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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill
Proving that mainstream comics could be infused with past literary/cultural ideals and still be best sellers, the America's Best Comics imprint took the dilapidated superhero genre and created three vastly entertaining hybrids with Tom Strong, Promethea and Top Ten. Now, a stunning coup de grace is delivered with this masterful pairing of Victorian adventure fiction's greatest characters and the old war-horse of the super-group. With the stunning The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, it would be no exaggeration to say that Alan Moore has produced a near-perfect piece of adventure fiction that is clever, literate, rich with excitement and hard to put down. 

It's 1898 and at the behest of M, the mysterious head of the secret Service, Campion Bond is dispatched to procure the services of Miss Mina Murray (nee Harker), adventurer Allan Quartermain, "Science-Pirate" Captain Nemo, Henry Jekyll (and his monstrous alter ego) and Hawley Griffin (aka The Invisible Man). Together, they must combat an insidious threat that will decide supremacy of the London skies, but their success may unleash a far greater threat. With no shortage of action, Moore and O' Neill sustain a high level of suspense, intrigue, mystery and terrific wit that all contribute to an indispensable read. O'Neill's art, so memorable in Marshal Law, produces a London filled with vivid, magnificent architecture and a malevolent atmosphere ripe with thrills and danger. An unmitigated triumph, the sequel cannot come soon enough, with such a glorious past showing what the future can hold for comics. Magnificent--pure and simple. --Danny Graydon -
(Mass Market Paperback)

Heroes & Monsters: The Unofficial Companion to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
by Jess Nevins
Paperback from Monkeybrain

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 2 (Comic)
by Alan Moore
Book Description: The inspiration behind the blockbuster movie, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN once again uses the classic characters from familiar literature to tell a tale of epic proportions in Victorian England. In volume two, when alien invaders from Mars mercilessly attack London, the throne quickly calls upon Allan Quatermain, Mina Harker, Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, and Dr. Jekyll to protect the empire. Using their various skills and intellect, the League goes about preparing a defense against the invasion but when the Invisible Man joins the Martian's cause, all appears to be lost. Now, as one of the members dies a horrific death, the League turns to the legendary Dr. Moreau as their last desperate hope. 
Hardcover from DC Comics


by Alan Moore, et al 
First publishished c1984
(Paperback -- April )

by Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell
Paperback from Eddie Campbell Comics

Supreme: The Return
by Alan Moore, Joe Bennett
Paperback from Checker Book Publishing Group

Supreme: The Story of the Year
by Alan Moore, Joe Bennett, Rick Veitch
Paperback from Checker Book Publishing Group

Saga of the Swamp Thing
by Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, John Totleben, Barry Marx
Paperback from DC Comics

Swamp Thing: A Murder of Crows
by Alan Moore, John Totleben, Stephen Bissette
Paperback from DC Comics

Swamp Thing: Reunion
by Alan Moore, John Totleben, Tom Yeates
Paperback from DC Comics

Promethea (Book 1)
by Alan Moore, Mick Gray, J. H., III Williams
A beautifully drawn and well-written new heroine by the legendary Moore. Some fine artwork here, with one story done in an attractive Art Nouveau style. In these incredible, genre-bending tales meet Sophie Bangs--a college student in a weirdly futuristic New York--as she researches a term paper on Promethea, a mythical warrior-woman who is reinvented over and over through the centuries. A deadly shadow creature tries to kill Sophie as she gets close to Promethea's secret--which ultimately transforms young Sophie into a new Promethea. She must quickly master the secrets of her heroic predecessors or fall prey to Promethea's ancient enemy. Moore's Promethea is an Eisner Award-winner for Best Writer. If that isn't enough to convince you to check out this new volume, the first six issues (including #3, Best Single Issue) are collected here. "I personally thoroughly enjoy this series, with a good, gripping story and really superb artwork, in a classic style like nothing else in comics today. Gray also revels in recreating the styles of artists like Leyendecker and Brundage, with stunning design and detail that make each page a small masterpiece." Bud Plant Comic Art
Paperback from DC Comics

Top Ten (Book 1)
by Alan Moore, Zander Cannon, Gene Ha
Paperback from DC Comics


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