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Cannae 216 BC : Hannibal Smashes Rome's Army (Campaign Series, No 36)
by Mark Healy. Paperback


Hannibal : A History of the Art of War Among the Carthaginians and Romans Down to the Battle of Pydna, 168 B.C.
by Theodore Ayrault Dodge
Second Punic War (219-202 B.C.)
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306806541
Hannibal: Enemy of Rome
by Leonard Cottrell
Highly readable non-academic introduction to Hannibal.
Paperback: 257 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 8.25 x 5.38 
Publisher: DaCapo Press; ; Reprint edition (December 1992)
ISBN: 0306804980

Hannibal The Ultimate Warrior
by Joseph Peebles

Hannibal (First Book)
by Robert Green
(School & Library Binding)

Hannibal Crosses the Alps: The Invasion of Italy and the Second Punic War
by John Prevas

The Punic Wars
by Adrian Goldsworthy
Hardcover: 352 pages
Cassell Academic; ISBN: 0304352845;
Warfare in the Classical World : An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons, Warriors and Warfare in the Ancient Civilisations of Greece and Rome
by John Gibson Warry
Listed under Ancient Weaponry
War With Hannibal (Classics S.)
War With Hannibal (Classics S.)
by Titus Livius Livy, Aubrey De Selincourt
Paperback from Penguin Books
The Young Carthaginian
by G. A. Henty, et al

Hannibal Crosses the Alps : The Enigma Re-Examined
by John Prevas
Out of Print - Try Used Books

by Serge Lancel, Antonia Nevill (Translator)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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