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The Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail : Message for the New Millennium
by Henrietta Bernstein
Paperback - 253 pages
Devorss & Co; ISBN: 0875167225

Dungeon Fire and Sword : The Knights Templar in the Crusades
by John J. Robinson
Hardcover - 494 pages (January 1992)
M Evans & Co; ISBN: 0871316579

Grail Knights of North America : On the Trail of the Grail Legacy in Canada and the United States
by Michael Anderson Bradley, Michael Bardley
Paperback - 370 pages (April )
Hounslow Pr; ISBN: 0888822030

The Grail: The Celtic Origins of the Sacred Icon
by Jean Markale
Listed under The Holy Grail

The History of the Knights Templars
by Charles G. Addison, David Hatcher Childress (Introduction)
Paperback - 395 pages
Adventures Unlimited Pr; ISBN: 0932813402

Holy Blood, Holy Grail
by Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln, Richard Leigh
Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln, and Richard Leigh, authors of The Messianic Legacy, spent over 10 years on their own kind of quest for the Holy Grail, into the secretive history of early France. What they found, researched with the tenacity and attention to detail that befits any great quest, is a tangled and intricate story of politics and faith that reads like a mystery novel. It is the story of the Knights Templar, and a behind-the-scenes society called the Prieure de Sion, and its involvement in reinstating descendants of the Merovingian bloodline into political power. Why? The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail assert that their explorations into early history ultimately reveal that Jesus may not have died on the cross, but lived to marry and father children whose bloodline continues today. The authors' point here is not to compromise or to demean Jesus, but to offer another, more complete perspective of Jesus as God's incarnation in man. The power of this secret, which has been carefully guarded for hundreds of years, has sparked much controversy. For all the sensationalism and hoopla surrounding Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the alternate history that it outlines, the authors are careful to keep their perspective and sense of skepticism alive in its pages, explaining carefully and clearly how they came to draw such combustible conclusions. --Jodie Buller -
Paperback Reissue edition (February 1983)
Dell Pub Co; ISBN: 0440136482

Holy Grail Across the Atlantic: The Secret History of Canadian Discovery and Exploration
by Michael Bardley
Paperback (April )
Hounslow Pr; ISBN: 088882100X

The Knights Templar and Their Myth
by Peter Partner
Paperback - 209 pages Reissue edition (August 1990)
Inner Traditions Intl Ltd; ISBN: 0892812737

The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar : Solving the Oak Island Mystery
by Steven Sora
When the Order of Knights Templar was destroyed in 1307, the secret society supposedly had vast wealth that was rumored to include the genealogies of David and Jesus and other religious artifacts as well as your run-of-the-mill gold and jewels. Over 200 years ago, the site of an elaborate vault was discovered by three teenagers on Oak Island, Nova Scotia, which was determined to have been built sometime between the 14th and 16th centuries. Author Steven Sora has been investigating both the Order and the vault for over 17 years, and "The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar" details his fascinating theory of where the Templar's hoard went and what is buried under Oak Island. If you enjoy real-life mystery, the intrigues of secret societies, or thoughtfully researched revisionist history, this one's for you.
Paperback - 293 pages
Destiny Books; ISBN: 0892817100

Oak Island Gold
by William S. Crooker
Listed under Treasure Hunting

The New Knighthood : A History of the Order of the Temple
by Malcolm Barber
A history of the Poor Knights of Christ of the Temple of Solomon
Paperback Reprint edition
Cambridge Univ Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0521558727

Rosslyn : Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail
by Tim Wallace-Murphy, Marilyn Hopkins, Tim W. Murphy
Hardcover - 304 pages
Thorsons Pub; ISBN: 1862044937

The Sword and the Grail
The Sword and the Grail: The Story of the Grail, the Templars and the True Discovery of America
by Andrew Sinclair
Paperback from Birlinn Ltd
Templar Organization: The Management of Warrior Monasticism
by S. T. Bruno, Martha Thompson (Illustrator)
Paperback - 180 pages
1stBooks Library; ISBN: 1587216213

The Templars and the Grail: Knights of the Quest
by Karen Ralls
Book Description: In this important new book on the history of the Templars, medieval historian Dr. Karen Ralls presents the unfolding drama of the Templars through time, examining the many beliefs and theories about their presumed powers and knowledge. Drawing on both academic sources (Part One) and selected popular sources (Part Two), a solidly-researched, up-to-date perspective is provided. This book also examines important lingering questions about the events preceding the official founding of the Order, the trial of the Templars, the Ark of the Covenant, excavations under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the burning of Grand Master Jacques de Molay, the Champagne fairs, women Templars, Gothic cathedrals, the 'Jolly Roger' flag symbolism, importance of Our Lady, alchemy, Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, various New World theories, and much more. 

Other features include an extensive Bibliography, and four appendices--a detailed Chronology of Events (1118-1571), a list of Grand Masters, information on Templar sites, and rare illustrations and photographs of the stone carvings, artifacts and regalia relating to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. The result is a riveting read and a vital contribution to the history of the Templars and their enduring legacy today. 
Paperback from Quest Books

Following the Ark of the Covenant
by Kerry Ross Boren, Lisa Lee Boren
Traces the Ark of the Covenant  from the Holy Land to America. 
Paperback - 150 pages (September 1, )
Cedar Fort; ISBN: 1555174930

The Sign and the Seal : The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant 
by Graham Hancock
Paperback - 600 pages Reprint edition (July 1993)
Touchstone Books; ISBN: 0671865412

The Ethiopians : A History
by Richard Pankhurst
Listed under Ethiopian History

The Templar Revelation : Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ
The Templar Revelation : Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ
by Lynn Picknett (Introduction), Clive Prince (Introduction)
Book Description: In a remarkable achievement of historical detective work that is destined to become a classic, authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince delve into the mysterious world of the Freemasons, the Cathars, the Knights Templar, and the occult to discover the truth behind an underground religion with roots in the first century that survives even today. Chronicling their fascinating quest for truth through time and space, the authors reveal an astonishing new view of the real motives and character of the founder of Christianity, as well as the actual historical -- and revelatory -- roles of John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene. Painstakingly researched and thoroughly documented, The Templar Revelation presents a secret history, preserved through the centuries but encoded in works of art and even in the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe, whose final chapter could shatter the foundation of the Christian Church. 
Paperback - 432 pages 1 touchsto edition (November )
Touchstone Books; ISBN: 0684848910
The Templars: The Dramatic History of the Knights Templar, the Most Powerful Military Order of the Crusades
by Piers Paul Read
The Knights Templar remain the most glamorous, but also the most mysterious, of all religious organizations. Romanticized by Walter Scott in his novel Ivanhoe and by Wagner in his opera Parsifal, the Templars have been both celebrated as ascetic martyrs, dying for the greater good of Christianity, and condemned as deviant heretics, thieves, and sodomites who sold the Holy Land out to the Muslim Infidels. In his carefully researched study The Templars, the acclaimed novelist Piers Paul Read investigates the truth behind the myth. Placing his account of the rise of the Templars within a wider historical and political context, Read argues that "The Templars were a multinational force engaged in the defence of the Christian concept of a world order: and their demise marks the point when the pursuit of the common good within Christendom became subordinate to the interests of the nation state." 

This approach takes Read back into the Dark Ages and the context for the first Christian Crusade, which culminated in the capture of Jerusalem in 1099. In an attempt to hold on to Jerusalem and one of the holiest sites in Christendom, the Temple of Solomon, the Templars were formed as a strict religious-military order, committed to poverty, chastity, and the protection of pilgrims en route to the Holy Land. Read charts their rise to political and financial power and influence throughout Europe and the Holy Land, and their bloody (and ultimately unsuccessful) conflict with the forces of Islam over the subsequent two centuries. Read's account is painstakingly recounted, but often lacks the verve and pace demanded by the colorful cast of characters, including Saladin and Richard the Lionheart. The best sections of the book deal with the shockingly cynical destruction of the Order by Pope Clement V and King Philip the Fair in 1312, preceded by the torture and death of hundreds of Templars who had already fought bravely for the cross in the Holy Land. The Templars are fascinating, but in his attempt to avoid the more colorful and conspiratorial stories associated with the Order, Read's book may strike some as a little turgid, despite its admirable historical detail. --Jerry Brotton,
Paperback: 384 pages
Da Capo Press; ISBN: 0306810719; (October 9, )

The Trial of the Templars
by Malcolm Barber
A detailed account of the ordeal of the French Templars--arrested, tried and executed from 1307-1314 for heretical crimes during the Inquisition. Although their confessions were extracted under torture, a number of the brothers survived to defend their Order until 1314.
Paperback Reissue edition
Cambridge Univ Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0521457270

Unholy worship:The myth of the Baphomet, Templar, Freemason connection
by Stephen, A Dafoe
Paperback - 68 pages (May 20, )
Templar Books; ISBN: 0968356702

The Warriors and the Bankers: A History of the Knights Templar from 1307 to the Present
by Stephen Dafoe, Alan Butler
Paperback - 100 pages 1 edition (October 13, )
Templar Books; ISBN: 0968356729

Knights Templars & the Complete History of Masonic Knighthood from the Origin of the Orders to the Present Time (1874)
by Robert MacOv, et al
Listed under Freemasonry

The Knights Templar () DVD
A four part TV documentary totalling 120 minutes

Supremely Abominable Crimes : The Trial of the Knights Templar
by Edward Burman
Paperback - 304 pages Reprint edition
London Bridge Trade; ISBN: 0749002689
Special Order

The Second Messiah : Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry
by Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas
Paperback - 272 pages Reissue edition
Harper Collins - UK; ISBN: 1862046476
Special Order

The Labyrinth of the Grail
by William F. Mann
Paperback - 350 pages 1 Ed edition
Laughing Owl Publishing, Inc; ISBN: 0965970183
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The Queen of Sheba & Her Only Son Menyelek a/k/a The Kebra Nagast
by E. A. Wallis Budge (Translator)
The story of the Queen of Sheba and her only son Menyelek. In this ancient Ethiopian scriptural text, the story of how the Ark Of The Covenant was taken from Jerusalem to Ethiopia by Menyelek, the son of King Solomon of Israel and Queen Makeda of Ethiopia.
Paperback - 256 pages (July 31, )
Research Associates School Times Publications; ISBN: 0948390425
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The Templar Continuum
by Stephen Dafoe, Alan Butler
Paperback - 236 pages 1 edition (June 24, )
Templar Books; ISBN: 0968356761
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Prince Henry Sinclair : His Expedition to the New World in 1398
by Frederick J. Pohl, Frederik Pohl
Paperback - 232 pages (March )
Nimbus Publishing, Ltd.; ISBN: 1551091224
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