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Understanding by Design
by Grant Wiggins, Jay McTighe
Paperback from Prentice Hall
28 December, 2000
Content Area Reading: Literacy and Learning Across the Curriculum (7th Edition)
by Richard T. Vacca, Jo Anne L. Vacca
Hardcover from Pearson Allyn & Bacon
Classroom Assessment Techniques : A Handbook for College Teachers 
by Thomas A. Angelo, K. Patricia Cross
Paperback from Jossey-Bass
The Understanding by Design Handbook
by Jay McTighe, Grant Wiggins
Spiral-bound from Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
Contemporary Issues in Curriculum (3rd Edition)
by Allan C. Ornstein, Linda S. Behar-Horenstein, Edward F. Pajak, Linda S. Behar-Hornstein
Paperback from Pearson Allyn & Bacon
The Systematic Design of Instruction (5th Edition)
by Walter Dick, Lou Carey, James O. Carey
Paperback from Pearson Allyn & Bacon
24 October, 2000
Ready, Set, Relax : A Research-Based Program of Relaxation, Learning and Self-Esteem for Children
by Jeffrey S. Allen, Roger J. Klein
Paperback from Inner Coaching
First-Year Teacher's Survival Kit: Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools & Activities for Meeting the Challenges of Each School Day
by Julia G. Thompson
Paperback from Jossey-Bass
Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts: Charting the Future of Teaching the Past (Critical Perspectives on the Past)
by Sam Wineburg
Paperback from Temple Univ Press
Uncommon Sense: Core Knowledge in the Classroom
by Timm MacKley
Paperback from Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
Mapping the Big Picture: Integrating Curriculum & Assessment K-12
by Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Paperback from Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
Teaching With the Brain in Mind
by Eric Jensen
Paperback from Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
Instruction for All Students
by Paula Rutherford
Paperback from Just Ask Publications
Teaching the New Basic Skills: Principles for Educating Children to Thrive in a Changing Economy
by Richard J. Murnane, Frank Levy
Hardcover from Free Press
What Is Curriculum Theory? (Studies in Curriculum Theory)
by William F. Pinar
Paperback from Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc

Special Order
Active Learning: 101 Strategies to Teach Any Subject
by Mel Silberman
Paperback from Pearson Higher Education
Developing the Curriculum (5th Edition)
by Peter F. Oliva
Hardcover from Pearson Allyn & Bacon
Reflective Planning, Teaching and Evaluation: K-12 (3rd Edition)
by Judy W. Eby, Adrienne L. Herrell, James Hicks
Paperback from Prentice Hall
What Your Second Grader Needs to Know : Fundamentals of a Good Second Grade EducationRevised
by Jr. E.D. Hirsch
Paperback from Delta
Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching (2nd Edition)
by M. D. Roblyer, M.D. Roblyer
Paperback from Prentice Hall
Wonderful Rooms Where Children Can Bloom
by Jean R. Feldman, Aldene Fredenburg
Paperback from Crystal Springs Books
Designing & Assessing Courses & Curricula : A Practical Guide 
by Robert M. Diamond
Paperback from Jossey-Bass
Curriculum Today
by David G. Armstrong
Paperback from Prentice Hall
Curriculum Development: A Guide to Practice (6th Edition)
by Jon W. Wiles, Joseph C. Bondi
Hardcover from Prentice Hall
The Complete Resource Book: An Early Childhood Curriculum With over 2000 Activities and Ideas!
by Pamela Schiller, Kay Hastings, Pam Schiller, Joan C. Waites
Paperback from Gryphon House
Curriculum Planning: A Contemporary Approach (7th Edition)
by Forrest W. Parkay, C. Glenn Hass
Paperback from Pearson Allyn & Bacon
Differentiated Instruction: Different Strategies for Different Learners
by Char Forsten, Jim Grant, Betty Hollas
Paperback from Crystal Springs Books
Curriculum Improvement: Decision Making and Process (9th Edition)
by Ronald C. Doll
Hardcover from Pearson Allyn & Bacon
Nebel's Elementary Education: Creating a Tapestry of Learning
by Bernard J. Nebel
Paperback from Nebel's Press for Learning
Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching Beyond the Facts
by H. Lynn Erickson
Paperback from Corwin Press


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