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A-12 Blackbird Declassified (Motorbooks ColorTech)
A-12 Blackbird Declassified (Motorbooks ColorTech)
by Jeannette Remak, Joe Ventolo Jr.
Book Description: Perhaps the most remarkable chapter in the story of the supersonic SR-71 Blackbird spyplane is that of its predecessor, the A-12 Blackbird, an aircraft capable of speeds in excess of 2,000 miles per hour and an altitude of 18 miles. Long cloaked in secrecy, that tale comes to life in the pages of this history detailing the A-12 from its conception, to its first flight in 1962, and on through the spy missions it flew over China, Southeast Asia and the Eastern Bloc. Also revealed are the details of the top-secret D-21 drone program in which an unmanned, camera-equipped spyplane was launched at Mach 3 from the top of an A-12 fuselage. Illustrated throughout with photographs and schematic drawings, the majority of the information featured here is taken from CIA files declassified as a result of the Freedom of Information Act. 
Paperback from Motorbooks International
The Age of Orion : Lockheed P-3 - An Illustrated History
(Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
by David Reade
Special Order

Dark Eagles
by Curtis Peebles
History of the U2, SR-71, F-117 and other secret military aircraft.
Listed under Skunk Works

Joint Strike Fighter : Boeing X-32 Vs Lockheed Martin X-35
by Bill Sweetman
Listed under Military Aircraft

Lockheed Ah-56a Cheyenne (Warbird Tech Series, Volume 27)
Listed under Helicopters

Lockheed Aircraft Cutaways : The History of Lockheed Martin
by Mike Badrocke, Bill Gunston
Hardcover - 144 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 1855327759

Lockheed SR-71/YF-12 Blackbirds (Warbirdtech Series , Vol 10)
by Dennis R. Jenkins
Paperback - 100 pages
Voyageur Press; ISBN: 0933424752

Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady (Warbird Tech Series Volume 16)
by Dennis Jenkins
Includes production line photographs,technical manual excerpts,carrier landing photographs,cockpit photographs plus exploded views and cutaways. Covers U-2, U-2R, TR-1A, TR-1B etc.

Lockheed C-130 Hercules and Its Variants (Schiffer Military History)
by Chris Reed
Listed under C-130

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy
by Chris Reed
Paperback: 80 pages
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.; ISBN: 0764312057; (January 1, )
Special Order

Lockheed C-5 Case Study in Aircraft Design
by Wilfred Garrard
Book Description: This case study is an account of the sequential phases of development of the Lockheed C-5 transport, including preconcept formulation, concept formulation, project definition, and proposal and acquisition phase with detailed design, manufacture, and qualification. 
(Paperback - June 1978)

Lockheed P-38 Lightning (Warbird Tech Series , Vol 2)
by Frederick A. Johnsen
Listed under P-38 Lightning

Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk
Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk (Warbirdtech Series, Vol 25)
by Dennis R. Jenkins
Paperback from Specialty Pr Pub & Wholesalers
Lockheed L-188 Electra (AirlinerTech Series, Vol. 5)
by Jim Upton

Lockheed's Constellation (Enthusiast Color Series)
by Steve Pace

Lockheed Constellation: Design, Development, and Service History of all Civil and Military Constellations, Super Constellations, and Starliners
by Curtis K. Stringfellow, Peter M. Bowers (Contributor)
(Paperback - September 1992)

Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
by Mike Wallace, et al

Lockheed XFV-1 VTOL Fighter (Naval Fighters Number Thirty-Two)
by Steve Ginter, et al

Lockheed T2V-1/T-Ia Seastar (Naval Fighters Series # 42)
by Steve Ginter

Lockheed T-33 : A Photo Chronicle (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
by David McLaren

Nighthawks : Insider's Guide to the Heraldry and Insignia of the Lockheed F-117 Stealth Fighter (Schiffer Military History)
by Patrick Allen Blazek

High-Altitude Spy Planes: The U-2s
by Bill Sweetman
School & Library Binding from Capstone Press


Operation Overflight: A Memoir of the U-2 Incident
by Francis Gary Powers, Curt Gentry, Norman Polmar
Paperback from Brasseys, Inc.
U-2 Flight Manual: Models U-2C and U-2F Aircraft
by United States Air Force
Paperback from Government Reprints Pr
Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady (Warbird Tech Series Volume 16)
by Dennis Jenkins
Paperback from Specialty Pr Pub & Wholesalers
Spyplane: The U-2 History Declassified
by Norman Polmar, Mike Haenggi
Hardcover from Motorbooks International

Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years at Lockheed
by Ben R. Rich, Leo Janos
Janos (Yeager) does it again with this absolutely fascinating account of the development of such aviation landmarks as the U2, the Blackbird SR-71 and stealth technology.
Listed under Skunk Works

Revolution in the Sky : The Lockheeds of Aviation's Golden Age
by Richard Sanders Allen

Spyplane : The U-2 History Declassified
by Norman Polmar, Mike Haenggi (Editor)
Hardcover - 256 pages (March )
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0760309574

SR-71 Blackbird: Stories, Tales and Legends
by Richard H. Graham
Hardcover from Motorbooks International
Sr-71 Revealed: The Inside Story
by Richard H. Graham, Rich Graham
Paperback from Motorbooks International
Lockheed SR-71: The Secret Missions Exposed
by Paul F. Crickmore
Paperback from Osprey Publications
Lockheed Sr-71/Yf-12 Blackbirds
by Dennis R. Jenkins
Paperback from Voyageur Press
Lockheed's Sr-71 'Blackbird' Family: A-12, F-12, M-21, D-21, Sr-71
by James Goodall, Jay Miller
Paperback from Aerofax Midland Pub Ltd
Sr-71 Blackbird (Combat Legends)
by Paul Crickmore, Paul Crickmorre
Paperback from Airlife Pub Ltd
Mission to Chara
by Lynn M. Boughey
Paperback from North American Heritage Pr
Lockheed Blackbirds
Thornborough, Anthony M. & davies, Peter E.
London, United Kingdom: Ian Allan, 1988 Buckram.
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Beyond the Horizons: The Lockheed Story
by Walter J. Boyne

Lockheed F-117a: Operation and Development of the Stealth Fighter (Jet Fighter Plane)
by Bill Sweetman, James Goodall
(Paperback - September 1990)

Lockheed C130 Hercules Super Profile
by Martin Streatley
(Hardcover - September 1985)

Lockheed SR-71: The Secret Missions Exposed
by Paul F. Crickmore
Paperback - 280 pages
Osprey Publications; ISBN: 1841760986
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Lockheed F-104 Starfighter
by Steve Pace
(Paperback - August 1992)
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