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How to Restore Triumph TR4 & TR4A
by Roger Williams
Hardcover - 192 pages (November )

How to Restore Triumph TR4 and TR4A (Enthusiast s Restoration Manuals) How to Restore Triumph TR4 and TR4A (Enthusiast's Restoration Manuals)
from Veloce Publishing

Customer Review:
This book is good for a highly experienced restorer who has a TR4 in very poor condition and needs to do a lot of rust repair. It is not for your average hobby restorer, or anyone doing a restoration on a solid car. It provides absolutely no information on finish work and original TR4 details. I... more info

Original Triumph TR4 4A 5 6: The Restorer s Guide (Original Series) Original Triumph TR4/4A/5/6: The Restorer's Guide (Original Series)
from Motorbooks

Customer Review:
With an original service manual, original parts manual, and this book you have a good foundation for the knowledge needed to restore a triumph. This book has a lot of detailed photos on what a finished TR should look like. I am using it to restore my 1962 TR4.

Triumph Tr4, Tr4a 1961-67 Owners Workshop Manual (Autobooks) Triumph Tr4, Tr4a 1961-67 Owners Workshop Manual (Autobooks)
from Veloce Press

Customer Review:
This book is not very user friendly - the pictures are dark and/or blurry and font on the text is too small. Another infuriating thing is that the mechanical pictures are always a few pages away from the text that describes them forcing you to flip back and forth when reading. I like to take... more info

Workshop Manual for the Triumph TR4, Tr4A 1961-67
from Autopress LTD

Complete Official Triumph Tr4 and Tr4a 196101968: Official Drivers Handbook Workshop Manual Competition Preparation Manual
from Bentley Publishers

Triumph Tr4, 5, 6 (Autofolio Series)
from Haynes Pubns

Triumph Tr4 Tr4a Workshop Manual 1961-67
from Autobooks Ltd

Triumph TR4, TR5 and TR250 1961-68 (Brooklands Road Tests) Triumph TR4, TR5 & TR250 1961-68 (Brooklands Road Tests)
from Brooklands Books

Triumph TRs
Graham Robson
The story of some of the most successful British sports cars and how Standard-Triumph began nearly 30 years of success with their TR2 in 1953. From the origins of the Triumph marque through to the final TR8 model of 1981, all models are covered as well as lesser-known prototypes.
Paperback - 192 pages (28 October, )
The Crowood Press; ISBN: 1861260148

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