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Alone on Guadalcanal : A Coastwatcher's Story
by Martin Clemens, Allan R. Millett (Introduction)
Superb account of the early days of an Australian coastwatcher in the Solomon Islands during WWII.
Listed under Guadalcanal

Allies & Mates: An American Soldier With the Australians and New Zealanders in Vietnam 1966-67
Gordon L. Steinbrook
Hardcover - 182 pages (March )
Univ of Nebraska Pr; ISBN: 0803242387

Australians at War in the Air 1939-1945, Volume I; Europe
by Ross A. Pearson
Paperback - 1 pages (April )
Kangaroo Press; ISBN: 0864177089

Australias Vietnam War (Texas A & M University Military History Series, 77)
by Jeff Doyle (Editor), et al

Breaker Morant (1980)
Based on the true Boer War story of the trial and execution of Australian soldiers accused of murdering prisoners of war.
Listed under War Movies

Crossfire : The Australian Reconnaissance Unit in Vietnam
by Peter Haran, Robert Kearney
New Holland/Struik

Desert War : The North African Campaign 1940-1943, Comprising Mediterranean Front, a Year of Battle, the End in Africa
by Alan Moorehead
Listed under Western Desert

Donald Friend, Australian war artist, 1945
by Donald Friend
Listed under War Artists

The Australian Flying Corps in the Western and Eastern Theatres of War 1914-1918
(The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918, Vol 8); 
F.M. Cutlack,
Listed under WW1 Aviation

El Alamein
by Michael Carver
Listed under Western Desert

Fighting the Enemy : Australian Soldiers and Their Adversaries in World War II
by Mark Johnston
Delivery sometimes delayed.

From the Uttermost Ends : A Guide to Sites of New Zealand Interest on the Western Front in Belgium and France
by Ian McGibbon

Four Thousand Bowls of Rice : A Prisoner of War Comes Home
by Linda Goetz Holmes, J. M. Williams
Listed under Prisoners of War

by Alan Moorehead
In 1915 Australia - as a nation - saw the first battle of its first war at Galipoli, where it had sent the fittest and ablest of its youth to aid the Empire. The cream of a generation was lost in one of the worst military blunders of all time.
Wordsworth Editions Ltd; ISBN: 1853266752
The Last-Gentleman-Of-War: The Raider Exploits of the Cruiser Emden (Bluejacket Books)
by R. K. Lochner
Listed under Naval Operations of the First World War

The Other Enemy : Australian Soldiers and the Military Police
(Australian Army History)
by Glenn Wahlert

Private Wars : Personal Records of the Anzacs in the Great War
by Greg Kerr (Editor)

Ray Parkin's Wartime Trilogy
by Ray Parkin
An extraordinary work by an Australian who endured the sinking of his ship, the Perth, after an epic battle in the Sunda Strait against impossible odds. Captured by the Japanese, he then spent years as a POW on the Burma Railway before being shipped to Japan to work the mines until the dropping of the atomic bomb. The work comprises his three books: Out of the Smoke; Into the Smother; The Sword and the Blossom.
Hardcover illustrated edition
Melbourne Univ Pr; ISBN: 0522848877
SAS: Phantoms of War: A History of the Australian Special Air Service
by David Horner
Listed under Commandos

Stoker's Submarine
~Fred Brenchley, Elizabeth Brenchley
On April 25 1915, the day the Anzacs landed at Gallipoli, Lt Commander Henry Gordon Stoker set out as captain of the Australian submarine AE2 on a mission to navigate the Dardanelles Strait. That Stoker managed to find a way through the narrow Dardanelles against unknown current, mines and withering enemy fire has been described as "the finest feat in submarine history". Stoker's achievment meant much in military terms, but even more emotionally in boosting the morale of the embattled Allied troops. This text tells the story of a remarkable naval hero.
HarperCollins (Australia)
Paperback - 1 April, 2002

Snaring the other tiger
by Ian Ward
Manila, Philippines WWII. Japanese soldiers dragged 150 wounded Australians from their hospital beds and shot them. Those who survived this were bound with fencing wire, doused with petrol and immolated. One man, Lt Ben Hackney, escaped. His testimony after the war resulted in the execution of the Japanese officer held responsible for that atrocity.

Trackers: The Untold Story of the Australian Dogs of War
by Peter Haran
Paperback from New Holland/Struik

Nicky Barr, An Australian Air Ace: A Story of Courage and Adventure
by Peter Dornan
Paperback from Allen & Unwin

At the Front Line : Experiences of Australian Soldiers in World War II
by Mark Johnston
Hardcover from Cambridge University Press

Special Order

There to the Bitter End: Ted Serong in Vietnam
by Anne E. Blair
Paperback from Unwin Hyman

Tiger Men: A Young Australian Soldier Among the Rhade Montagnard of Vietnam
by Barry Petersen
Paperback from White Orchid Press

Australian Centenary History of Defence Series

The Department of Defence
(The Australian Centenary History of Defence Vol 5)
by Eric Andrews
Oxford University Press
Hardcover Vol 5

The Australian Army : A History of Its Organisation from 1901 to 2001 (The Australian Army History Series)
by Albert Palazzo
Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0195515064

The Australian Centenary History of Defence (The Australian Centenary History of Defence Vol 4)
by David Horner
Oxford University Press
Hardcover Vol 4

An Atlas of Australian Wars
(The Australian Centenary History of Defence Vol 7)
by John Coates
Oxford University Press
Hardcover Vol 7

MacArthur's Jungle War : The 1944 New Guinea Campaign
(Modern War Studies)
by Stephen R. Taaffe
Listed under New Guinea Campaigns

Morshead : Victor at Tobruk and El Alamein (Australian Army History)
by David Coombes
Listed under Western Desert

The Naked Island
by Russell Braddon
Listed under Changi

River Kwai Railway : The Story of the Burma-Siam Railway
by Clifford Kinvig
Listed under Prisoners of War

The Diggers of Colditz
Classic Australian POW escape story 
by Jack Champ, Colin Burgess
Listed under Prisoners of War

Tanks in Camera : The Western Desert 1940-1943 : Archive Photographs from the Tank Museum
by David Fletcher
Listed under Western Desert

The Women's War : New Zealand Women 1939-45
by Deborah Montgomerie
Auckland Univ Pr

Letters from the Battlefield : New Zealand Soldiers Write Home, 1914-1918
by Glyn Harper (Editor)

Reluctant Nation : Australia and the Allied Defeat of Japan, 1942-1945
by David Day
(Hardcover - April 1992)
Special Order

Wings and the Navy : 1947-1953
by Colin Jones
Australian Naval Aviation
Paperback - 176 pages
Seven Hills Book Distributors; ISBN: 0864178360
Special Order

Australian Submarines : A History
Michael W.D. White
Hardcover / Published 1995
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Australian Defence : Sources and Statistics
(The Australian Centenary History of Defence, Volume 6)
by Joan Beaumont
Hardcover Vol 6
Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0195541189
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Guns and Brooches : Australian Army Nursing from the Boer War to the Gulf War
Jan Bassett
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Heroes
The story of the Krait and the commandos who attacked Japanese warships in Singapore harbour with canoes.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Strategic Illusion : The Singapore Strategy and the Defence of Australia and New Zealand, 1919-1942
by Ian Hamill
Singapore Univ. Press
Hardcover (March 1982)
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Mark of the Lion
Kenneth Sandford
The story of Charles Upham, NZ winner of the VC and Bar. A well written account of a modest man of exceptional bravery. When the King asked whether Upham really deserved a second VC, the reply came that he deserved three! Db. More on Upham
Out of Print - Try Used Books

White Coolies
A contemporary diary of life in a Japanese camp by Betty Jeffrey, an Australian nurse.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Australian Army at War, 1899-1975
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Twenty Thousand Thieves
by Eric Lambert
ASIN: 0140149279
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Australians at War in the Air : 1939 1945, Vol II
by Ross A. Pearson
Paperback - 2 pages Vol 2 (April )
Seven Hills Book Distributors; ISBN: 0864177097
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Gallipoli 1915 (Osprey Campaign Series 8)
by Philip Haythorn Waite, Philip J. Haythornthwaite.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Boston, Mitchell, and Liberator in Australian service
by Stewart Wilson
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Tocumwal to Tarakan : Australians and the Consolidated B-24 Liberator
by Michael V. Nelmes
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