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The Black Arts
by Richard Cavendish
Paperback (September 1988)
Perigee; ISBN: 0399500359

The Book of Black Magic
by Arthur Edward Waite
Paperback - 326 pages (December 1975)
Samuel Weiser; ISBN: 0877282072

Book of Black Magic & Ceremonial Magic
by Arthur Edward Waite
Book Description: The Secret Tradition in Goetia, including the rites and mysteries of Goetic therugy, sorcery and infernal necromancy. Completely illustrated with the original magical figures. Partial Contents: Antiquity of Magical Rituals; Rituals of Transcendental Magic; Composite Rituals; Key of Solomon; Lesser Key of Solomon; Rituals of Black Magic; Complete Grimoire; Preparation of the Operator; Initial Rites and Ceremonies; Descending Hierarchy; Mysteries of Goetic Theurgy; Mystery of the Sanctum Regnum; Method of Honorius. 
Paperback - 374 pages
Kessinger Publishing Company; ISBN: 0766107590
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Celtic Magic
by Deanna J. Conway
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The Complete Book of Devils and Demons
by Leonard R. N. Ashley
Barricade Books; ISBN: 1569800774
The Devil : A Visual Guide to the Demonic, Evil, Scurrilous, and Bad
by Genevieve Morgan (Contributor), Tom Morgan
Hardcover - 176 pages
Chronicle Books; ISBN: 081181176X
Forbidden Rites : A Necromancer's Manual of the Fifteenth Century (Magic in History)
by Richard Kieckhefer
Paperback - 392 pages
Pennsylvania State Univ Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0271017511
The History of Magic and the Occult
by Kurt Seligmann
Listed under Natural Magic

Demonology, Past and Present
by Kurt E. Koch
Paperback - 161 pages (January 1980)
Kregel Publications; ISBN: 0825430135
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Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Americans
By Malachi Martin
In this reissue of Martin's controversial bestseller, the author examines the contemporary climate of Satanism in America. "In the barrage of books on possession and exorcism, this is undoubtedly the most authoritative and convincing."--The Washington Post Book Review. Includes a new preface by the author. 

Lemegeton - The Complete Lesser Key of Solomon
by Mitch Henson (Editor), Jeff Wellman (Illustrator) 
Book Description: This is the first quality trade paperback of one of the most famous (or infamous) magical texts of the Seventeenth Century. A complete compendium of magic as understood by the Elizabethan magus. It contains detailed instructions for the conjuration and control of spirits. It is considered by many to be the primary source work in goetic evocation.
Paperback: 144 pages 
Publisher: Metatron Books; (September 22, ) 
ISBN: 0967279704 

Lucifer Rising : A Book of Sin, Devil Worship and Rock 'n' Roll
by Gavin Baddeley, Paul Woods (Editor)
Paperback: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.76 x 9.03 x 6.13
Publisher: Plexus Pub; (November 25, )
ISBN: 0859652807

The Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger.
by Henricus Institoris, Montague Summers
Originally published in Germany in 1486, this extraordinary fabrication documents the beliefs of the Catholic Church towards paganism and witchcraft during the middle ages.
Listed under History of Witchcraft

Mastering Witchcraft
Mastering Witchcraft
by Paul Huson
Paperback from Perigee
Picture Book of Devils, Demons and Witchcraft
by Ernst Lehner, Johanna Lehner
Paperback - 174 pages (June 1972)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486227510
Raising Hell : A Concise History of the Black Arts and Those Who Dared Practice Them
by Robert Masello
Masello has collected a history of the major occult arts, including exploits of prominent sorcerers and alchemists, secret societies, rituals and key tools of black magic. Raising Hell weaves a compelling tale studded with myths, quotations, anecdotes, and illustrations, to provide a vivid chronicle of the evolution of the occult arts.
Perigee; ISBN: 0399522387
Red Dragon - The Grand Grimoire
by Robert Blanchard
Hardcover - 379 pages 1 edition ()
IGAS Research Society; ISBN: 1571790551
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Necronomicon Spellbook
by Simon (Editor)
Book Description:
The mighty powers invoked by this eldritch tome are really long-forgotten psychic abilities, able to affect the most basic needs and desires, including Love, Wealth, Peace of Mind, and Protection Agains Enemies. But now comes a guide that enables anyone to pick up the book and use its ineluctable power "without fear or risk" according to editor Simon. 
Paperback - 122 pages
Avon; ISBN: 0380731126

by Simon
Paperback - 218 pages Reissue edition
Avon; ISBN: 0380751925
Satanic Bible
by Anton Szandor LaVey, Burton H. Wolfe (Introduction),
Paperback - 272 pages Reissue edition (June 1989)
Avon; ISBN: 0380015390

Secret Life of a Satanist : The Authorized Biography of Anton Lavey
Blanche Barton
Paperback / Published 1992
Here is the definitive biography of the notorious founder of the Church of Satan. The mysterious LaVey arouses even more curiosity today than during his heyday in the 1960s when his picture appeared on the covers of Look and Time magazines.

Selling Satan : The Tragic History of Mike Warnke
Mike Hertenstein, et al
Paperback / Published 1993

Voodoo Sorcery Grimoire
by Brujo Negro
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Witchcraft and Black Magic
by Montague Summers

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