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The Massacre at El Mozote
by Mark Danner
Paperback from Vintage
Forging Democracy from Below: Insurgent Transitions in South Africa and El Salvador (Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics)
by Elisabeth Jean Wood, Peter Lange, Robert H. Bates, Ellen Comisso, Peter Hall, Joel Migdal, Helen Milner
Paperback from Cambridge University Press
From Grandmother to Granddaughter: Salvadoran Women's Stories
by Michael Gorkin, Marta Pineda, Gloria Leal
Paperback from University of California Press
Voice of the Voiceless: The Four Pastoral Letters and Other Statements
by Archbishop Oscar Romero, Michael J. Walsh, Oscar Romero
Paperback from Orbis Books
by Joan Didion
Paperback from Vintage
The Protection Racket State: Elite Politics, Military Extortion, and Civil War in El Salvador
by William Stanley
Paperback from Temple Univ Press
Martyrdom and the Politics of Religion: Progressive Catholicism in El Salvador's Civil War
by Anna L. Peterson
Paperback from State Univ of New York Pr
The Man Who Stopped the Trains to Auschwitz: George Mantello, El Salvador, and Switzerland's Finest Hour
by David Kranzler, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, Joseph Leiber
Paperback from Syracuse Univ Pr (Trade)
Towards a Society That Serves Its People: The Intellectual Contribution of El Salvador's Murdered Jesuits
by John Hassett, Hugh Lacey, Leo J. O'Donovan
Paperback from Georgetown University Press
Special Order
Witnesses to the Kingdom: The Martyrs of El Salvador and the Crucified Peoples
by Jon Sobrino
Paperback from Orbis Books
Revolution in El Salvador: From Civil Strife to Civil Peace
by Tommie Sue Montgomery, Ignacio Martin-Baro, Rodolfo Cardenal
Paperback from HarperCollins
Christianity, Social Change, and Globalization in the Americas
by Anna Lisa Peterson, Manual Vasquez, Philip J. Williams, Manuel A. Vasquez
Paperback from Rutgers University Press
Still Love in Strange Places: A Memoir
by Beth Kephart
Hardcover from W.W. Norton & Company
The War of the Dispossessed: Honduras and El Salvador, 1969
by Thomas P. Anderson
Hardcover from Univ of Nebraska Pr
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Matanza: The 1932 "Slaughter" That Traumatized a Nation, Shaping Us-Salvadoran Policy to This Day
by Thomas P. Anderson
Paperback from Curbstone Press

El Salvador in the Eighties: Counterinsurgency and Revolution
by Mario Lungo, Arthur Schmidt, Mario Lungo Ucles, Amelia F. Shogan
Paperback from Temple Univ Press
El Salvador: The Face of Revolution
by Robert Armstrong, Janet Shenk
Paperback from South End Press
Landscapes of Struggle: Politics, Society Amd Community in El Salvador
by Aldo Lauria-Santiago, Leigh Binford
Paperback from Univ of Pittsburgh Pr (Txt)
Miguel Marmol
by Roque Dalton, Miguel Marmol, Richard Schaaf
Hardcover from Curbstone Press
After the Revolution: Gender and Democracy in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala
by Ilja A. Luciak
Paperback from Johns Hopkins Univ Pr
The El Mozote Massacre: Anthropology and Human Rights (Hegemony and Experience - Critical Studies in Anthropology and History)
by Leigh Binford
Paperback from University of Arizona Press
Enciclopedia De El Salvador
by Rodolfo Cardenal
Paperback from Oceano Group

Special Order
Peace Without Justice: Obstacles to Building the Rule of Law in El Salvador
by Margaret Popkin
Hardcover from Pennsylvania State Univ Pr (Txt)
El Salvador: A Country Study (Area Handbook Series)
by Richard A. Haggerty
Hardcover from Government Printing Office
Death Foretold: The Jesuit Murders in El Salvador
by Martha Doggett
Paperback from Georgetown University Press
Women on the Threshold: Voices of Salvadoran Baptist Women
by Kathleen Hayes
Paperback from Smyth & Helwys Pub
A Decade of War: El Salvador Confronts the Future
by Anjali Sundaram, George Gelber
Paperback from Catholic Institute for International Relations
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Rebel Radio

Hardcover from Curbstone Press

Paying the Price: Ignacio Ellacuria and the Murdered Jesuits of El Salvador
by Teresa Witfield, Teresa Whitfield, Alvara De Soto
Paperback from Temple Univ Press
Negotiating Peace in El Salvador: Civil-Military Relations and the Conspiracy to End the War (International Political Economy Series)
by Tricia Juhn
Hardcover from MacMillan Pub Ltd

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