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Books on the war between North Korea and the NATO Alliance
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Air War Korea 1950-1953
Robert Jackson

American Airpower Strategy in Korea, 1950-1953
by Conrad C. Crane
Hardcover - 252 pages
Univ Pr of Kansas; ISBN: 0700609911

B-29 Superfortress Units of Korean (Combat Aircraft, 42)
by Robert F. Dorr, Mark Styling
Listed under B-29 Superfortress

Bridges at Toko Ri
by James A. Michener
Paperback Reissue edition (August 1989)
Crest; ISBN: 0449206513

Crimson Sky : The Air Battle for Korea
by John R. Bruning
Paperback - 240 pages (September 1, )
Brasseys Inc; ISBN: 1574882961

F-84 Thunderjet Units Over Korea (Frontline Color #3.)
by Warren E. Thompson
Paperback - 128 pages
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 1841760226

F-51 Mustangs over Korea (Frontline Color Series, 1)
by Warren Thompson
Paperback - 128 pages
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1855329174

Hot Shots: An Oral History of Air Force Combat Pilots of the Korean War
by Jennie E. Chancey, William R. Forstchen
Hardcover from William Morrow

Hot Shots: America's First Jet Aces
by Jennie E. Chancey (Editor), William R. Forstchen (Editor)
Paperback: 272 pages
Harper Mass Market Paperbacks; ISBN: 0380817675; (June )

Korean War Aces Aircraft of the Aces 4
by Robert F. Dorr, et al

Korean Air War (Motorbooks Classics)
by Robert Dorr
A stunning pictorial record from the personal photo archives of Korean War veterans. A detailed account of Allied air operations features dramatic, real-life combat stories that took place during the 1950 to 1953 war.
Paperback from Zenith Press
Black Tuesday Over Namsi: A True History of the Epic Air Battle of the Korean War
by Earl J. McGill Lt. Col. UASF (ret.)
Paperback from Heritage Books Inc.
Combat Operations of the Korean War: Ground, Air, Sea, Special and Covert
by Paul M. Edwards
Paperback from McFarland
BLACK TUESDAY OVER NAMSI: B-29s vs MiGs - the Forgotten Air Battle of the Korean War, 23 October 1951
by Earl McGill Lt Col USAF (Ret.)
Hardcover from Helion and Company
Within Limits: The U.S. Air Force and the Korean War
by Wayne Thompson, Bernard C. Nalty
Paperback from University Press of the Pacific
Neil's world: a Pilot's Story - an Autobiography, Vol. II (1946-1969)
by Neil Waldon Wemple
Paperback from Ipco Printing
Lists of Aviators: List of Aviators, List of Glider Pilots, List of Korean War Air Aces

Paperback from Books LLC

Within Limits: THe U.S. Air Force and the Korean War (The Korean War Fiftieth Anniversaru Commemorative Edition)
by Wayne and Nalty, Bernard Thompson from Air Force History and Musems
MiG Alley: Sabres Vs. MiGs Over Korea
MiG Alley: Sabres Vs. MiGs Over Korea
by David McLaren, Warren Thompson
Hardcover from Specialty Press/Midland
A Mig-15 to Freedom : Memoir of the Wartime North Korean Defector Who First Delivered the Secret Fighter Jet to the Americans in 1953
by Kum-Sok No, J. Roger Osterholm
Officers in Flight Suits : The Story of American Air Force Fighter Pilots in the Korean War
John Darrell Sherwood

Officers in Flight Suits : The Story of American Air Force Fighter Pilots in the Korean War
by John Darrell Sherwood

"23" Navy Air in Korea
by John L. Newburn
The USAF in Korea: Campaigns, Units, and Stations, 1950-1953 (The U.S. Air Force in Korea)
by Judy G. Endicott
United States Air Force in Korea. Korean War Fiftieth Anniversary Commemorative Edition. 
Compiled by Organizational History Branch, Research Division, Air Force Historical Research Agency. Edited by A. Judy G. Endicott. Companion volume to "The USAF in Korea: A Chronology, 1950-1953." Provides information on the ten combat campaigns of the Korean War and gives an organizational view of tactical and support organizations carrying out combat operations. Locates organizations or elements of organizations at their stations in Korea during the war.
Paperback from Dept. of the Air Force
BY THE SKIN OF MY TEETH: The Memoirs of an RAF Mustang Pilot in World War II and of Flying Sabres with USAF in Korea
by Colin Downes
Hardcover from Pen and Sword
Delivery sometimes delayed
The USAF in Korea: A Chronology, 1950-1953

Paperback from Air University Press

Sabre Vs. Mig : The Korean Air War
by Robert Dorr, Warren Thompson
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