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Books on the South African War between Great Britain and the Afrikaaners 1899-1902
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Absent Minded Beggars : Volunteers in the Boer War
William Bennett

The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
by Fransjohan Pretorius
Paperback - 96 pages
New Holland/Struik; ISBN: 1868721795

The Boer War
Thomas Pakenham
Paperback / Published 1992

Boer War Diaries : The Letters, Diaries and Photographs of Malcolm Riall
Malcolm Riall Archive, et al
Historical Fiction

The Boer War
Tabitha Jackson
Hardcover - 192 pages 0 edition
Channel 4 Book; ISBN: 075221702X
Special Order

The Boer War in Postcards
Ian McDonald
Listed under Collectible Postcards

The Boer War : South Africa 1899-1902
Osprey Military, Martin Marix Evans
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The Boer War (Concise Campaigns Series)
Eversley Belfield
Hardcover / Published 1993 
(Special Order)

The Boer War and Military Reforms (War and Society in East Central Europe, Vol 28)
Jay Stone, Erwin A. Schmidl
Hardcover / Published 1988 
(Special Order)

The Boer War in American Politics and Diplomacy
Richard B. Mulanax
(Special Order)

The Boer Wars (1) 1836-1898 (Men-At-Arms , No 301)
Ian Knight, Gerry Embleton (Illustrator)
Listed under British Army Uniforms

The Boy : Baden-Powell and the Siege of Mafeking
by Pat Hopkins, Heather Dugmore
Paperback - 222 pages (April 1, )
New Holland/Struik; ISBN: 1868722627

The Chess Garden
by Brooks Hansen (Fiction)
Listed under Military Fiction

Colenso 1899 : The Boer War in Natal (Campaign, No 38)
Ian Knight
Paperback / Published 1995

Churchill Wanted Dead or Alive
by Celia Sandys
Listed under Winston Churchill

Eminent Victorian Soldiers : Seekers of Glory
by Byron Farwell
Paperback (July 1988)
W W Norton & Co; ISBN: 0393305333

Gender, Race, and the Writing of Empire : Public Discourse and the Boer War (Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture, 23)
Paula M. Krebs

Ladysmith : Colenso/Spion Kop/Hlangwane/Tugela (Battleground South Africa)
by Lewis Childs
Paperback - 144 pages
Pen & Sword; ISBN: 0850526116

Ladysmith: The Siege
by Lewis Childs

Kimberly: Battleground South Africa
by Lewis Childs

Life On Commando During The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
by Fransjohan Pretorius
Paperback - 479 pages (October 31, )
Human & Rousseau (Pty) Ltd; ISBN: 0798138084

My Early Life : 1874-1904
Winston Churchill
Listed under Books on Winston Churchill

Queen Victoria's Little Wars
by Byron Farwell
Paperback Reprint edition (February 1988)
W W Norton & Co; ISBN: 0393302350

Rorke's Drift (Wordsworth Collection)
by Michael Glover
Listed under Zulu War

Mr. Kipling's Army
by Byron Farwell
Listed under British Army

MacBride's Brigade : Irish Commandos in the Anglo-Boer War
Donal P. McCracken

A Rain of Lead : The Siege and Surrender of the British at Potchefstroom 1880-1881
by Ian H. W. Bennett
A Rain of Lead tells the dramatic story of the 95-day siege of Potchefstroom, which helped to shape a century of South African history. At the end of 1880, some 200 British soldiers and a handful of civilians began the defense of a makeshift fort the size of a tennis court. Although heavily outnumbered, and suffering from lack of food, tremendous heat, the wettest summer for 30 years and no shelter save a few bullet-holed leaking tents, they were to hold out under constant fire for 95 days. The place was the Boer capital of Potchefstroom in the Transvaal annexed and occupied by the British, and the siege marked the start of the first Anglo-Boer War. The Publisher
Hardcover - 240 pages
Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal; ISBN: 1853674370

The Russians and the Anglo-Boer War : 1899-1902
Apollon Davidson, Irina Filatova
(Special Order)

The Forgotten War : Australia and the Boer War
Laurie Field
Paperback / Published 1995 
(Special Order)

The Rand at War, 1899-1902 : The Witwatersrand and the Anglo-Boer War
Diana Cammack
Paperback / Published 1990 
(Special Order)

The Rand at War, 1899-1902 : The Witwatersrand and the Anglo-Boer War (Perspectives on Southern Africa, No. 44)
Diana Cammack
Hardcover / Published 1990 
(Special Order)

The Life & Times of the Right Honourable Cecil John Rhodes, 1853-1902
by Lewis Michell
Listed under African History

The Anglo Boer War, 1899-1902: philately of the Boer and British prisoner of war camps
Listed under Philately

The South African War : The Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
Hardcover / Published 1981
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The Anglo-Boer War : The Road to Infamy 1899-1900
Owen Coetzer
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Goodbye Dolly Gray : The Story of the Boer War
Rayne Kruger
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The Hall Handbook of the Anglo-Boer War
Darrell Hall, et al
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The Origins of the South African War, 1899-1902 (Origins of Modern Wars)
by Iain R. Smith, Harry Hearder (Editor)
Textbook Binding (November )
Addison-Wesley Pub Co; ISBN: 0582495202
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The Great-Anglo-Boer War
by Byron Farwell
Paperback (May 1990)
W W Norton & Co; ISBN: 0393306593 
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Native Life in South Africa : Before and Since the European War and the Boer Rebellion
Sol T. Plaatje
Paperback / Published 1991
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Go to Your God Like a Soldier; The British Soldier Fighting for Empire, 1837-1902
by Ian Knight
Hardcover - 264 pages (April )
Greenhill Books; ISBN: 1853672378
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From the Boer War to the Cold War; Essays on Twentieth-Century Europe
A. J. P. Taylor
Hardcover / Published 1995
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Boer War Movies
Breaker Morant (1980)
Starring: Edward Woodward, Jack Thompson
Listed under War Movies
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