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African Designs of the Congo, Nigeria, the Cameroons and the Guinea Coast (International Design Library, Collected Edition)
by Caren Caraway
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Adventures of an African Slaver: An Account of the Life of Captain Theodore Canot, Trader in Gold, Ivory, and Slaves on the Coast of Guinea: Written Out and Edited from the Captain's
by Theodore Canot, et al
Paperback: 464 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.02 x 8.84 x 6.70
Publisher: Dover Pubns; ;
ISBN: 0486425126

Small Is Not Always Beautiful
by Max Liniger-Goumaz, John Wood (Translator)
Book Description Equatorial Guinea is one of the horror stories of the post-colonial era in the developing world. Consisting of the continental territory of Rio Muni and the island of Fernando Po, it was a small but relatively prosperous Spanish colony until 1968. The successor regime of the Nguema clan is a bloody dictatorship, which has destroyed the economy and driven one-third of the population into exile. Today the country is among the world's poorest, and has dropped out of the international system. In recent years France has replaced Spain as the regime's chief economic backer, with no amelioration of its appalling human rights record. This is the first comprehensive monograph in English on Equatorial Guinea, and the Swiss author, Max Liniger-Goumaz, is the acknowledged international authority on the subject. Contents: Physical and Human Geography; The Colonial Period; Independence Miscarried; Demographic and Cultural Aspects of the Nguema Era; The Economy Under the Nguema Dictatorships; Present and Future; Conclusions; Postscript; Bibliographical Note; Short Bibliography of Post-Independence PublicationsàR

From Slaving to Neoslavery: The Bight of Biafra and Fernando Po in the Era of Abolition, 1827-1930
by Ibrahim K. Sundiata

History and Hunger in West Africa: Food Production and Entitlement in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
by Laura Bigman
(Hardcover - May 1993)

Equatorial Guinea (World Bibliographical Series, Vol 136)
by Randall Fegley
(Hardcover - February 1992)
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Ominous Transition: Commerce and Colonial Expansion in the Senegambia and Guinea, 1857-1919 (Making of Modern Africa)
by Joye Bowman

Memoirs of Giambattista Scala: Consul of His Italian Majesty in Lagos in Guinea (1862) (Fontes Historiae Africanae, New Series: Sources of African History)
by Giambattista Scala, et al

A Reliable Account of the Coast of Guinea (1760) (Fontes Historiae Africanae)
by Ludvig Ferdinand Rmer, et al

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