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The Confession of Saint Patrick
by Saint Patrick
Book Description The autobiography of one of the most popular saints in history, now available in a new translation. 

Beyond being recognized as the patron saint of Ireland (perhaps for having chased some nonexistent snakes off the Emerald Isle), little else is popularly known about Saint Patrick. And yet, Patrick left behind a unique document, his Confession, which tells us much about both his life and his beliefs. This autobiography, originally written in the fifth century, and short by modern standards, is nonetheless a work that fascinates with its glimpse into the life of an intriguing man, and inspires with its testament of faith. Here, in this new edition from internationally acclaimed translator John Skinner, the character of Patrick, his era, and his world vividly come to life. 

Also included in this volume is the only other document known to have been written by Patrick, a letter he wrote to the soldiers of Coroticus--also Christians--who had raided parts of Ireland and taken away prisoners who were then sold into slavery. This letter is a wonderful demonstration of Patrick's rhetorical fire. Quite irate, Patrick harangues his fellow Christians, and the results are every bit as autobiographically revealing as the Confession. 

John O'Donohue, author of Anam Cara, provides an insightful foreword that re-creates the unique spirituality of Patrick and of the Irish people, and shows how it applies to our lives today.
Paperback: 81 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.36 x 6.99 x 4.17
Publisher: Doubleday; ; (March )
ISBN: 0385491638

Patrick: The Pilgrim Apostle of Ireland
by Maire B. De Paor
In the fifth century, he was brought to Ireland as a slave and eventually became that country's patron saint. In Patrick: The Pilgrim Apostle of Ireland, scholar Máire B. de Paor gathers practically all there is to know about Saint Patrick and offers some ideas about how such a lowly character became such a celebrated one. To contradict the traditional view that Patrick was an unsophisticated, rustic character, de Paor provides close readings of the structure and scriptural allusions of Patrick's writings: the Confessio, similar in many respects to Augustine's Confessions, and the Epistola to Coroticus, the earliest surviving letter containing any record of Irish domestic life. Her analyses suggest that Patrick was a man of great literary ability and ambition. The theme in Patrick's writings that most interests de Paor is "his being an illegal alien on foreign soil, and ... God's fatherly care of him during that pilgrimage for Christ." It is a timeless Irish theme, one that animates all of the best Irish literature and surely underlies many of the most rowdy celebrations of St. Patrick's Day. --Michael Joseph Gross
Hardcover: 320 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.09 x 9.34 x 6.26
Publisher: Regan Books; ; 2nd edition (January 22, )
ISBN: 0060009020

The Life of St. Patrick and His Place in History
by John B. Bury
Paperback: 404 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.89 x 8.48 x 5.40
Publisher: Dover Pubns; Unabridged edition (March )
ISBN: 0486400379

Let Me Die in Ireland: The True Story of Patrick
by David W. Bercot.
Book Description: This work cuts through all of the myths about St. Patrick and presents the authentic, stirring account of one of the greatest missionaries who ever lived. Patrick gave up a comfortable life as an upper-class citizen of Roman Britain to live in poverty, suffering, and constant danger in Ireland. Although ridiculed and rejected by his own people in Britain, Patrick changed the course of an entire nation.
Paperback: 192 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.50 x 8.25 x 5.50
Publisher: Scroll Pub Co; (January 6, )
ISBN: 0924722088

Saint Patrick, AD 493-1993
by David N. Dumville
(Paperback -- April 1, )

On the Erudition of the Historical St. Patrick
by Raymond M. Herbenick
Hardcover: 140 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 9.25 x 6.25
Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press; (April )
ISBN: 0773477381

"I, Patrick, a Sinner..." A Tale Worth Telling
by Stephanie Lavenia Swinnea
Historical Fiction
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Aaron Algood Books; 0 edition (June 1, )
ISBN: 0967106001

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