journalist Ken Silverstein delivers a broadside against the modern military-industrial complex in Private Warriors. In the post-cold-war world of rising defense budgets and arms proliferation, Silverstein finds plenty to worry about: "Former Defense Department officials serve as consultants to the arms industry, helping lobby for needless Cold War-era weapons systems and promoting greater arms sales to foreign regimes. Retired generals form private corporations that train the armies of foreign nations and encourage U.S. entanglements abroad. Arms dealers linked to U.S. intelligence agencies still trot the globe hawking their wares, sometimes in support of government operations, sometimes acting strictly as private businessmen. Intellectuals who gained their names by hyping the Soviet threat still counsel our political leaders. The advice they offered during the Cold War was of dubious value, and it has decidedly less merit today." Silverstein wisely populates his book with real-life characters such as German arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt, Nixon- and Reagan-administration veteran Alexander Haig, and missile-defense advocate Frank Gaffney. He also has an eye for vivid anecdotes: the B-2 bomber, he notes, literally "costs more than its weight in gold." Silverstein's on-the-scene reporting includes visits to a weapons bazaar in Rio de Janeiro and a Soldier of Fortune convention in Las Vegas. At bottom, however, Private Warriors is a polemic rather than a piece of journalism; it aims to make a forceful argument against transplanting the mindset of a cold-war hawk into the security policies of the 21st century. Not everyone will be convinced--attitudes on this subject are famously inflexible--but Silverstein's portrait of the industry and people who profit from military buildups will give pause to all its readers. --John J. Miller -
Paperback from Verso Books
Race to the Swift : Thoughts on Twenty-First Century Warfare
by Richard E. Simpkin
Paperback - 376 pages Revised edition
Brasseys, Inc.; ISBN: 1857531353

Sea Soldiers in the Cold War : Amphibious Warfare, 1945-1991
Joseph H. Alexander, Merrill L. Bartlett

Technological Change and the Future of Warfare
by Michael E. O'Hanlon, Michael Ohanlon
Paperback - 210 pages (March )
Brookings Institute; ISBN: 0815764391

This War Really Matters : Inside the Fight for Defense Dollars
by George C. Wilson
Paperback - 256 pages (November )
Congressional Quarterly; ISBN: 1568024606

Waging Modern War:Bosnia, Kosovo, and the Future of Combat
by General Wesley K. Clark
General Clark was Supreme Allied Commander during the Kosovo conflict.
Hardcover: 304 pages
Public Affairs; ISBN: 158648043X; (May 22, )

War Stars : The Superweapon and the American Imagination
H. Bruce Franklin
Paperback / Published 1990

Wings and the Navy : 1947-1953
by Colin Jones
Listed under Military Aviation History

Who Will Fight the Next War? : The Changing Face of the American Military
Martin Binkin
Paperback / Published 1993

The Warriors : Reflections on Men in Battle
by J. Glenn Gray, Hannah Arendt (Introduction)
Paperback - 272 pages
Bison Bks Corp; ISBN: 0803270763

Winning the Next War : Innovation and the Modern Military
(Cornell Studies in Security Affairs)
by Stephen Peter Rosen
Paperback Reprint edition (April )
Cornell Univ Pr; ISBN: 0801481961

Cyberwar : Security, Strategy, and Conflict in the Information Age
by Alan D. Campen (Editor), Douglas H. Dearth (Editor), R. Thomas Goodden
Afcea Intl; ISBN: 0916159264
Special Order

Air-Mech-Strike: 3-Dimensional Phalanx; full-spectrum maneuver warfare to dominate the 21st Century
by David L. Grange, Huba Wass De Czege, Richard D. Liebert, John Richards, Michael L. Sparks, Charles A. Jarnot
Paperback - 312 pages 1st edition (August 31, )
Turner Pub Co; ISBN: 1563116162
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Prodigal Soldiers : How the Officer Born of Vietnam Revolutionized Generation of American Style War
James Kitfield
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Limited War : The Challenge to American Strategy
Robert Endicott Osgood
Hardcover / Published 1957
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The Soldier's Guide Book (Ausa Institute of Land Warfare Book.)
Raymond K., Jr., Col. Bluhm, James B. Motley 
Hardcover / Published 1995
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