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  • Treatise on the Gods (Maryland Paperback Bookshelf)
    by H. L. Mencken
    Card catalog description: H. L. Mencken is perhaps best known for his scathing political satire. But politicians, as far as Mencken was concerned, had no monopoly on self-righteous chest-thumping, deceit, and thievery. He also found religion to be an adversary worthy of his attention and, in Treatise on the Gods, he offers some of his best shots, a choreographed cannonade. Mencken examines religion everywhere, from India to Peru, from the myths of Egypt to the traditional beliefs of America's Bible Belt.
    Paperback: 375 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.82 x 8.53 x 5.55
    Publisher: Johns Hopkins Univ Pr; Reprint edition (June )
    ISBN: 080185654X 

    Choosing Life: Guidelines to Avoiding Extinction
    by Michael C. Frost
    Book Description: This book belongs in the personal library of anyone who is serious about moving daily toward optimal health and mastery. With great care and much love, Dr. Frost has traced the origins of life energy management and spiritual practice from ancient Africa to the present, giving credit to each of the branches of the human race along THE WAY. Most importantly, Dr. Frost has distilled this wisdom into powerful practices and disciplines we can incorporate into our lives today as we thrive to survive. He has laid out clear and present life force choices for helping us to fulfill the Creator's purpose for all living things: to grow into our greatest potential and highest good! In true spiritual tradition, Dr. Frost has loved us enough to share what he has learned on his path toward Mastership.
    Paperback from LifeWays Press - AATS


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