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Hitler As Military Commander (Pen  Sword Military Classics)
Hitler As Military Commander (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
by John Strawson
Paperback from Pen & Sword
Lying About Hitler : History, Holocaust, and the David Irving Trial
by Richard J. Evans
Writes Anthony Morris: According to one statistic quoted by Lipstadt, more US citizens "believe that Elvis Presley is alive than ... believe the Holocaust didn't happen"; but even this statistic acknowledges that Holocaust-denial is alive and well in the hearts and minds of people who are not confined to insane asylums, and who perhaps even have an IQ which exceeds their shoe size. (Read more of his excellent review at LexScripta)
Adolf Hitler
by John Toland
Based on extensive research through original documents, diaries, notes, photographs, and over 300 personal interviews with people directly involved in Hitler's public and private life including his secretary Tradul Junge, his adjutants Max Wunsche and Richard Schultze, and Eva Braun's best friend, this work is regarded as the definitive biography of the man described by some as the personification of evil.
Adolf Hitler-A Chilling Tale of Propaganda
by Dr. Joseph Goebbels
Reproduced on high quality postcard stock, this original photograph album contains editorials from SS General Major Julius Schreck, Dr. Otto Dietrich, General Wilhelm Bruckner, First Lieutenant Foertsch, and SS General Major Julius Schaub. Distasteful as the propaganda is, this work offers a unique, historical opportunity to view Hitler as he was portrayed to the German People prior to his eruption into the world theater of battle.
Hardcover - 150 pages (June 1, )
Trident Press International; ISBN: 1582790310

Backing Hitler : Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany
by Robert Gellately
Listed under Third Reich

The Death of Hitler : The Full Story With New Evidence from Secret Russian Archives
by Ada Petrova, Peter Watson (Contributor)
W W Norton & Co; ISBN: 0393315436
Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil
by Ron Rosenbaum
Despite countless studies of his life, essential aspects of Hitler continue to escape explanation. This book looks at the historians, philosophers and theologians who have struggled to understand him. The author, Ron Rosenbaum, details face-to-face encounters with brilliant and controversial explainers like Hugh Trevor Roper, George Steiner, David Irving and Emile Frackenheim.
Hardcover - 444 pages
Random House; ISBN: 0679431519
The Face of the Third Reich : Portraits of the Nazi Leadership
by Joachim C. Fest
Listed under Third Reich

The Fuhrer : Hitler's Rise to Power
by Konrad Heiden, Ralph Manheim (Translator), Richard Overy (Introduction)
Paperback - 614 pages (December )
Carroll & Graf; ISBN: 078670683X

A Concise Biography of Adolf Hitler
by Thomas Fuchs
Paperback - 288 pages Reissue edition
Berkley Pub Group; ISBN: 0425173402

by Joachim C. Fest
Richard Winston, Clara Winston (Translator)
Paperback Reissue edition (September 1992)
Harcourt Brace; ISBN: 0156409461
Hitler & Geli
by Ronald Hayman
Few people know of the affair Adolf Hitler had with his niece, Geli Raubal. The couple shared a strangely intense, passionate relationship, but it was always dogged by Hitler's intolerance, his chauvinistic attitude to womanhood and his possessive jealousy. In 1931, aged 23, Geli Raubal was found dead in the Munich flat she shared with Hitler, his revolver on the floor and an unfinished letter on the table. Hitler was shattered by his niece's death, and for the rest of his life couldn't speak...
Hardcover - 256 pages
Bloomsbury Pub Ltd; ISBN: 1582340080
Hitler and Stalin : Parallel Lives
by Alan Bullock
Alan Bullock gives readers a breathtakingly accomplished dual biography that places Adolf Hitler's origins, personality, career, and legacy alongside those of Joseph Stalin--his implacable antagonist and moral mirror image.

Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics
by Frederic Spotts
from Overlook Press

Hitler : Diagnosis of a Destructive Prophet
by Fritz Redlich
Hardcover - 496 pages
Oxford Univ Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0195057821
Hitler: 1889-1936: Hubris
by Ian Kershaw

Noted for his excellent structural explanation of the Third Reich's political culture in The Hitler Myth, eminent historian Ian Kershaw shifts approach in this innovative biography of the Nazi tyrant. The first of a two-volume study, Hubris is far from a simple rehearsal of "great man" history, impressively exploring the historical forces that transformed a shiftless Austrian daydreamer into a dictator with immense power. 

In his forthright introduction, Kershaw acknowledges that, as a committed social historian, he did not include biography in his original intellectual plans. However, his "growing preoccupation" with the structures of Nazi domination pushed him toward questions about Hitler's place and considerable authority within that system. He argues that the sources for Hitler's power must be sought not only in the dictator's actions but also (and more importantly) in the social circumstances of a nation that allowed him to overstep all institutional and moral barriers. In a comprehensive treatment of Hitler's life and times up through the remilitarization of the Rhineland in 1936, Kershaw draws from documents recently made available from Russian archives and benefits from a rigorous source criticism that has discredited many records formerly understood to be reliable. Hubris thus supplants Alan Bullock's classic Hitler: A Study in Tyranny as the definitive account of a man who, with characteristic smugness, indicated that it was a divinely inspired history that made him: "I go with the certainty of a sleep walker along a path laid out for me by Providence." Kershaw's penetrating analysis of how such a certain path could emerge from the dire circumstances of post World War I Germany is the abiding strength of Hubris. --James Highfill -
Hardcover - 845 pages (January 1, )
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393046710

Hitler: 1937-1945: Nemesis
by Ian Kershaw
George VI thought him a "damnable villain," and Neville Chamberlain found him not quite a gentleman; but, to the rest of the world, Adolf Hitler has come to personify modern evil to such an extent that his biographers always have faced an unenviable task. The two more renowned biographies of Hitler--by Joachim C. Fest ( Hitler) and by Alan Bullock ( Hitler: A Study in Tyranny)--painted a picture of individual tyranny which, in the words of A.J.P. Taylor, left Hitler guilty and every other German innocent. Decades of scholarship on German society under the Nazis have made that verdict look dubious; so, the modern biographer of Hitler must account both for his terrible mindset and his charismatic appeal. In the second and final volume of his mammoth biography of Hitler--which covers the climax of Nazi power, the reclamation of German-speaking Europe, and the horrific unfolding of the final solution in Poland and Russia--Ian Kershaw manages to achieve both of these tasks. Continuing where Hitler: Hubris 1889-1936 left off, the epic Hitler: Nemesis 1937-1945 takes the reader from the adulation and hysteria of Hitler's electoral victory in 1936 to the obsessive and remote "bunker" mentality that enveloped the Führer as Operation Barbarossa (the attack on Russia in 1942) proved the beginning of the end. Chilling, yet objective. A definitive work. --Miles Taylor -
Hardcover - 832 pages (November )
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393049949

Hitler (Profiles in Power Series)
by Ian Kershaw
Paperback: 190 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.50 x 8.50 x 5.25 
Publisher: Longman; 1 edition (August 1, )
ISBN: 0582437563

The Hitler of History
by John Lukacs
The horrible life and work of Adolf Hitler have long raised puzzling questions for historians: How could the putatively civilized German nation allow a leader to plunge it into murderous barbarism? Why did the rest of Europe not put a stop to Hitler's rise before Germany could amass imperial power? How did Hitler transform bourgeois anti-Semitism into the Holocaust? John Lukacs addresses these and many other questions in this book of essays on the many problems Hitler and his regime present to historians. He assesses the contemporary, too-abundant literature, and makes some surprising and controversial evaluations.
Paperback - 320 pages (December )
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0375701133
Hitler : A Study in Tyranny
[ABRIDGED] by Alan Bullock
The classic biography of Hitler that remains, years after its publication, one of the most authoritative and readable accounts of his life. Here in an abridged edition.
Paperback - 512 pages Abridged edition (December )
HarperCollins (paper); ISBN: 0060920203
Hitler : The Pathology of Evil
by George Victor
Paperback - 262 pages (December 1, )
Brasseys Inc; ISBN: 1574882287

The 'Hitler Myth' : Image and Reality in the Third Reich
by Ian Kershaw
Listed under Third Reich

Hitler's Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel to Mein Kampf
by Gerhard L. Weinberg, Krista Smith, Adolf Hitler
Hardcover from Enigma Books
Hitler's Table Talk
by Adolf Hitler, Norman Cameron (Translator), R. H. Stevens (Translator)
Introduction by Hugh Trevor-Roper
Hardcover - 800 pages 3 Ed edition (October 1, )
Enigma Books; ISBN: 1929631057
Hitler's Vienna : A Dictator's Apprenticeship
by Brigitte Hamann, Thomas Thornton (Translator)
Hardcover - 512 pages
Oxford Univ Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0195125371
Inside Hitler's Headquarters 1939-45
by Walter Warlimont
Paperback Reissue edition
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891415149
The Last Days of Hitler
by Hugh Trevor-Roper
Paperback - 288 pages Reprint edition (September 1992)
Univ of Chicago Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0226812243

The Last Days of Hitler: Legend, Evidence and Truth
by Anton Joachimsthaler
Paperback from Cassell Academic

The Meaning of Hitler
by Sebastian Haffner, Ewald Osers (Translator)
Paperback Reprint edition (March 1983)
Harvard Univ Pr; ISBN: 0674557751

Mein Kampf
by Adolf Hitler
Translated into "My Struggle", this book offers a look into the hateful mind of the century's most evil figure. Released in English in 1933, when many around the world were looking for clues about the rise of the German fascist, militaristic regime, it stands today as a historical document. We can see Hitler's vision of a unified Germany, his hatred of the Jews and his thoughts on the power of the state. One could be tempted to dismiss it as the musings of a madman, but civilized societies should remain mindful of Hitler's power to corrupt and pay attention to his words in order to be certain that they - or ones like them - aren't used to influence again
Paperback - 720 pages Reissue edition
Mariner Books; ISBN: 0395925037

The Night of Long Knives
by Max Gallo
The events of June 29 to July 2. A chilling account of the ruthless suppression of Hitler's former colleagues, Ernst Roehm and the Brownshirts.

On the Road to the Wolfs Lair : German Resistance to Hitler
by Theodore S. Hamerow
Listed under German Resistance to Hitler

The Psychopathic God : Adolf Hitler
by Robert G. L. Waite - A classic psycho-biography.
Paperback Reprint edition (April 1993)
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306805146

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich : A History of Nazi Germany
by William L. Shirer
Listed under Third Reich

To the Bitter End : An Insider's Account of the Plot to Kill Hitler, 1933-1944
by Hans Bernd Gisevius
Listed under German Resistance to Hitler: Valkyrie

Young Adolf
by Beryl Bainbridge
A novel.
Paperback Reprint edition
Carroll & Graf; ISBN: 0786702583

Hitler : The Missing Years
by Ernst Hanfstaengl
Hardcover - 308 pages Rpt edition (November )
Arcade Publishing; ISBN: 1559702788
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The Last Days of Hitler : The Legends, the Evidence, the Truth
Anton Joachimsthaler
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The Devil's Mistress : The Diary of Eva Braun, the Woman Who Lived and Died With Hitler
by Alison Leslie Gold
Hardcover - 226 pages
Faber & Faber; ISBN: 0571199232
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