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Heinkel He 112
(Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
by Hans-Peter Dabrowski
This little known Heinkel fighter design saw service in the Spanish Civil War.

Heinkel He 219: An Illustrated History of Germany's Premier Nightfighter
(Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
by Roland Remp
Hardcover: 160 pages
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.; ISBN: 0764312294; (January 1, )

The Luftwaffe Profile Series No.9: Heinkel He 111H
by Manfred Griehl

Heinkel He 112 in action
by Denes Bernad

Heinkel He 60 (The Luftwaffe Profile Series, No 7)
by Gerhard Land

Heinkel He 219 Uhu (Luftwaffe Profile Series No 3)
by Joachim Dressel, Manfred Griehl
(Paperback - September 1991)
(Schiffer Military/Aviation History)

Heinkel He 162 (X Planes of the Third Reich)
by David Myhra
(Schiffer Military/Aviation History)

Heinkel He 162 'Volksjager'
by Heinz J. Nowarra
(Paperback - March 1993)

Heinkel : He 177, 277, 274
by Manfred Griehl, Joachim Dressel

The Heinkel He Two Hundred Eighty (He 280) : The World's First Jet Aircraft
by Joacim Dressell/ Griehl/ Menke

The Heinkel He One Hundred : World Record and Propaganda Aircraft
by Hans P. Dabrowski

Heinkel He 115 : Torpedo/Reconnaissance/Mine Layer Seaplane of the Luftwaffe
H.P Dobrowski

Heinkel He-111: Camouflage and Markings #12
by Robert Michulec, M. Lotnicze
Paperback: ISBN: 8386208074; (November )
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'Uhu' - He 219 : -Best Night Fighter of World War Ii-
by Heinz J. Nowarra
(Paperback - September 1989)

The He 111 : Over All Fronts
by Franz Kober
(Paperback - August 1991)
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