WWI Submariners

My grandfather George Shilston ( from Dawlish, Devon) served in the Royal Navy during WW1 and we know what ships he served on and during what time periods he was on them. We also know that he served on submarines during some of the time period.  I have been to the PRO and looked at the ships logs of all the ships he served on but I cannot find the information I am looking for. The logs do not name (or, rather, give the number) of the subs. And although they mention that on a particular day the sub left at such and such a time and returned at such and such a time, the log does not explain what the sub was doing, what it encountered, if it was in 
battle, which sailors were assigned to it, etc.

Do you know of any source, either primary or secondary, that gives 
this kind of detail?

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Rhianna Edwards
Deputy University Archivist
Acadia University
Phone: (902) 585-1731 
Fax:   (902) 585-1748

October 2001

Link to image 6 - Sandford and C.3

Letters concerning the J Class submarines

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