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Age of Charlemagne (Men at Arms, 150)
by David Nicolle, Martin Windrow
Book Description: 50 b/w, 8 color 7 x 9 Trade edition of Men-At-Arms 150 Most historians agree that the Carolingian Age, from the 8th to 10th centuries AD, represented one of the most important turning points in European history. The adoption of the stirrup and subsequently of early versions of the high-framed war saddle, plus the pressure of rival and essentially non-western European cultures, combined to give birth to what are popularly regarded as medieval European styles of warfare. This absorbing text by David Nicolle explores the organization and history of the Carolingian Empire during the age of one of history's most romanticized and heroic figures, Charlemagne.

Bulfinch's Mythology : The Age of Fable : The Age of Chivalry : Legends of Charlemagne
by Thomas Bulfinch
Book Description: Thomas Bulfinch (1796-1867) was the son of Charles Bulfinch, the architect of the Capitol building in Washington, DC.  Thomas Bulfinch is considered to be an American historian and reteller of myths and legends even though he worked on his book during intervals in his banking career.  His works - "The Age of Fables" (1855), "The Age of Chivalry" (1858), and " The Legends of Charlemagne" (1863) - are normally termed "Bulfinch's Mythology".  These works were aimed at the young adult reader and were very popular when first published and today.
Publisher: Modern Library; (March 1993)

The Carolingians: A Family Who Forged Europe
by Pierre Riché, Michael Idomir Allen (Translator)
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press; (March 1993)

Carolingian Chronicles: The Royal Frankish Annals and Nithard's Histories
by Bernard W. Scholz et al.
Publisher: University of Michigan Press; (January 1970)

The Carolingian Empire
by Heinrich Fichtenau, Peter Munz (Translator)
Publisher: Univ of Toronto Pr; (December 1979)

Carolingian Culture: Emulation and Innovation
edited by Rosamond McKitterick

The Carolingian Economy
by Adriaan Verhulst

by Matthias Becher, David S. Bachrach
Hardcover from Yale Univ Pr

by Roger Collins
Publisher: Univ of Toronto Pr;

Daily Life in the Age of Charlemagne
by John J. Butt

Daily Life in the World of Charlemagne (Middle Ages)
by Pierre Riche, Jo Ann McNamara (Translator)
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press; Reprint edition (March 1988)

Early Carolingian Warfare: Prelude to Empire
by Bernard S. Bachrach

The Frankish Kingdoms Under the Carolingians, 751-987
by Rosamond McKitterick
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co; (January 1989)

Gregorian Chant and the Carolingians
by Kenneth Levy
Listed under Medieval Music

A History of Pagan Europe
by Prudence Jones, Nigel Pennick (Contributor)
Listed under Medieval History

The Medieval Fortress: Castles, Forts and Walled Cities of the Middle Ages
by Joseph Kaufmann, et al
Listed under Castles & Fortresses

Mohammed, Charlemagne, and the Origins of Europe
by Richard Hodges et al
Publisher: Cornell Univ Pr; (October 1983)

The Politics of Dreaming in the Carolingian Empire
by Paul Edward Dutton

Life of Charlemagne
by Einhard

Son of Charlemagne (Living History Library (Warsaw, N.D.).)
by Barbara Willard, Emil Weiss (Illustrator)
Publisher: Bethlehem Books;
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Two Lives of Charlemagne
by Lewis G. M. Thorpe et al.
Publisher: Pearson Higher Education; (July 1969)

Towns and Trade : In the Age of Charlemagne
by Richard Hodges
Publisher: Duckworth;

Water and the Word
by Susan A. Keefe

Manuscripts and Libraries in the Age of Charlemagne
by Bernhard Bischoff, translated by Michael Gorman
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