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Kings of the Road : A Pictorial History of Trucks
by Rob Leicester Wagner
Hardcover - 120 pages
Metro Books; ISBN: 156799413X
Big Rigs of the 1950s (Crestline Series)
by Ronald G. Adams
Motorbooks International
Paperback - 160 pages
Bumper to Bumper : The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations
 (third edition)
BUMPER TO BUMPER, The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations, our original text on truck driving and related activities, has trained thousands of our nations truck drivers. Tractor-trailer driving schools, carriers, insurance companies, attorneys, accident reconstruction specialists, and highway patrols use the book in their formal training programs and as a reference book. Letters of praise from countless individual drivers attest to its completeness and easy readability. The 512-page soft-cover book written in an authoritative yet friendly style, contains over 200 technical illustrations, and is thoroughly indexed. Each chapter includes a final quiz and an observation skills test. It is designed to meet industry standards for training set by the Department of Transportation and other accrediting bodies. BUMPER TO BUMPER describes vehicle components, driving techniques, and regulated activities, beginning with an overview of motor transport industry careers. The next 13 chapters introduce heavy diesel tractors and trailers and their components. Ten more chapters explain the handling of tractor-trailer combinations. The following eight chapters cover government regulations, safe driving, economy operating, and driver responsibilities. The last three chapters are devoted to job hunting, the driver's lifestyle and professional development. 
Paperback 3rd rev edition
Mike Byrnes & Assoc; ISBN: 0962168750
Bumper to Bumper: La gua completa para operaciones de autotransporte de carga

Bumper to Bumper : The Diesel Mechanics Student's Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations
by Mike Byrnes
BUMPER TO BUMPER, The Diesel Mechanics Students Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations, spells relief for diesel mechanics who often find themselves behind the wheel of the tractors they fix. Just about everything a mechanic needs to know about operating a tractor-trailer is in this 254-page book which is written directly to the diesel mechanics student in an easy-to-read style that is both authoritative and friendly. It bridges the gap between the diesel mechanic and the truck driver by providing a drivers perspective of the tractor-trailer, plus everything the diesel mechanic will want and need to know to operate it, including operating and inspecting air brakes, coupling and uncoupling trailers, backing, providing preventive maintenance, and understanding the electrical and steering systems, engine, drive trains and trailer. Thoroughly indexed and extensively illustrated, the book includes end-of-chapter quizzes.
Paperback (December 1993)
Mike Byrnes & Assoc; ISBN: 0962168742

World's Greatest Working Trucks, Vol. 1
by Earl Johnson (Photographer), Grace M. Hawkins (Photographer)
Paperback - 120 pages Vol 1
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0964964546

New Car Carriers 1910-1998 Photo Album
by Donald F. Wood

American Beer Trucks (Crestline Series)
by Donald F. Wood
Paperback - 160 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0760304408

American Volunteer Fire Trucks
by Donald F. Wood, Wayne Sorensen (Contributor), Don Wood
Listed under Fire Trucks

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Trucks and Commercial Vehicles
by Albert Mroz
Paperback - 432 pages
Krause Publications; ISBN: 0873413687

100 Years of Semi Trucks
by Ronald B. Adams
Hardcover - 320 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0760307695

Semi Truck Color History (Color History)
by Stan Holtzman
Paperback - 128 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0760303517

American Semi Trucks (Motorbooks International Enthusiast Color)
by Stan Holtzman 
Paperback - 96 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0760300380
American Work Trucks : A Pictorial History of Commercial Trucks 1900-1994
by John Gunnell (Editor) 
Paperback - 304 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0873412907

Brockway Trucks 1948-1961 Photo Archive
by Thomas E. Warth (Editor)
Paperback - 128 pages
Iconografix; ISBN: 1882256557

Kenworth : The First 75 Years
by Doug Siefkes, Wayne Johnson, Don Graydon (Illustrator)
Hardcover 25 edition
Documentary Book Pub Corp; ISBN: 0935503218

Seagrave 70th Anniversary Series Photo Archive
by Walter M. P. McCall, Walt McCall
Listed under Fire Trucks

Mack Truck Photo Gallery
by Thomas E. Warth
Listed under Mack Trucks

Ford Trucks Since 1905 (Motorbooks International Crestline Series)
by James K. Wagner
Listed under Ford Pickup Trucks

Dodge Trucks (Crestline Series)
by Don Bunn
Listed under Dodge

Dodge Power Wagons 1940 Through 1980 : Photo Archive
by Don Bunn (Editor)
Listed under Dodge

Professional Trucking & Driving Books

ASE Test Prep Series  -- Medium/Heavy Duty Truck (T2)
by Delmar Publishers
Listed under ASE Test Preparation Manuals

Heavy-Duty Trucks : Powertrains, Systems, and Service
by Robert N. Brady
Hardcover - 800 pages (December )
Prentice Hall College Div; ISBN: 0131814702

Trucking: Tractor-Trailer Driver Handbook/Workbook
by Professional Truck Driver Institute 
Paperback - 600 pages 1st edition
Delmar Publishers; ISBN: 0892625007

Barron's How to Prepare for the CDL : Commercial Driver's License Truck Driver's Test
by Mike Byrnes 
Paperback - 486 pages (March 1991)
Barrons Educational Series; ISBN: 0812045297

Tank Vehicles CDL Test Study Book (English)
by Robert M. Calvin
Paperback Spiral edition (June 1991)
Career Publishing, Inc.; ISBN: 0892622407

Traffic Ticket Defense for Truckers/Tips, Tactics and Strategies to Help You Fight That Ticket - And Win
by Mark D. Sutherland, Florine Sutherland (Contributor)
Listed under Traffic Violations

Opportunities in Trucking Careers (Opportunities In... Series)
by Ken Scharnberg
Hardcover - 160 pages Rev edition (April )
Vgm Career Horizons; ISBN: 084426363X

Sweatshops on Wheels : Winners and Losers in Trucking Deregulation
by Michael H. Belzer
Written by a former long-haul trucker who now teaches industrial relations at Wayne State University, Sweatshops on Wheels raises crucial questions about the legacy of trucking deregulation in America and casts provocative new light on the issue of government deregulation in general.
Hardcover - 224 pages
Oxford Univ Press; ISBN: 0195128869

Chilton's Truck and Van Service Manual, 1998-2002
by Nichols, Chilton (Editor)
Hardcover - 2240 pages

Chilton's Truck and Van Repair Manual, 1979-1986
Hardcover - 626 pages (April 1986)
Nichols Pub (Automotive); ISBN: 0801976553

Chilton's Truck and Van Repair, 1986-1990
Hardcover (June 1990)
Nichols Pub (Automotive); ISBN: 0801979021

Chilton's Truck and Van Manual, 1991-1995
by Kerry A. Freeman, Peter M. Conti, W. Calvin Settle (Editor)
This biennial volume gives up-to-the-minute information on today's hottest mini-vans, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Complete repair information is organized by manufacturer and model. It includes specifications and procedures for all major operating systems, plus safety tips and information on emissions controls. Nearly 3,000 illustrations and hundreds of tables. Ingram
Hardcover - 1664 pages
Nichols Pub (Automotive); ISBN: 0801979110

Freightliner Trucks 1937 Through 1981 Photo Archive
by Robert Gabrick

Autocar Trucks 1950-1987 Photo Archive
by Robert Gabrick

Beverage Trucks: Photo Archive (Photo Archive Series)
by Donald F. Wood 

Circus and Carnival Trucks 1923-2000: Photo Archive
by Bill Rhodes

Coca-Cola: Its Vehicles in Photographs 1930 Through 1969: Photo Archive (Photo Archive Series)
by Howard L. Applegate

Refuse Trucks: Photo Archive
by John B. Montville

Plymouth Commercial Vehicles: Photo Archive
by Jim Benjaminson

Ward LaFrance Fire Trucks 1916-1978 Photo Archive
by John J. Burzichelli (Editor), Richard J. Gergel

White Trucks: 1900 Through 1937 Photo Archive
by Don Bunn

Peterbilt : The Evolution of Class
by Warren A. Johnson 

Peterbilt: The Class of the Industry
by Henry Rasmussen 

Peterbilt Trucks 2012Spiral Calendar
by Peterbilt Motors Company
Listed under Auto Calendars

Caterpillar D-2 & R-2 Photo Archive
by Bob Lavoie (Editor) (Paperback)

Heavy Duty Truck Diesel Fuel Systems: Operation, Service, and Maintenance
by Robert N. Brady
Listed under Fuel Injection

Heavy Duty Truck Systems
by Ian Andrew Norman, Robert Scharff (Contributor), Drew Corinchack (Contributor)
Ideal for the professional technician looking to review and learn the latest in heavy duty trucks and Automotive Service Excellence standards. This significantly updated text offers technicians the most current insight available into heavy duty truck systems. After an overview of engines, it progresses systematically to provide a system-by-system explanation of diagnosis, troubleshooting, and service procedures. Covers electrical systems, transmissions, torque converters, automomatic transmissions, and more. 695 illus.

About the Author
Andrew Norman, a former truck driver, is a technical writer employed by Cummins Diesel. He was formerly an instructor of heavy duty truck mechanics at Trident Technical College, Charleston, South Carolina. 

(Hardcover -- December 7, )

Compressed-Air Brake Systems
by Gmbh Bosch
Listed under Bosch Technical Manuals

Big Rigs
by Hope Irvin Marston 
Hardcover - 1 pages Rev&Updtd edition
Cobblehill; ISBN: 0525651233
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Profitable Trucking : A Guide for the Independent Contractor
Paperback 5th rev edition
Natl Accounting & Finance Co; ISBN: 0887112676
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Chilton's Truck Repair Manual, 1961-1971
Hardcover - 1200 pages (October 1979)
Nichols Pub (Automotive); ISBN: 080196198X
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Chilton's Truck and Van Repair Manual, 1971-1978
Hardcover - 1360 pages (August 1982)
Nichols Pub (Automotive); ISBN: 0801970121
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Chilton's Chrysler : Full Size Trucks 1967-88 Repair Manual
by Kerry A. Freeman (Editor)
Listed under Chrysler

Chilton's Toyota Trucks 1970-88 Repair Manual
Paperback - 556 pages
Chilton Book Co; ISBN: 0801978319
Listed under Landcruisers

Chilton's Repair Manual Ford Vans 1961 to 1988 (Chiltons Repair and Tune-Up Guides)
Listed under Ford

How to Start & Manage an Independent Trucking Business
by Jerre G. Lewis, Leslie Renn 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Peterbilt : The Legacy of Class
by M. D. Morgan
Hardcover - 160 pages (Sept )
Documentary Book Pub Corp; ISBN: 0935503315
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Heavy Truck Engine Performance & Wiring
by John Lypen
Motor Information Systems
Hardcover, 4th Rev edition (November )
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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