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The American Indian Wars 1860-1890
(Men at Arms Series, 63)
by Philip R. Katcher, Gerry Embleton (Illustrator)

The American Woodland Indians
(Men at Arms Series, No 228)
Michael G. Johnson, Richard Hook (Illustrator)

Apache Women Warriors
Kimberly M. Buchanan
Listed under Apache Indians

The Apaches (Men at Arms Series, No 186)
Jason Hook, et al
Listed under Apache Indians

The American Plains Indians (Men at Arms Series, No 163)
Jason Hook
Paperback / Published 1985

Bluecoats : The U.S. Army in the West 1848-1897
(The G.I. Series : The Illustrated History of the American Soldier, His Uniform and His Equipment)
by John P. Langellier
Listed under Military Uniforms

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West
by Dee Alexander Brown
Required reading - 5 stars.

Black Elk Speaks : Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux
by Black Elk, et al

Dammed Indians : The Pick-Sloan Plan and the Missouri River Sioux, 1944-1980
by Michael Lawson, Vine, Jr. Deloria

Cheyenne Autumn
by Mari Sandoz 
(Paperback - September 1992)

Cheyenne Surrender
by Madeline Baker

Centennial Campaign : The Sioux War of 1876
by John Stephens Gray, et al
(Paperback - September 1988)

A Cold Day in Hell : The Spring Creek Encounters, the Cedar Creek Fight With Sitting Bull's Sioux, and the Dull Knife Battle, November 25, 1876
by Terry C. Johnston
Historical Novel. Gathering his officers at Fort Laramie, Phil Sheridan prepares for the winter campaign for the sole purpose of capturing the elusive Sioux Chief Crazy Horse, whose exploits have put the U.S. Cavalry to shame. Ingram
Paperback Reissue edition
Bantam Books; ISBN: 055329976X

Contact Points : American Frontiers from the Mohawk Valley to the Mississippi, 1750-1830
by Andrew R. L. Cayton (Editor), Fredrika J. Teute (Editor)
Paperback - 408 pages
Univ of North Carolina Pr; ISBN: 0807847348

Crazy Horse and Custer : The Parallel Lives of Two American Warriors
by Stephen E. Ambrose
Listed under Custer

A Dispatch to Custer : The Tragedy of Lieutenant Kidder
by Randy Johnson, Nancy P. Allan
Paperback - 132 pages
Mountain Press Publishing Company; ISBN: 0878423990

Dade's Last Command
Frank Laumer, John K. Mahon
In 1835, one hundred US soldiers were killed by Seminole indians who were aiding escaped black slaves in Florida. The action prompted the army to push the Indians off their lands.
Listed under US Army

Gatewood & Geronimo
by Louis Kraft 
Listed under Geronimo

The Truth About Geronimo
by Britton Davis, Robert M. Utley, Milo Milton Quaife
Listed under Geronimo

A Good Year to Die : The Story of the Great Sioux War
by Charles M., III Robinson
The best book on the US Government's conflict with Native Americans since "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee".

I Will Fight No More Forever : Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War
by Merrill D. Beal
Listed under Nez Perce

The Great Sioux Uprising
by C. M. Ochler, C. M. Oehler

My Heart is on the Ground : The Diary of Nannie Little Rose, a Sioux Girl, Carlisle Indiana School, Pennsylvania, 1880 (Dear America ; 14)
by Ann Rinaldi
Fiction, suitable for children - listed under Dear America Series

In Bitterness and in Tears : Andrew Jackson's Destruction of the Creeks and Seminoles
by Sean Michael O'Brien
Listed under Andrew Jackson

Indian Depredations in Texas
by J. W. Wilbarger
(Hardcover - July 1991)

Indian Wars (American Heritage Library)
by Robert M. Utley, Wilcomb E. Washburn

The Lance and the Shield : The Life and Times of Sitting Bull
by Robert M. Utley
5 Stars
Paperback: 413 pages
Ballantine Books (Trd Pap); ISBN: 0345389387; Reprint edition

Little Big Horn 1876 : Custer's Last Stand (Campaign Series, 39)
by Peter F. Panzeri
Listed under Custer's Last Stand

MacMillan Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes
by Michael Johnson
Listed under Native Americans

Massacre Along the Medicine Road: A Social History of the Indian War of 1864 in Nebraska Territory
by Ronald Becher
Listed under Nebraska

Sand in a Whirlwind: The Paiute Indian War of 1860 (Vintage West)
by Ferol Egan, Richard Dillon
Listed under Paiute Indians

Scalp Dance : Indian Warfare on the High Plains 1865-1879
Thomas Goodrich

The Sioux (Men at Arms Series, 344)
by Michael Johnson, Jonathan Smith (Illustrator)
Provides a welcome in-depth study of the origins, development and history of the Sioux culture and peoples, covering all seven of their divisions, in peacetime and at war. Biographical profiles are also given of the principal Sioux leaders, and the text is illustrated with contemporary photographs, as well as 8 color plates.

The Trail of Tears
by Gloria Jahoda
Hardcover Reprint edition
Wings Pr; ISBN: 0517146770

US Cavalryman 1865-1890 (Warrior Series, No 4)
by Martin M. Pegler, Christa Hook (Illustrator)
Listed under US Army Uniforms

US Cavalry on the Plains 1850-90 (Men-At-Arms Series, No 168)
Martin Windrow(Editor), et al
Listed under US Army Uniforms

Undaunted Courage : Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West
by Stephen E. Ambrose

Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars
by Robert V. Remini
"I want to assure the reader that it is not my intention to excuse or exonerate Andrew Jackson for the role he played in the removal of Native Americans west of the Mississippi River. My purpose is simply to explain what happened and why" writes Remini, who won the National Book Award for his three-volume biography of the seventh president.
Listed under Andrew Jackson

Native American Weapons
by Colin F. Taylor
Featuring 155 color photographs and illustrations, Native American Weapons surveys weapons made and used by American Indians north of present-day Mexico from prehistoric times to the late nineteenth century, when European weapons were in common use. Colin F. Taylor skillfully describes the weapons and their roles in tribal culture, economy, and political systems. He categorizes the weapons according to their function--from striking, cutting, and piercing weapons to those with defensive and even...

Traveler's Guide to the Great Sioux War : The Battlefields, Forts, and Related Sites of America's Greatest Indian War
by Paul L. Hedren

Warrior Artists : Historic Cheyenne and Kiowa Indian Ledger Art
by Herman J. Viola, et al
Listed under Native American Art

The Sacred Pipe : Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux (Civilization of the American Indian Series, Vol 36)
by Joseph E. Brown (Editor)
(Paperback - October 1989)

These Were the Sioux
by Mari Sandoz 
(Paperback - September 1985)

Frontier Soldier : An Enlisted Man's Journal of the Sioux and Nez Perce Campaigns, 1877
by William Frederick Zimmer, Jerome A. Greene (Editor)

Moonstick : The Seasons of the Sioux
by Eve Bunting, John Sandford

Traveler's Guide to the Great Sioux War : The Battlefields, Forts, and Related Sites of America's Greatest Indian War
by Paul L. Hedren

The Teton Sioux (Indians of North America)
by Nancy Bonvillain, Frank W. Porter (Editor)
(Library Binding)

The Wagon Box Fight: An Episode of Red Cloud's War
by Jerry Keenan
Paperback - 168 pages 1st edition
Da Capo Press; ISBN: 1882810872

Indian Wars of Pennsylvania
by C. Hale Sipe
Special Order

Tell Them We Are Going Home : The Odyssey of the Northern Cheyennes
by John H. Monnett
Tell Them We Are Going Home details the courageous journey of the Northern Cheyennes, under the leadership of Little Wolf and Dull Knife, from Indian Territory northward to their homelands in the Powder River Country. Incorporating the perspectives of the Cheyennes, the U.S. military, the Indian Bureau, and the Kansas settlers who encountered the traveling Indians, this book provides a complete account of the odyssey, along with source material never before presented in print.
Hardcover - 288 pages (April )
Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0806133031

Fetterman Massacre
by Dee Alexander Brown
Paperback - 251 pages Reprint edition (April 1984)
Univ of Nebraska Pr; ISBN: 0803257309

Nez Perce Summer, 1877 : The U.S. Army and the Nee-Me-Poo Crisis
by Jerome A. Green, Jerome A. Greene
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Adventures on the Western Frontier
John, General Gibbon, et al
A colorful chronicle of the American West, this book brings to life General John Gibbon's experiences on the western frontier - as he first encountered it in 1860, and as he campaigned and scouted through the West during the 1870s.
Hardcover Indiana Univ Pr: May 1994
ISBN: 025332579X
Out of Print - Try Used Books

American Indians of the Southeast (Osprey Men-At-Arms, No 288)
Michael Johnson, Richard Hook (Illustrator)
Paperback / Published 1995
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Wild Frontier : Atrocities During the American-Indian War from Jamestown Colony to Wounded Knee
by William M. Osborn, Bob Loomis (Editor)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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