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Armagh and the Royal Centres in Early Medieval Ireland: Monuments, Cosmology, and the Past
by N. B. Aitchison
Special Order

Armagh and the Royal Centres in Early Medieval Ireland
by N. B. Aitchison
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer; (November )
Special Order

Cattle Lords and Clansmen: The Social Structure of Early Ireland
by Nerys Thomas Patterson
Paperback: 425 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.96 x 9.06 x 6.05
Publisher: Univ of Notre Dame Pr; 2nd Edition edition (April )
ISBN: 0268008000

Ancient Ireland: From Prehistory to the Middle Ages
by Jacqueline O'Brien (Photographer), Peter Harbison
Hardcover: 256 pages
Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0195212681; (March )

Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Painting: Book Illumination in the British Isles 600-800
by Carl Nordenfalk
(Paperback -- August )

Church in Medieval Ireland
by John Watt
(Paperback -- January 1, )

Domination and Conquest: The Experience of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, 1100-1300 (Wiles Lectures Given at the Queen's University at Belfast)
by R. R. Davies
(Hardcover -- July 1990)

Saint Patrick, AD 493-1993
by David N. Dumville
Listed under Saint Patrick

Pillars of Wisdom in Ireland and England
by David Howlett
(Hardcover -- August )

Church and Society in County Kildare, C.1470-1547 (Maynooth History Studies Series)
by Mary Ann Lyons
(Hardcover -- March )
Special Order

Early Christian Inscriptions of Munster: A Corpus of the Inscribed Stones (Medieval Studies)
by Elisabeth Okasha, et al
(Hardcover -- July 15, )
Special Order

Early Christian Inscriptions of Munster: A Corpus of the Inscribed Stones (Medieval Studies)
by Elisabeth Okasha, et al
Special Order

Early Medieval Ireland 400-1200
by Daibhi O Croinin
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co; (November )
Special Order

History and Topography of Ireland
by Gerald of Wales
(Paperback -- March 1983)

A Handlist of the Latin Writers of Great Britain and Ireland before 1540, with Additions and Corrections.
by R. Sharpe (Editor)
(Paperback -- December )

From Kings to Warlords: The Changing Political Structure of Gaelic Ireland in the Later Middle Ages
by Katharine Simms
Book Description: The Norman invasion of Ireland (1169) did not result in a complete conquest, and those native Irish chieftains who retained independent control of their territories achieved a recovery of power in the later middle ages. Katharine Simms studies the experience of the resurgent chieftains, who were undergoing significant developments during this period. The most obvious signs of change were the gradual disappearance of the title ri (king), and the ubiquitous presence of mercenary soldiers. On a deeper level, the institution of kingship itself had died, as is shown by this study of the election and inauguration of Irish kings, their counsellors, officials, vassals, army, and sources of revenue, as they evolved between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. Sources such as the Irish chronicles, bardic poetry, genealogies, brehon charters and rentals, family-tract and sagas are all used, in addition to the more familiar evidence of the Anglo-Norman administration, the Church, and Tudor state papers.Dr KATHARINE SIMMS lectures in the Department of Medieval History, Trinity College, Dublin.
Paperback: 202 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.63 x 9.18 x 6.14
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer; (June 29, )
ISBN: 085115784X

Gille of Limerick (C.1070-1145): Architect of a Medieval Church
by John Fleming, et al
Special Order

The Golden Age of Irish Art: The Medieval Achievement, 600-1200
by Peter Harbison, Peter Harrison
(Hardcover -- September 1, )

Ireland in the Age of the Tudors, 1447-1603
by Steven G. Ellis
Textbook Binding: 437 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 9.21 x 6.14
Publisher: Longman; (November )
ISBN: 058201901X

Ireland and Her Neighbours in the Seventh Century: Michael Richter
by Michael Richter
Special Order

Ireland Before the Normans
by Donnchadh O Corrain (Editor)
(Paperback -- January )

The Irish Round Tower: Origins and Architecture Explored
by Brian Lalor
Hardcover: 248 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 11.22 x 8.78
Publisher: Collins Pr;
ISBN: 1898256640

The Irish Ringfort (Irish Settlement Studies, Number 5)
by Matthew Stout
(Paperback -- February )
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Law and Disorder in Medieval Ireland: The Dublin Parliament of 1297
by James Lydon (Editor)

Medieval Dublin I: Proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium 1999
by Sean Duffy (Editor), Friends of Medieval Dublin
(Hardcover -- April )
Special order

Medieval Dublin II: Proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium 2000
by Sean Duffy (Editor), Friends of Mediaeval Dublin
(Hardcover -- August )

Medieval Ireland: The Enduring Tradition
by Michael Richter, et al
Special Order

Prophecy of Berchan: Irish and Scottish High-Kings of the Early Middle Ages
by Benjamin T. Hudson
Book Description: This book gives a text, an English translation, and a commentary on a medieval verse history of the kings of Ireland and Scotland from the ninth to the 11th centuries. This study examines the Prophecy of Berchan as a historical record with much to offer students of kingship among the Irish and Scots. Biographies of individual monarchs provided therein present the important events of each ones career, the length of his reign, and the circumstances of his death. This study suggests new...
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group;
Special Order

Romanesque Ireland: Architecture, Sculpture and Ideology in the Twelfth Century
by Tadhg O'Keeffe
Special Order

Sixteenth-Century Ireland: The Incomplete Conquest
by Colm Lennon

Sun Dancing: A Vision of Medieval Ireland
by Geoffrey Moorhouse

Women and Church in Medieval Ireland, C.1140-1540
by Dianne Hall
Special Order

What Life Was Like : Among Druids and High Kings : Celtic Ireland Ad 400-1200
by Time-Life Books (Editor)
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The Fragility of Her Sex?: Medieval Irish Women in Their European Context
by C. Meek (Editor), Maria Kay Simms (Editor)
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