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Battle of Wits : The Complete Story of Codebreaking in World War II
by Stephen Budiansky
Hardcover - 448 pages 
Free Press; ISBN: 0684859327
Between Silk and Cyanide : A Codemaker's War 1941-1945
by Leo Marks
Hardcover - 613 pages 
Free Press; ISBN: 0684864223
Codebreaker in the Far East
by Alan Stripp

The Code of Love: An Astonishing True Tale of Secrets, Love, and War
by Andro Linklater
For fifty years, Pamela Kirrage longed to unlock the secrets of her husbandís encrypted war diary. She was on the verge of giving up when she at last found a mathematician who became as obsessed with learning the secrets of the diary as she was. After months of painstaking investigation, he was finally able to crack the code, and in the process uncover the ending to an extraordinary World War II romance.
Paperback: 320 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.73 x 8.04 x 5.14
Anchor Books; ISBN: 0385720653

Code Breaking : A History and Exploration
by Rudolf Kippenhahn
Hardcover - 326 pages 
Overlook Press; ISBN: 0879519193
The Codebreakers; The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet
by David A. Kahn
Hardcover - 1181 pages Revised edition (December )
Scribner; ISBN: 0684831309
Codes and Cryptography
by Dominic Welsh
Paperback - 257 pages (July 1988)
Oxford Univ Press; ISBN: 0198532873
Codes, Ciphers and Other Cryptic and Clandestine Communication: 400 Ways to Send Secret Messages from Hieroglyphs to the Internet
by Fred B. Wrixon
Hardcover - 704 pages Revised edition 
Black Dog & Leventhal Pub; ISBN: 1579120407
Decrypted Secrets : Methods and Maxims of Cryptology
by Friedrich L. Bauer
Hardcover - 499 pages 2nd Rev&ex edition (March )
Springer Verlag; ISBN: 3540668713
MacArthur's Ultra; Codebreaking and the War Against Japan, 1942-1945
by Edward J. Drea

Paperback - 296 pages (February 1993)
University Press of Kansas; ISBN: 0700605762

Marching Orders : The Untold Story of World War II
by Bruce Lee
Acclaimed as "one of the most important books ever published about World War II," this brilliantly written book reveals a host of previously untold stories: how the American breaking of the Japanese diplomatic Purple ciphers led to the defeat of Germany and caused Eisenhower not to capture Berlin, as well as why America and Great Britain agreed to employ nuclear weapons against Japan.
Paperback - 624 pages (March 27, )
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306810360

Rommel and the Secret War in North Africa, 1941-1943 : Secret Intelligence in the North African Campaign
Janusz Piekalkiewicz
Listed under North African Campaign

Very Special Intelligence : The Story of the Admiralty's Operational Intelligence Centre,  1939-1945
by Patrick Beesly, Ralph Erskine (Afterword), W. J. R.Gardner (Introduction)
Hardcover - 288 pages (April )
Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal; ISBN: 1853673986

The Story of Magic, Memoirs of an American Cryptologic Pioneer (Cryptography)
by Frank B. Rowlett, David Kahn
Hardcover - 266 pages 1 edition (September 1, )
Aegean Park Press; ISBN: 0894122738

Machines and Thought : The Legacy of Alan Turing
by Peter Millican (Editor), Andy Clark (Editor)
Listed under Alan Turing

Encyclopedia of Cryptology
by David E. Newton
Hardcover - 330 pages (November )
Abc-Clio; ISBN: 0874367727
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Combined Fleet Decoded : The Secret History of American Intelligence and the Japanese Navy in World War II
John Prados
The most authoritative and revealing examination yet of the way intelligence--of all kinds--was instrumental in defeating Japan. Prados gives a new picture of the war in the Pacific, one which will challenge many previous conceptions about that conflict, and one which will be irresistible to those readers who find histories of that period fascinating.
Hardcover / Published 1995 
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Bletchley Park in Australia
Most at Joan's level believed if Australia was invaded and there was a chance the people with the full picture were captured, they were to be shot.
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