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    A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing)
    by Kate L. Turabian
    Paperback from University of Chicago Press (Trd)
    No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning
    by Stephan Thernstrom, Abigail Thernstrom
    Hardcover from Simon & Schuster
    Survivor College
    by David Harpool
    Paperback from Aventine Press

    Special Order
    How to Go to College Almost for Free
    by Ben Kaplan
    Paperback from HarperCollins
    The Best 351 Colleges, 2004 Edition
    by Robert Franek, Princeton Review
    Paperback from Princeton Review
    Becoming a Master Student
    by Dave Ellis
    Paperback from Houghton Mifflin Co
    Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools You Should Know About Even If You're Not a Straight-A Student
    by Loren Pope
    Paperback from Penguin USA (Paper)
    The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2004 (Fiske Guide to Colleges)
    by Edward B. Fiske, Robert Logue
    Paperback from Sourcebooks Trade
    Student Development in College : Theory, Research, and Practice
    by Nancy J. Evans, Deanna S. Forney, Florence Guido-DiBrito
    Hardcover from Jossey-Bass
    24 April, 1998
    Becoming a Critical Thinker: A User Friendly Manual (3rd Edition)
    by Sherry Diestler
    Paperback from Prentice Hall
    Advice for New Faculty Members
    by Robert Boice
    Paperback from Pearson Allyn & Bacon
    The Insider's Guide to the Colleges 2004: 30th Edition
    by Daily News Yale
    Paperback from St. Martin's Press
    What It Really Takes to Get Into Ivy League and Other Highly Selective Colleges
    by Chuck Hughes, Charles W. II Hughes
    Paperback from McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books
    Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses: Shifting the Focus from Teaching to Learning
    by Mary E. Huba, Jann E. Freed
    Paperback from Pearson Allyn & Bacon
    Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education : Foundations for Success 
    by A. W. Bates, Gary Poole
    Hardcover from Jossey-Bass
    Tools for Teaching
    by Barbara Gross Davis
    Paperback from Jossey-Bass
    The American Community College
    by Arthur M. Cohen, Florence B. Brawer
    Hardcover from Jossey-Bass
    Surviving Your Dissertation: A Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process
    by Kjell Erik Rudestam, Rae R. Newton
    Paperback from Sage Publications
    The College Board College Handbook 2004: All- New Fourty-first edition
    by The College Board
    Paperback from College Board
    Getting What You Came for: The Smart Student's Guide to Earning a Master's or a Ph.D.
    by Robert L. Peters
    Paperback from Noonday Press


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