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From Lenin to Stalin
by Victor Serge
Listed under Russian Revolution

Lenin and Philosophy and Other Essays
by Louis Althusser, et al
No figure among the western Marxist theoreticians has loomed larger in the postwar period than Louis Althusser. A rebel against the Catholic tradition in which he was raised, Althusser studied philosophy and later joined both the faculty of the Ecole normal superieure and the French Communist Party in 1948. Viewed as a "structuralist Marxist," Althusser was as much admired for his independence of intellect as he was for his rigorous defense of Marx. The latter was best illustrated in For Marx (1965), and Reading Capital (1968). These works, along with Lenin and Philosophy (1971) had an enormous influence on the New Left of the 1960s and continues to influence modern Marxist scholarship.

A State of Nations : Empire and Nation Making in the Age of Lenin and Stalin
by Ronald Grigor Suny (Editor), Terry Martin (Editor)

The State and Revolution (Twentieth Century Classics)
by Vladimir Il'ich Lenin, Robert Service (Translator)
(Paperback - May 1993)

Lenin : A New Biography
by Dmitri Volkogonov
Hardcover: 529 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.50 x 9.52 x 6.43
Publisher: Free Press;
ISBN: 0029334357

Setting the East Ablaze : Lenin's Dream of an Empire in Asia (Kodansha Globe)
by Peter Hopkirk

Lenin: A Biography
by Robert Service
Lenin: His politics still reverberate around the world even after the end of the USSR. His name elicits revulsion and reverence. And yet Lenin the man remains largely a mystery. This biography shows us Lenin as we have never seen him, in his full complexity as revolutionary, political leader, thinker, and private person. Born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov in 1870, the son of a schools inspector and a doctor's daughter, Lenin was to become the greatest single force in the Soviet revolution-and perhaps...
Hardcover: 592 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.87 x 9.53 x 6.42
Publisher: Harvard Univ Pr; (October 6, )
ISBN: 0674003306

Essential Works of Lenin : 'What Is to Be Done?' and Other Writings
by Vladimir Il'ich Lenin, Henry M. Christman (Editor)
Paperback: 372 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 8.42 x 5.42
Publisher: Dover Pubns; (June 1987)
ISBN: 0486253333

The Unknown Lenin : From the Secret Archive (Annals of Communism)
by Richard Pipes (Editor), Vladimir Il'ich Lenin

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