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Stalin : The First In-Depth Biography Based on Explosive New Documents from Russia's Secret Archives
by Edvard Radzinsky
Granted privileged access to Russia's secret archives, Edvard Radzinsky has broken down the iron curtain of myth, secrecy and lies that has surrounded Stalin's life and career, painting a picture of the Soviet strongman as more calculating, ruthless and blood-crazed than has ever been described or imagined.

Stalin's War of Extermination 1941-1945 : Planning, Realization and Documentation
by Joachim Hoffmann, et al

Stalin in Power : The Revolution from Above, 1928-1941
by Robert C. Tucker
Paperback: W.W. Norton & Company;
ISBN: 0393308693; Reprint edition (April 1992)

Odd Man Out : Truman, Stalin, Mao and the Origin of the Korean War
by Richard C. Thornton

Odd Man Out: Truman, Stalin, Mao and the Origins of Korean War
by Richard C. Thornton

Berlin in the Balance, 1945-1949 : The Blockade, the Airlift, the First Major Battle of the Cold War
by Thomas Parrish
Listed under Cold War

Beria-My Father: Life Inside Stalin's Kremlin
by Sergo Beria

The Road to Berlin : Stalin's War With Germany (Erickson, John, Stalin's War With Germany, V. 2.)
by John Erickson

The Road to Stalingrad : Stalin's War With Germany
by John Erickson (Preface)
Listed under Eastern Front

The Haunted Wood : Soviet Espionage in America- -The Stalin Era
by Allen Weinstein, Alexander Vassiliev

Iconography of Power : Soviet Political Posters Under Lenin and Stalin (Studies on the History of Society and Culture, 27)
by Victoria E. Bonnell

by Harold Shukman

Stalin and His Times
by Arthur E. Adams
(Paperback - September 1986)

In Stalin's Secret Service: Memoirs of the First Soviet Master Spy to Defect
by W. G. Krivitsky, et al
Foreshadowing the Cold War, this memoir of espionage and intrigue cost its author his life at the hands of Stalin's secret police in the heart of Washington DC. To escape the closing trap of the OGPU, the sinister forerunner of the KGB, was an act of absolute desperation. Krivitsky, like Whittaker Chambers, was caught in the labyrinth of the great purges and left a crucially important document.
Listed under Espionage

Stalin : Breaker of Nations
by Robert Conquest 
Paperback: 384 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 7.77 x 5.07
Publisher: Penguin USA (Paper); (November 1992)
ISBN: 0140169539

The Forgotten : Catholics of the Soviet Empire from Lenin Through Stalin
by Christopher Lawrence Zugger

Stalin's Letters to Molotov : 1925-1936 (Annals of Communism Series)
by Lars T. Lih (Editor), et al

The Road to Terror : Stalin and the Self-Destruction of the Bolsheviks, 1932-1939 (Annals of Communism)
by J. Arch Getty, Oleg V. Naumov 

The Commissar Vanishes : The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin's Russia
by David King

by Adam Hochschild

Hitler and Stalin : Parallel Lives
by Alan Bullock
(Paperback - November 1993)

Stalin's Secret Pogrom : The Postwar Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (Annals of Communism)
by Joshua Rubenstein (Editor), et al

Grand Delusion : Stalin and the German Invasion of Russia
by Gabriel Gorodetsky

Stalin : The Man and His Era
by Adam Bruno Ulam
(Paperback - October 1989)

Conversations With Stalin
by Milovan Djilas, Michael B. Petrovich (Translator)
(Paperback - September 1963)

The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin
by Richard Lourie
A novel.
Hardcover - 261 pages 1 edition (June 1, )
Counterpoint Press; ISBN: 1582430047

Stalin's War of Extermination 1941-1945 : Planning, Realization and Documentation
by Joachim Hoffmann, et al

1937: Stalin's Year of Terror
by Frederick S. Choate (Translator), et al

From Lenin to Stalin
by Victor Serge, et al
(Paperback - April 1973)
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