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A Bridge Too Far
by Cornelius Ryan
An account of a significant World War II battle discusses the airborne struggles at Arnhem and documents the related human issues with the words of Dutch civilians, British and American strategists, common soldiers, and commanders.
Paperback - 670 pages Reprint edition
Touchstone Books; ISBN: 0684803305

Arnhem 1944 : Operation 'Market Garden' (Campaign, No 24)
by Stephen Badsey, David G. Chandler (Editor)
Paperback - 96 pages (May 1993)
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1855323028 

Ardennes 1944 : Hitler's Last Gamble in the West
by James R. Arnold
Listed under Battle of the Bulge

The Bridge at Remagen : The Amazing Story of March 7, 1945- The Day the Rhine River Was Crossed
by Ken Hechler
Paperback - 218 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN:

Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest
by Stephen E. Ambrose
They fought on Utah Beach, in Arnhem, Bastogne, the Bulge; they spearheaded the Rhine offensive and took possession of Hitler's Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden. This gripping depiction of Easy Company re-creates some of the most critical moments of WWII and offers insights into the commanders and regular soldiers. 
Listed under Normandy

A Blood-Dimmed Tide : The Battle of the Bulge by the Men Who Fought It
by Gerald Astor
Listed under Battle of the Bulge

Crusade in Europe
by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Listed under Eisenhower

The Fall of Berlin 1945
by Antony Beevor
By December 1944, many of the 3 million citizens of Berlin had stopped giving the Nazi salute, and jokes circulated that the most practical Christmas gift of the season was a coffin. And for good reason, military historian Antony Beevor writes in this richly detailed reconstruction of events in the final days of Adolf Hitler's Berlin. Following savage years of campaigns in Russia, the Nazi regime had not only failed to crush Bolshevism, it had brought the Soviet army to the very gates of the capital. That army, ill-fed and hungry for vengeance, unloosed its fury on Berlin just a month later in a long siege that would cost hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides. But as Beevor recounts, the siege was also marked by remarkable acts of courage and even compassion. Drawing on unexplored Soviet and German archives and dozens of eyewitness accounts, Beevor brings us a harrowing portrait of the battle and its terrible aftermath, which would color world history for years to follow. --Gregory McNamee
Hardcover: 512 pages
Viking Press; ISBN: 0670030414; (May 9, )

The Fall of Berlin
by Anthony Read, David Fisher (Contributor)
Primarily about Berlin in the closing years of the war, the book gives a fine overview of the rise of Hitler and the war in Europe. Highly recommended. Db.
Paperback: 513 pages
Da Capo Press; ISBN: 0306806193; (April )

Race for the Reichstag : The 1945 Battle for Berlin (Cass Series on Soviet (Russian) Military Experience, 4)
by Tony Le Tissier

Entering Germany: 1944-1949
by Tony Vaccaro
A rifleman who used the camera he carried to great effect in the final months of the war captured some remarkable imagery. He returned to Germany as a member of the occupation forces and continued his photojournalist's career. Highly recommended. Db.
Hardcover: 192 pages
TASCHEN America Llc; ISBN: 3822859087; (May 15, )

Hell's Highway: Chronicle of the 101st Airborne Division in the Holland Campaign, September-Noverber 1944
Hell's Highway: Chronicle of the 101st Airborne Division in the Holland Campaign, September-November 1944
by George E. Koskimaki
Hardcover from Casemate Pub
Hell's Highway: US 101st Airborne & Guards Armoured Division (Battleground Europe:Market Garden)
by Tim Saunders
(Paperback -- November )

The Last Battle
Cornelius Ryan
In this masterful account of the final battle of WWII in Europe, Ryan details the travails and horrors of civilians and ordinary soldiers set against a background of events within the military headquarters of the Allies and the Germans. Db.
Paperback - 571 pages Reprint edition
Touchstone Books; ISBN: 0684803291

Nijmegen: Grave and Groesbeek: US 82nd Airborne and Guards Armoured Division
(Battleground Europe: Market Garden)
by Tim Saunders
(Paperback -- December )

Patton at Bay: The Lorraine Campaign, September to December, 1944 (Praeger Series in War Studies)
by John Nelson Rickard, Carlo D'Este

Rhineland 1945 (Campaign Series, 74)
by K. Ford. Paperback
Details the last great 'stand-up fight' of the Second World War. The objective was to seize the west bank of the Rhine in preparation for the great Allied push into Germany. The battle was characterized by amphibious assaults on the fortified villages of the flooded Rhine lowlands, frontal assaults on the much vaunted Siegfried Line and the grim fighting for the Reichswald Forest.
Paperback - 96 pages
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1855329999

The Road to Arnhem : A Screaming Eagle in Holland
by Donald R. Burgett
A member of the 101st Airborne recalls Montgomery's Operaton Market Garden and the terrible price the allied units paid when attempting to secure bridges across the Rhine, detailing the appalling losses of, for instance, the British 1st Airborne Division and the Polish 1st Brigade who sustained a 75 percent casualty rate. Db.
Hardcover - 256 pages (November )
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 089141682X

A Time for Trumpets : The Untold Story of the Battle of the Bulge
by Charles B. MacDonald
Listed under Battle of the Bulge

Arnhem : Britain's Infamous Airborne Assault of WWII
by Robert E. Urquhart
Paperback (December )
Royal Pub Co; ISBN: 0964470438
Special Order

Zhukov at the Oder : The Decisive Battle for Berlin
Tony Le Tissier
Tony Le Tissier provides the first detailed account of the Soviet-German conflict east of Berlin, culminating in 1945 with the last major land battle in Europe that proved decisive for the fate of Berlin. When the first Red Army soldier reached the Oder on the 31st of January, everyone at the Soviet Headquarters expected Marshall Zhukov's troops to bring a quick end to the war. However, despite desperate fighting by both sides, a stalemate persisted for two months...
Hardcover - 327 pages (March )
Praeger Pub Text; ISBN: 0275952304

Arnhem 1944 : The Airborne Battle, 17-26 September
by Martin Middlebrook
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It Never Snows in September
The German View of Market-Garden and the Battle of Arnhem, September 1944
by Robert J. Kershaw
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The 101st Airborne: From Holland to Hitler's Eagle's Nest
by Mark Bando
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