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Army Commandos 1940-1945
Mike Chappell
Osprey Elite Series No 64

Born of the Desert : With the SAS in North Africa (Greenhill Military Paperback)
by Malcolm James
Listed under Western Desert WWII

British Commandos in Action (Combat Troops in Action Series)
by Leroy Thompson
(Paperback - January 1988)
Special Order

Commando : Memoirs of a Fighting Commando in World War Two
by John Durnford-Slater
3 Commando sprang into being in 1940 in order to harry Axis forces in pinprick raids that were impossible for regular army units, and took part in the raid on Dieppe and operations in Sicily and Italy, France, and, ultimately, Germany itself. The destruction wrought by the commandos was such that Hitler ordered all personnel captured in such raids executed.
Hardcover - 222 pages (August 1991)
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 1557501254

by A. B. Feuer
Drawing mostly from their own accounts, tells the story of the secret guerilla fighters, mostly Australian but including some English and Scots, who harried the Japanese among islands in the South Pacific from 1940 to 1945 under the auspices of the British government and with the support of US warships. Describes actions in Borneo, Woody Island, Tourane Bay, Balikpapan, Sarawak, and elsewhere. Maps are abundantly provided, and contemporary photographs give faces to the accounts. 
Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
Praeger Pub Text; ISBN: 0275954080

He Who Dares : Recollections of Service in the SAS, SBS and MI5
(Special Warfare Series)
by David Sutherland
Hardcover - 224 pages
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 155750346X

SAS: Phantoms of War: A History of the Australian Special Air Service
by David Horner
from Allen & Unwin

In Rommel's Backyard : A Memoir of the Long Range Desert Group
by Alastair Timpson, Andrew Gibson-Watt
Listed under Western Desert

Skis Against the Atom
The Exciting, First Hand Account of Heroism and Daring Sabotage During the Nazi Occupation of Norway
by Knut Haukelid
A classic of commando sabotage, highly recommended.
Paperback reprint edition (August 1989)
North American Heritage Pr; ISBN: 0942323076

Storm from the Sea
by Peter Young
British Commando operations in WWII
(Hardcover - September 1989)

Striking Back : A Jewish Commando's War Against the Nazis
by Peter Masters
Masters, an Austrian-born Jew originally named Peter Arany, has an unusual war story to tell, one that has not been told before. Masters was one of 87 Jewish refugees from Hitler who volunteered for military service in Troop 3, No. 10 Commando, an elite unit of the British army. Troop 3 was unusual in that almost all of its members were Austrian and German Jews, men who spoke German fluently and who would be trained in the ways and means of the German army (to the extent that, Masters notes wryly, they probably knew more about German weaponry and organization than most German soldiers).
Copyright ©1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.
Hardcover - 320 pages (December )
Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891416293

SAS Encyclopedia of Survival
by Barry Davies
Hardcover (November )
Lewis Intl Inc; ISBN: 0966677153

SAS : With the Maquis : In Action With the French Resistance June-September 1944
by Ian Wellsted
Listed under French Resistance

We Die Alone
by David Howarth
Arctic Circle, Norway 1943. Commando incursion goes horribly awry. Eleven of the 12 man team killed or captured, tortured and executed with the usual Gestapo gusto for bestiality. Sole survivor escapes barefooted and injured over the frozen wastes, swims icy seas, skis in one side of a Nazi infested village and out the other as they pour fire upon him, buried by an avalanche, snow-blind stumbles upon an isolated log cabin whose occupants risk family, friends and eventually most of the local resistance network to save him, subsequently buried alive for a month, performs a series of amputations upon himself with a blunt pen-knife to forestall the progress of gangrene, finally makes the Swedish border on a sledge amidst a herd of galloping reindeer across a melting iceflow again under German fire. Naturally, the hero makes an amazing recovery and returns to active service some months later to further harrass the Hun.

Pretty good plot, what? As a work of fiction, the reviewer would gently ask the reader to suspend disbelief and the book would be dismissed by most serious readers as another over-the-top military adventure tale. However, it is not fiction.
Introduction by Stephen E. Ambrose
Paperback - 231 pages 1st Lyons edition (November )
The Lyons Press; ISBN: 1558219730

The Shetland Bus : A WWII Epic of Escape, Survival, and Adventure
by David Howarth
Paperback - 220 pages (April )
The Lyons Press; ISBN: 1585742880

SAS: Great Britain's Elite Special Air Service
Leroy Thompson
Paperback - 128 pages (November )
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0879389400
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