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Asterix in Belgium (Adventures of Asterix)
Listed under Asterix

The Books of Faerie: Auberon's Tale
by Bronwyn Carlton, et al

The Books of Magic: Death After Death
by John Ney Rieber, et al

Comics Values Annual 2010
by Alex G. Malloy, et al
Listed under History & Price Guides

Dad To The Bone: Baby Blues Scrapbook #16
by Rick Kirkman, Jerry Scott
Paperback: 128 pages
Andrews McMeel Publishing; ISBN: 0740726706; (August )

Drawing Cutting Edge Comics
by Christopher Hart
Listed under Drawing Comics

Flash Gordon : Volume 1 : Dailies 1940-1942
by Austin Briggs, Dave Schreiner
from Kitchen Sink Press

The Kin-Der-Kids : The Complete Run of the Legendary Comic Strip, in Full Color
by Lyonel Feininger
Listed under Lionel Feininger

One Hundred Demons
by Lynda Barry
Hardcover: 224 pages
Sasquatch Books; ISBN: 1570613370;

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill

Understanding Comics
by Scott McCloud
A comic book about comic books. McCloud, in an incredibly accessible style, explains the details of how comics work: how they're composed, read and understood. More than just a book about comics, this gets to the heart of how we deal with visual languages in general. "The potential of comics is limitless and exciting!" writes McCloud. This should be required reading for every school teacher. Pulitzer Prize-winner Art Spiegelman says, "The most intelligent comics I've seen in a long time."
Paperback: 224 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.56 x 10.29 x 6.76
Kitchen Sink Press; ISBN: 006097625X; Reprint edition

The Dog Is Not a Toy: House Rule #4
by Darby Conley
Listed under Get Fuzzy

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac : Director's Cut
by Jhonen Vasquez
(Paperback -- August )

Family Business: A For Better or For Worse Collection
by Lynn Johnston
Paperback: 144 pages
Andrews McMeel Publishing; ISBN: 0740726692; (August )

The Dark Knight Strikes Again Vol. 3
by Frank Miller, Lynn Varley (Illustrator)
Listed under Batman

Flashbacks: Twenty-Five Years of Doonesbury
by Garry B. Trudeau
Listed under Doonesbury

Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors
by Jhonen Vasquez
(Paperback -- August 1, )

Origin: The True Story of Wolverine
by Bill Jemas, et al
Listed under Wolverine

Ghost World
by Daniel Clowes
Dan Clowes described the story in Ghost World as the examination of "the lives of two recent high school graduates from the advantaged perch of a constant and (mostly) undetectable eavesdropper, with the shaky detachment of a scientist who has grown fond of the prize microbes in his petri dish." From this perch comes a revelation about adolescence that is both subtle and coolly beautiful. Critics have pointed out Clowes's cynicism and vicious social commentary, but if you concentrate on those aspects, you'll miss the exquisite whole that Clowes has captured. Each chapter ends with melancholia that builds towards the amazing, detached, ghostlike ending.-
Paperback: 80 pages
Fantagraphics Books; ISBN: 1560974273; 4th edition (April 1, )

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
by Frank Miller (Illustrator), et al
Listed under Batman

The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation
by Frank Thomas, et al
Hardcover: 575 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.53 x 11.32 x 10.58
Publisher: Hyperion; Revised edition
ISBN: 0786860707 

What Now: Mutts VII
by Patrick McDonnell
(Paperback -- September )

The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide
by Robert M. Overstreet
Listed under History & Price Guides

Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz
by Charles M. Schulz, et al
Listed under Peanuts

Footrot Flats
by Murray Ball
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Preludes and Nocturnes (Sandman, Book 1)
by Neil Gaiman, et al
Listed under Sandman

The Far Side2012 Calendar
by Gary Larson
Listed under Humor Calendars

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories
by Tim Burton
(Hardcover -- October )

Road to Perdition
by Max Allan Collins, et al
(Paperback -- July )

Uncle Sam
by Steve Darnall, Alex Ross, Todd Klein
Paperback from DC Comics

Ultimate X-Men
by Peter Sanderson, et al
Listed under X-Men Comics

Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross
by Alex Ross
Hardcover from Pantheon Books
A Right to Be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury
by Aaron McGruder, Michael Moore
Paperback from Three Rivers Press
Slaine: The Horned God Part One (2000 AD Presents)
Slaine: The Horned God Part One (2000 AD Presents)
by Pat Mills, Simon Bisley
Book Description 2000 ADís ever-popular Celtic hero returns with a vengeance! In this full-colour, fully painted new edition of the classic tale by Pat Mills (Marshal Law) and Simon Bisley (Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgment on Gotham), Ukko the dwarf narrates the story of how Sláine came to be crowned High King of Tir-Nan-Og... 

The people of Tir-Nan-Og, the "Land of the Young", have suffered for some time in the clutches of the Drunes, strange druids who have poisoned the very land itself with their vile magic. Sláine has had enough of their tyranny, and "communes" with the Earth Goddess to discover some shocking truths about the priesthood and his own future! Now Sláine must unite all four kings of Tir-Nan-Og to gain the use of their mystical weapons, as he and his Sessair tribe prepare for all-out war! 
Paperback from Titan Books (UK)

The A.B.C. Warriors: The Black Hole
The A.B.C. Warriors: The Black Hole
by Pat Mills, Simon Bisley
Paperback from Titan Books (UK)

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