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  • Fodor's Australia
    by Fodor's
    Book Description: This is a land so different from any other that it can sometimes seems as if it were conjured rather than created. If you love outdoor recreation, imaginative cuisine, natural beauty seemingly without limit, and the idea of an English-speaking nation actually being exotic, Australia was made (or conjured) for you. Be sure to pack this Fodor's guide before leaving on your journey to the land down under to ensure you don't miss a thing!
    Paperback from Fodor's

    Frommer's Australia
    by Marc Llewellyn, Lee Mylne
    Paperback from Frommer

    Australia (National Geographic Traveler)
    by Roff Martin Smith
    Paperback: 400 pages
    National Geographic Society; ISBN: 0792274318; (November )

    Australia : The Complete Encyclopedia
    by Pat O'Shane (Introduction), Peter Cosgrove (Introduction)
    Hardcover: 912 pages
    Firefly Books; ISBN: 1552975436; Bk&Cd-Rom edition

    Australian Spas and Retreats
    by Ashley MacKeviciuis, et al
    Hardcover: 192 pages
    Tuttle Publishing; ISBN: 9625938346; (May 1, )

    Down Under All Over : A Love Affair With Australia
    by Barbara Brewster, 
    A collection of personal stories that profess an American woman's views of Australia.
    "What can I say? I love it." "... clearly got the essential gist of what Australia is about, managing to grab the fundamental spirit of the place." Rolf Harris.
    "Shows a remarkable sense of love and perception of things Australian."
    John Williamson, Australian singer and song writer.
    Read more about this book at Barbara Brewster's site

    Australia : True Stories of Life Down Under (Travelers' Tales)
    by Larry Habegger (Editor), Amy G. Carlson (Editor)

    Australia and New Zealand by Campervan And/or Car With Stopovers in the Cook Islands, Fiji, Hawaii, and Tahiti
    by Richard W. Hostrop, Leeona S. Hostrop

    Australia and the Islands of the Pacific : Myths and Wonders of the Southern Seas
    by Marco Moretti, et al

    Brisbane and the Gold Coast
    by Paul Phelan
    Paperback Book&Map edition
    APA Productions; ISBN: 0887293662

    Eyewitness Travel Guides: Australia
    by DK Publishing

    Eyewitness Travel Guides: Sydney
    by Kirsty McKenzie, et al

    The Great Southland
    by Ken Duncan
    Ken Duncan's vision of Australia invites you to feel the many moods and manifestations of this country's spectacular landscapes. Drawing on over 20 years of experience shooting this vast country, ken Duncan uses all his skill to show the beauty of creation so that it first dazzles the eye, then goes deeper to touch the spirit.
    Hardcover: 192 pages
    Ken Duncan Panographs; ISBN: 0958668132;

    Fodor's Exploring Australia
    by Fodors (Editor)

    From Alice to Ocean : Alone Across the Outback
    by Robyn Davidson, Rick Smolan (Photographer)

    Frommer's Adventure Guide : Australia and New Zealand (Frommer)
    by Arthur Frommer, et al

    Globetrotter Travel Atlas Australia
    Paperback - 72 pages 2nd edition
    Globe Pequot Pr; ISBN: 1853687812

    Great Barrier Reef
    by David Doubilet
    Listed under Underwater Photography

    Green Guide Birds of Australia
    by Peter Rowland
    Listed under Australian Birds

    In a Sunburned Country
    In a Sunburned Country
    by Bill Bryson
    Paperback from Broadway
    Keep Australia on Your Left : A True Story of an Attempt to Circumnavigate Australia by Kayak
    by Eric Stiller

    Living and Working in Australia : A Survival Handbook (Living and Working Guides)
    by David Hampshire
    Out of Print

    Lonely Planet Outback Australia
    by Rob Van Driesum (Editor)

    Lonely Planet Australia (Australia, 12th Ed)
    by Paul Harding (Editor), et al
    Whether you want to walk the Larapinta Trail or dive on Ningaloo, wine and dine in multicultural Melbourne or gaze at the stars in the awesome Outback - you'll find this guide to the continent of extremes indispensable. Features: 158 maps, including Olympic sites & Outback tracks; full colour features on Aboriginal art, native animals and plants; comprehensive entertainment information, form pubs to opera; hundreds of accommodation options, from bush camping to five star hotels.
    Paperback: 944 pages
    Lonely Planet; ISBN: 1740590651; 11th edition (March )

    Lonely Planet Aboriginal Australia & the Torres Strait Islands (1st Ed)
    by Sarina Singh, Kath Kenny, Denis O'Byrne
    Book Description: "Aboriginal Australia & the Torres Strait Islands" is a unique guide resulting from a collaboration from Lonely Planet authors and Aboriginal experts who headed out to cover Indigenous Australia from the perspective of travellers, and 51 native Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander who shared their stories. 

    The guide contains extensive facts about Aboriginal Australia & the Torres Strait Islands including the land and people; politics and issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today; archaeological sites, visual art and artifacts; information on visiting sacred sites; traditions such as rock art, weaving and dance, ceremonies and festivals.
    Paperback: 448 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.82 x 7.76 x 5.04 
    Publisher: Lonely Planet; ;
    ISBN: 1864501146

    Lonely Planet Brisbane and Gold Coast City Map
    by Planet Publishers Lonely
    Map from Lonely Planet


    Lonely Planet East Coast Australia
    Lonely Planet East Coast Australia (East Coast Australia, 1st Ed)
    by Verity Campbell, Peter Cruttenden, Kate Daly, Chris Rowthorn
    Paperback from Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet Islands of Australia's Great Barrier Reef (3rd Ed)
    by Hugh Finlay
    Paperback: 280 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.57 x 5.18 x 7.40 
    Publisher: Lonely Planet; ; 3rd edition
    ISBN: 0864425635
    Lonely Planet Northern Territory (3rd Ed)
    Lonely Planet Northern Territory (3rd Ed)
    by Susannah Farfor, David Andrew, Hugh Finlay
    Paperback from Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet Queensland
    Lonely Planet Queensland (Queensland, 3rd Ed)
    by Joseph Bindloss, Kate Daly, Matthew Lane, Sarah Mathers
    Paperback from Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet Western Australia (3rd Ed)
    Lonely Planet Western Australia (3rd Ed)
    by Sally Webb, Ilsa Colson
    Paperback from Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet Melbourne (4th Ed)
    Lonely Planet Melbourne (4th Ed)
    by David McClymont
    Paperback from Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet Melbourne (Map)
    by Lonely Planet
    Paperback from Lonely Planet

    Lonely Planet Northern Territory (2nd Ed)
    by David Andrew, Hugh Finlay
    Paperback - 320 pages 2nd edition (November )
    Lonely Planet; ISBN: 0864427913

    Lonely Planet Sydney (5th Ed)
    Lonely Planet Sydney (5th Ed)
    by Sally O'Brien, Meg Mundell
    Paperback from Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet Sydney (City Maps Series)
    by Lonely Planet
    Map from Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet Tasmania (Tasmania, 3rd Ed)
    by Paul Smitz
    Paperback from Lonely Planet
    Let's Go 2001 Australia
    by Thomas P. Windom (Editor), et al

    Melbourne & Victoria's Splendor (Panoramic Series)
    by Jiri Lochman
    (Hardcover -- September )

    One Hundred and Twenty Walks in Victoria
    by Tyrone Thomas
    (Paperback -- November )
    Special Order

    The Rough Guide to Australia
    by Margo Daly, et al

    60 Walks in Central Victoria's Goldfields & Spa Country
    by Tyrone Thomas
    Book Description:
    Walks in this region of Victoria are mainly through and around the beautiful country towns of central Victoria which were built, often in grand style, during the gold rhes of the last century. Spa centres, like Hepburn Springs are also explored. 
    Paperback: 245 pages
    Hill of Content Pub Co Pty Ltd; ISBN: 085572241X; 1 edition ()
    Special Order

    Tracks : A Woman's Solo Trek Across 1,700 Miles of Australian Outback
    Robyn Davidson
    Paperback / Published 1995

    Touring Australia : Making the Most of an Australian Holiday by Car, Train, Bus and Plane
    Gareth Powell

    Australia for Women : Travel and Culture
    Hawthorne, et al

    Surfing Australia (Periplus Action Guides)
    Mark Thornley(Editor), et al

    The Songlines
    by Bruce Chatwin
    Listed under Aboriginal Australia

    Australia by Rail
    by Colin Taylor
    Paperback: 288 pages
    Trailblazer Pub; ISBN: 1873756402; 4th edition (August )

    Australia and New Zealand by Rail (Bradt Guides)
    Colin Taylor

    Australia : Reef, Rainforest, Red Heart
    by Darren Jew
    An excellent photographic travelogue.
    Paperback: 160 pages
    New Holland/Struik; ISBN: 1864363770;

    The Kimberley: Horizons of Stone
    by Alasdair McGregor, Quentin Chester
    Hardcover: 208 pages
    New Holland/Struik; ISBN: 1864365331; (April )
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Diving Australia

    Diving Austrialia: A Guide to the Best Diving Down Under
    Diving Austrialia: A Guide to the Best Diving Down Under
    by Neville Coleman, Nigel Marsh, Rod Ritchie, Julia Walkden, Periplus Editions
    Paperback from Periplus Editions

    Diving & Snorkeling Australia's Great Barrier Reef
    Len Zell

    Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Australia : Southeast Coast and Tasmania
    Peter Stone
    Paperback / Published 1992

    Diving Australia: A Guide to the Best Diving Down Under
    Neville Coleman, et al

    Fielding's Diving Australia : Fielding's In-Depth Guide to Diving Down Under
    Neville Coleman, et al

    The Great Barrier Reef Dive Guide
    Roberto Rinaldi (Photographer)

    Oceanographic Processes of Coral Reefs: Physical and Biological Links in the Great Barrier Reef
    by Eric Wolanski (Editor)

    Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Australia : Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef
    Carl Roessler / Paperback / Published 1991
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Cycling Australia

    Cycling Australia : Bicycle Touring Throughout the Sunny Continent
    Ian Duckworth

    Australia & New Zealand : Freewheeling Made Easy (Smooth Ride Guides X)
    Published 1996

    Cycling the Bush : One Hundred Rides in Victoria
    by Sven Klinge
    Paperback: Seven Hills Book Distributors
    ISBN: 0855722347;
    Special Order

    Cycling the Bush - 100 Rides in Tasmania
    by Sven Klinge
    (Paperback - 1993)


    Lonely Planet Tasmania (2nd Ed)
    by Lyn McGaurr, et al

    Tasmanian Traveller
    by Steve and Marion Isham
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    by Mike Bingham, Joe Shemish

    by Michael Cook
    (Paperback -- April )
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Tasmania : Shorter Stay Guide
    by Michael Cooke
    (Paperback -- August )
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

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