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Allies and Adversaries : The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Grand Alliance, and U.S. Strategy in World War II
by Mark A. Stoler
Hardcover - 496 pages (November )
Univ of North Carolina Pr; ISBN: 0807825573

Erwin Rommel
Listed under Rommel

The Art of Military Deception
Mark Lloyd
Borrows heavily from The Art of Deception in Warfare by Colonel Michael Dewar

The American Way of War : A History of United States Military Strategy and Policy
Russell Frank Weigley 
Paperback / Published 1978

Supreme Command: Soldiers, Statesmen, and Leadership in Wartime
by Eliot A. Cohen
A close examination of four leaders: Abraham Lincoln, Georges Clemenceau, Winston Churchill and David Ben Gurion.
Hardcover: 288 pages
Free Press; ISBN: 0743230493;

Armor Attacks : The Tank Platoon : An Interactive Exercise in Small-Unit Tactics and Leadership
by John F. Antal
Paperback - 331 pages (January 1, 1991)
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891413839

The Art of Maneuver : Maneuver-Warfare Theory and Airland Battle
by Robert R. Leonhard
Paperback Reprint edition
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891415327

Combat Team : The Captains' War : An Interactive Exercise in Company-Level Command in Battle
by John F. Antal
Paperback - 352 pages
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891416358

The Defense of Hill 781 : An Allegory of Modern Mechanized Combat
by James R. McDonough, Wilson Shoffner
Paperback Reprint edition (April 1993)
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891414754

Douglas Southall Freeman on Leadership
Douglas Southall Freeman, et al
Hardcover / Published 1993

Fighting by Minutes
by Robert R. Leonhard
Hardcover - 216 pages
Praeger Pub Text; ISBN: 027594736X

Fighting in the Streets : A Manual of Urban Guerilla Warfare
Paperback / Published 1992

Fleet Tactics and Coastal Combat
by Wayne P., Jr Hughes
Hardcover: 336 pages
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 1557503923; 2nd edition (November )

Follow Me I : The Human Element in Leadership
by Aubrey S. Newman
Book one of three highly acclaimed books on command by General Newman.
Paperback - 342 pages
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891416129
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Follow Me II : More on the Human Element in Leadership
by Aubrey S. Newman
Paperback - 304 pages
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891416137

Follow Me III : Lessons and the Art and Science of High Command
by Aubrey S. Newman
Paperback - 342 pages
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891416145

History and Strategy (Princeton Studies in International History and Politics)
Marc Trachtenberg
Paperback / Published 1991

Infantry Combat : The Rifle Platoon : An Interactive Exercise in Small-Unit Tactics and Leadership
by John F. Antal
Paperback - 365 pages
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 089141536X

Lead On! : A Practical Approach to Leadership
by Dave, Rear Admiral Oliver
Paperback - 207 pages (March 1992)
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891414274

Men Against Fire : The Problem of Battle Command in Future War
by S.L. Marshall
Hardcover Reprint edition (June 1975)
Peter Smith Pub; ISBN: 0844640573

The Marine Officer's Guide
by Kenneth W. Estes, C. E. Mundy
Listed under US Marine Corps

Maneuver Warfare Handbook (Westview Special Studies in Military Affairs)
by William S. Lind
Book Description: Maneuver warfare, often controversial and requiring operational and tactical innovation, poses perhaps the most important doctrinal questions currently facing the conventional military forces of the U.S. Its purpose is to defeat the enemy by disrupting the opponent's ability to react, rather than by physical destruction of forces. This book develops and explains the theory of maneuver warfare and offers specific tactical, operational, and organizational recommendations for improving ground combat forces. The authors translate concepts-too often vaguely stated by manuever warfare advocates-into concrete doctrine. Although the book uses the Marine Corps as a model, the concepts, tactics, and doctrine discussed apply to any ground combat force. 
Paperback Replica edition (May 1985)
Westview Press; ISBN: 086531862X

Military Blunders : The How and Why of Military Failure
by David Saul
Paperback - 384 pages 1 Carroll edition (April )
Carroll & Graf; ISBN: 0786705043

Military Misfortunes : The Anatomy of Failure in War
Eliot A. Cohen, John Gooch
Six campaigns of the last century, from Galipoli to the Yom Kippur war of 1973, are analyzed.
Paperback - 296 pages Reprint edition (May 1991)
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0679732969

On the Origins of War and the Preservation of Peace
Donald Kagan
An eminent historian analyzes the whole of history to find out why there are wars, whether there are underlying laws that explain why one nation challenges another, and whether there are underlying laws for the preservation of peace.

On War
Karl Von Clausewitz 
On War is the most significant attempt in Western history to understand war, both in its internal dynamics and as an instrument of policy. Since the work's first appearance in 1832, it has been read throughout the world, and has stimulated generations of soldiers, statesmen, and intellectuals.
Paperback / Published 1983

One Hundred Unorthodox Strategies
by Ralph D. Sawyer (Introduction), Mai-Ch Sawyer
One Hundred Unorthodox Strategies was compiled in the fifteenth century, during the Ming Dynasty, as a handbook of tactics based on Chinese military classics.

Mastering the Art of War
by Zhuge Liang, et al

Napoleon on the Art of War
by Paul Johnson
Listed under Napoleon Boneparte

The Art of War
by Antoine Henri Jomini, et al

On the Origins of War and the Preservation of Peace
Donald Kagan
An eminent historian analyzes the whole of history to find out why there are wars, whether there are underlying laws that explain why one nation challenges another, and whether there are underlying laws for the preservation of peace.

Patton's One-Minute Messages : Tactical Leadership Skills for Business Management
by Charles M. Province
Listed under Patton

Roots of Strategy : The 5 Greatest Military Classics of All Time
by Thomas R.,Brig.Gen. Phillips (Editor)
Paperback - 448 pages (March 1985)
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 0811721949

Roots of Strategy, Book 2 : 3 Military Classics
by J.D. Hittle (Editor), Charles A. Du Pices
Paperback - 560 pages Vol 002 (April 1987)
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 0811722600

Roots of Strategy, Book 3 : 3 Military Classics :
Von Leeb's Defense - Von Freytag-Loringhoven's the Power of Personality in War - Erfurth's Surprise
by Wilhelm Leeb, Clarence E. Briggs, Ritter Von Leeb, Oliver L. Spaulding (Translator)
Paperback - 560 pages Vol 003 (February 1991)
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 0811730603

The Russian Way of War: Operational Art, 1904-1940
(Modern War Studies)
by Richard W. Harrison
Hardcover: 368 pages
Univ Pr of Kansas; ISBN: 070061074X; (April 20, )

Seven Pillars of Wisdom : A Triumph
T. E. Lawrence

An extraordinary tale of warfare beautifully written by one one of the most intriguing characters of the modern era.
Listed under Lawrence of Arabia

Small Unit Leadership : A Commonsense Approach
by Dandridge M. Malone
Paperback - 170 pages
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891411739
Basil Henry Liddell Hart
Book Description: This is the classic book on war as we know it. During his long life, Basil H. Liddell Hart was considered one of the world's foremost military thinkers--a man generally regarded as the "Clausewitz of the 20th century." 

Liddell Hart stressed movement, flexibilty, surprise. He saw that in most military campaigns dislocation of the enemy's psychological and physical balance is prelude to victory. This dislocation results from a strategic indirect approach. Reflect for a moment on the results of direct confrontation (trench war in WW I) versus indirect dislocation (Blitzkreig in WW II). Liddell Hart is also tonic for business and political planning: just change the vocabulary and his concepts fit. 

"The most important book by one of the outstanding military authorities of our time." (Library Journal)
Paperback / Published 1991

Supplying War : Logistics from Wallenstein to Patton
Martin L. van Creveld
Listed under Logistics

The Tiger's Way: A U.S. Private's Best Chance for Survival
The Tiger's Way: A U.S. Private's Best Chance for Survival
by H. J. Poole, Edward Molina
Book Description: The Tiger's Way: A U.S. Privateâ€s Best Chance for Survival describes how U.S. military and police personnel can better accomplish their missions. While U.S. ground forces have been struggling to master the latest technology, Eastern armies have been evolving tactically. As Western weapon systems have grown more lethal, Eastern armies have turned to tiny, surprise-oriented maneuver elements. Most now prepare their lowest ranks for both conventional and unconventional warfare. Until the U.S. military follows suit, its nonrates will have less field skill, initiative, and tactical-decision-making experience than their Eastern counterparts (be at a decided disadvantage in any one-on-one encounter). That means U.S. enlistees will die unnecessarily every time their firepower fails. It also means that their commanders will have trouble winning any guerrilla, terrorist, or "4th generation" war. The Tiger's Way shows how U.S. military and police units can acquire commensurate short-range proficiency without disrupting their busy schedules. American fire teams, buddy teams, and privates have only to identify and correct their own deficiencies. This book has something that no other doesâ€a comprehensive list of ninjutsu approach, penetration, and escape techniques. It will have a profound effect on how foreign war and homeland security are conducted in the future. 
Paperback from Posterity Pr
The War Game : A Critique of Military Problem Solving
Garry D. Brewer
Hardcover / Published 1979

Warfighting : Maneuver Warfare in the U.S. Marine Corps
by H. T. Hayden (Editor)
Hardcover - 208 pages
Greenhill Press; ISBN: 1853671983

The West Point Way of Leadership : From Learning Principled Leadership to Practicing It
by Larry R., Col. Donnithorne
Hardcover - 179 pages
Currency/Doubleday; ISBN: 0385417039

Warfighting : The United States Marine Corps
by U. S. Marine Corps Staff
Warfighting is an authentic American philosophy of action that will thrill the millions of fans of SunTzu's The Art of War and Musashi's The Book of Five Rings. This modern classic of strategy and philosophy is the quintessential guide to prevailing in competitive situations, be it war, work, play, or daily living.
Paperback Reprint edition
Currency/Doubleday; ISBN: 0385478348

Maneuver Warfare; An Anthology
by Richard D. Hooker
America's finest military minds explore the idea of maneuver-based warfare in this energetic and lively debate.
Presidio Press; ISBN: 0891415181
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The Six Secret Teachings on the Way of Strategy : Tai-Kung Liu Tao
Ralph D. Sawyer (Translator), et al
Out of print - Try Used Books

The Challenge of Command : Reading for Military Excellence
by Roger H. Nye
Paperback - 187 pages (December 1986)
Avery Pub Group; ISBN: 0895292807
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The Battle for Hunger Hill : Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment at the Joint The 1st Readiness Training Center
Daniel P. Bolger
The army's light-infantry units train against simulated guerrillas and other Third World types of opposition felt to be the most likely post-cold war opponents. A training manual.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

How Great Generals Win
Bevin Alexander
Hardcover / Published 1993
Out of print - Try Used Books

Five-Star Leadership : The Art and Strategy of Creating Leaders at Every Level
by Patrick L. Townsend, Joan E. Gebhardt (Contributor)
Paperback - 254 pages (March )
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471012882
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Inventing Grand Strategy and Teaching Command : The Classic Works of Alfred Thayer Mahan Reconsidered
Jon Tetsuro Sumida
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Nineteen Stars : A Study in Military Character and Leadership
by Edgar F. Puryear, Forrest C. Pogue (Designer)
Paperback - 437 pages Reissue edition (March )
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891411488
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