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An Exhibit Denied : Lobbying the History of Enola Gay
by Martin Harwit
Listed under Hiroshima

B-29 Superfortress Units of World War 2 (Combat Aircraft)
by Robert F. Dorr
Paperback: 96 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.28 x 9.76 x 7.28 
Publisher: Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1841762857;

B-29 Superfortress Units of Korean (Combat Aircraft, 42)
by Robert F. Dorr, Mark Styling
Paperback from Osprey Pub Co

Birds from Hell : History of the B-29
by Wilbur H. Morrison
Hardcover: 304 pages
Hellgate Pr; ISBN: 1555715508; 1st edition (June 21, )

Building the B-29
by Jacob Vander Meulen
Hardcover - 104 pages
Smithsonian Institution Press; ISBN: 1560986093

B-29 Photo Combat Diary : The Superfortress in WWII and Korea
by Chester W. Marshall, Warren Thompson (Contributor)
Paperback - 192 pages (December )
Voyageur Press; ISBN: 0933424604
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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (Warbirdtech Series ,Vol 14)
by Peter M. Bowers
Paperback - 100 pages
Voyageur Press; ISBN: 0933424795

B-29 Superfortress
by Turner Publishing
Hardcover from Turner Pub Co

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B29: The Superfortress.
by Carl, Berger
Paperback from Ballantine Books

Boeing B-29 Superfortress
by John M. Campbell, John M. Cambell
Hardcover from Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

How to Fly the B-29 Superfortress: The Official Manual for the Plane That Bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki
by Greenhill Books, Jeffrey Ethell
Hardcover from Greenhill Press

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B-29 Superfortress in Detail and Scale
by Alwyn T. Lloyd
Paperback from Aero Pub
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Final Assault on the Rising Sun : Combat Diaries of B-29 Air Crews over Japan
by Chester W. Marshall, Warren Thompson (Contributor)
Hardcover - 225 pages
Specialty Pr Pub & Wholesalers; ISBN: 0933424590
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Superfortress: The Story of the B-29 and the American Air Power
by Curtis E. Lemay, Bill Yenne
Paperback from Berkley Pub Group
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