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Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, Seventh Edition
by Barry A. J. Fisher
Hardcover from CRC Press
Civil Procedure: Examples and Explanations (The Examples & Explanations Series)
by Joseph W. Glannon
Paperback from Panel Publishing
Practical Aspects of Interview and Interrogation, Second Edition
by Douglas E. Wicklander, David E. Zulawski, Vernon J. Geberth
Hardcover from CRC Press
Criminal Procedure for the Criminal Justice Professional
by John N., J.D. Ferdico
Hardcover from Wadsworth Publishing
Supreme Court and Appellate Advocacy
by David C. Frederick, Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Hardcover from West Group
Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting
by George A. Manning
Hardcover from CRC Press
The Mediation Process : Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict
by Christopher W. Moore
Paperback from Jossey-Bass
The Juvenile Justice System: Deliquency, Processing and the Law (3rd Edition)
by Dean John Champion
Hardcover from Prentice Hall
Interpretation of Bloodstain Evidence at Crime Scenes, Second Edition
by Stuart H. James, Forida Eckert, William G. Eckert
Hardcover from CRC Press
Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition
by Davide Maltoni, Dario Maio, Anil K. Jain, Salil Prabhakar
Hardcover from Springer Verlag Pub (Computer Bks)
An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis, Second Edition
by Norah Rudin, Keith Inman
Hardcover from CRC Press
California Civil Litigation
California Civil Litigation
by Susan Burnett Luten
Paperback from Delmar Learning
Civil Procedure: Sum and Substance audio CD series
Civil Procedure: Sum and Substance audio CD series
by Arthur R. Miller
Book Description: Convenient and effective Sum and Substance audio CD series presents the essentials of civil procedure in a clear, succinct, time-saving format. Includes quick reference indexing, allowing you to quickly locate all topics in the recording, and informed exam tips to help maximize your performance. Sections discuss: clusters of procedure, citizenship, traditional basis of jurisdiction, constitutional principles, illustrative application, federal court jurisdiction, service of process, venue principles, pleading, sanctions, joinder, counterclaims, class actions, discovery, 1993 amendments, summary judgment, trial, jury trial, posttrial motions, new trial motions, motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict, collateral estoppel, and appeals. 
Audio CD from West 
by James W. H. McCord
Hardcover from Delmar Publishers
Quantitative-Qualitative Friction Ridge Analysis: An Introduction to Basic and Advanced Ridgeology
by David R. Ashbaugh
Hardcover from CRC Press
Forensic Art and Illustration
by Karen T. Taylor
Hardcover from CRC Press
Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Systems
by Nalini K. Ratha, Ruud Bolle
Hardcover from Springer Verlag
Applying Statistics in the Courtroom: A New Approach for Attorneys and Expert Witnesses
by Phillip I. Good
Hardcover from CRC Press
Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology
by Frank E. Hagan
Hardcover from Pearson Allyn & Bacon
Modern Trial Advocacy: Analysis and Practice
by Steven Lubet
Paperback from Natl Inst for Trial Advocacy


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