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A-Rafting on the Mississip' 
by Charles Edward Russell
Book Description: During the nineteenth century, pine logs were lashed together to form easily floatable rafts that traveled from Minnesota and Wisconsin down the Mississippi River to build the farms and towns of the virtually treeless lower Midwest. These huge log rafts were steered down the river by steamboat pilots whose skill and intimate knowledge of the river's many hazards were legendary. Charles Edward Russell, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, chronicles the history and river lore of seventy years of lumber rafting.

Charles Edward Russell (1860-1941) grew up on the shores of the Mississippi River during the days of lumber rafting. Best known as a journalist during the muckraking era for his exposés on the beef and tobacco trusts, Russell was also a cofounder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909.
Publisher: Univ of Minnesota Pr (Trd); Reprint edition

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Great Illustrated Classics)
by Mark Twain, et al
(School & Library Binding)

Cities of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century Images of Urban Development
by John William Reps, Alex MacLean (Photographer)

Flood: Wrestling With the Mississippi
by Patricia Lauber

Deep'N As It Come : The 1927 Mississippi River Flood
by Pete Daniel
Includes over 140 photographs.

Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi
by George H. Devol
Publisher: Applewood Books; Reprint edition (April )

First Steamboat Down the Mississippi
by George S. Fichter, Joe Boddy (Illustrator)
Ages 9-12.

Jolliet and Marquette: Explorers of the Mississippi River (Explorers of New Worlds)
by Daniel E. Harmon (Library Binding)

Life on the Mississippi
by Mark Twain, Justin Kaplan (Introduction) (Mass Market Paperback - November )

Mark Twain : Mississippi Writings : Tom Sawyer, Life on the Mississippi, Huckleberry Finn, Pudd'nhead Wilson (Library of America)
by Mark Twain, Guy Cardwell (Editor)
(Hardcover - November 1982)

The Mississippi: and the Making of a Nation
by Stephen E. Ambrose, et al
Hardcover: 273 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.99 x 9.54 x 10.98 
Publisher: National Geographic;
ISBN: 0792269136

Mississippi Floods: Designing a Shifting Landscape
by Anuradha Mathur, et al

Mark Twain and the Queens of the Mississippi
by Cheryl Harness
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Mr. Roosevelt's Steamboat : The First Steamboat to Travel the Mississippi
by Mary Helen Dohan
Book Description: Mr. Roosevelt's Steamboat, a story of high adventure and unlikely romance, is an authoritative account of the first steamboat voyage on the Mississippi River. This hazardous three-month long voyage changed the course of history. It is also the story of two fascinating people, Nicholas Roosevelt and his adventurous young wife, Lyola Latrobe, who together challenged the Mississippi...and won.

Mississippi River Country Tales : A Celebration of 500 Years of Deep South History
by Jim Fraiser, William F. Winter

The Mississippi Steamboat Era in Historic Photographs
The Mississippi Steamboat Era in Historic Photographs : Natchez to New Orleans 1870-1920
by Joan W. Gandy, Thomas H. Gandy
Paperback from Dover Pubns
Old Glory : A Voyage Down the Mississippi
by Jonathan Raban

Old Times on the Upper Mississippi : Recollections of a Steamboat Pilot from 1854 to 1863
by George Byron Merrick
Book Description: George Byron Merrick chronicles the entire panorama of steamboat life he experienced in the mid-1800s, where he started as a cabin boy and worked up to cub pilot on the mighty Mississippi. Originally published in 1909, Merrick's narrative matches lively stories about gamblers, shipwrecks, and steamboat races with rich descriptions of river life and steamboat operations.

George Byron Merrick (1841-1931) grew up in Prescott, Wisconsin, at the junction of the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers. After nine years of steamboating, he volunteered for the Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War before settling into life as a newspaper editor and publisher.

The Outlaws of Cave-In-Rock : Historical Accounts of the Famous Highwaymen and River Pirates Who Operated in Pioneer Days upon the Ohio and Mississippi
by Otto A. Rothert, Robert Clark
First published in 1923, this is the story of criminals from Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee in the early years of the 19th century. Db.
Paperback: 367 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.03 x 8.97 x 6.04
Publisher: Southern Illinois Univ Pr (Trd); (January )
ISBN: 0809320347

Road to the Sea : The Story of James B. Eads and the Mississippi River
by Florence L. Dorsey
Publisher: Firebird Press; (April )

A River and Its City: The Nature of Landscape in New Orleans
by Ari Kelman (Author)
Book Description: This engaging environmental history explores the rise, fall, and rebirth of one of the nation's most important urban public landscapes, and more significantly, the role public spaces play in shaping people's relationships with the natural world. Ari Kelman focuses on the battles fought over New Orleans's waterfront, examining the link between a river and its city and tracking the conflict between public and private control of the river. He describes the impact of floods, disease, and changing technologies on New Orleans's interactions with the Mississippi. Considering how the city grew distant--culturally and spatially--from the river, this book argues that urban areas provide a rich source for understanding people's connections with nature, and in turn, nature's impact on human history.
Hardcover: 297 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.95 x 9.46 x 6.54
Publisher: University of California Press; (February )
ISBN: 0520234324

The River We Have Wrought: A History of the Upper Mississippi
by John O. Anfinson

Steamboating on the Upper Mississippi
by William J. Petersen
Massive, richly documented history of Mississippi steamboating from voyage of the Virginia in 1823 to about 1870. Experiments of Robert Fulton, steamboats as cargo carriers, steamboats in Indian affairs, during the Civil War, much more. Over 130 illustrations, including numerous rare 19th-century photographs and engravings, maps and other documentation. Introduction. Notes and References.
Paperback: 640 pages 
Publisher: Dover Publications (January 19, ) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0486288447 

Tales of the Mississippi
by Ray Samuel, Warren C. Ogden, Donald T. Wright
Publisher: Pelican Pub Co; 2nd edition (December )

Upper Mississippi River History : Fact-Fiction-Legend
by Ron Larson
Book Description: Captain Ron's book "UPPER MISSISSIPPI RIVER HISTORY" begins with the early French explorers and hardy fur trappers. He covers the history of the paddle-wheel steamboats from the first one on the Mississippi River in 1811, the New Orleans, to the founding and growth of the paddle-wheel steamboat companies on the upper Mississippi River -- from passenger and freight steamboats to excursion paddle-wheel steamboats of today.

You will find photographs and early historical stories of the upper Mississippi river towns from St. Louis, Missouri, to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Added to all this history are stories and tales from river pilots about the names and landmarks along the upper Mississippi River.

Views on the Mississippi : The Photographs of Henry Peter Bosse
Views on the Mississippi : The Photographs of Henry Peter Bosse
by Mark Neuzil, Henry Peter Bosse (Photographer), Merry A. Foresta
Book Description: As mapmaker and photographer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Henry Peter Bosse (1844-1903) took more than three hundred photographs of the Upper Mississippi River from 1883 to 1893, a time of unprecedented environmental and social change. Now recognized as the leading photographer of his time of the Mississippi, his work was almost unknown until five separate volumes of his photographs were discovered during the past few years. Since then, Bosse's work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian and other national museums and sold by leading auction houses to private collectors around the world.

Views on the Mississippi brings together for the first time almost one hundred of Bosse's most stunning images. These photographs-tracing the river from Minneapolis to St. Louis-capture the Mississippi as it was being transformed from an untamed natural wonder to a modern commercial highway. Presenting the wagon and railroad bridges, the towns and villages along the banks, and the steamboats that served them, Bosse's images depict the river at the fulcrum between the nostalgic era recorded by Mark Twain and the coming century of industrial development and environmental change, including the alterations wrought by the navigation projects of the Army Corps.

Bosse used the cyanotype process, which produced large-format photographs in crisp, vivid blue tones. This volume offers high quality reproduction with new captions providing the location and significance of each image, as well as historical context. Also included here is a detailed reproduction of Bosse's rare landmark map of the river, first published in 1887-88, giving the reader with a fascinating guide to the historic Upper Mississippi.
Paperback from Univ of Minnesota Pr (Txt)

Voices on the River: The Story of the Mississippi Waterways
by Walter Havighurst

Where the River Runs Deep: The Story of a Mississippi River Pilot
by Joy J. Jackson
Publisher: Louisiana State University Press; (December 1993)

Way's Packet Directory 1848-1994 : Passenger Steamboats of the Mississippi River System Since the Advent of Photography in Mid-Continent America
by Frederick, Jr. Way (Compiler)

Lloyd's Steamboat Directory and Disasters on the Western Waters
by James T. Lloyd
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