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The Bamana Empire by the Niger: Kingdom, Jihad and Colonization 1712-1920
from Markus Wiener Pub
Listed under Mali

Geological Exploration in Murzuq Basin
from Elsevier Health Sciences

Shell Petroleum Development Company, the State and Underdevelopment of Nigeria's Niger Delta: A Study in Environmental Degradation
from Africa World Press

Excavations at Jenne-Jeno, Hambarketolo, and Kaniana: The 1981 Season (Inland Niger Delta, Mali, the 1981 Season)
from University of California Press

Missions to Niger 1
from Cambridge University Press

The Condition Elevation Emigration and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States and Official Report of the Niger Valley Exploring Party
by Martin R. Delany
Paperback from Humanity Books

Fusion of the Worlds: An Ethnography of Possession Among the Songhay of Niger
by Paul Stoller
Hardcover from University of Chicago Press

Genii of the River Niger
Genii of the River Niger
by Jean-Marie Gibbal, Beth G. Raps
Paperback from University of Chicago Press
Great Boys: An African Childhood
by Tanure Ojaide
Hardcover from Africa World Press
Hausaland Divided: Colonialism and Independence in Nigeria and Niger (The Wilder House Series in Politics, History, and Culture)
by William F. S. Miles
Hardcover from Cornell Univ Pr
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Negotiating Development : African Farmers and Colonial Experts at the Office du Niger, 1920-1960
by Monica van Beusekom
Hardcover from Heinemann

Nomads of Niger
by Carol Beckwith (Photographer), Marion Van Offelen
If one picture is worth a thousand words, then the combination of text and images in Nomads of Niger adds up to the equivalent of a whole encyclopedia. The cover photograph alone tells you this will be a special journey; before you even reach the title page you've already been treated to several stunning portraits of a nomadic people known as the Wodaabe, "who number among the last nomads of Africa, indeed among the last nomads on earth." The landscape the Wodaabe inhabit is a harsh one: "In central Niger, between the great Sahara Desert and the grasslands, lies an immense steppe, scattered with scrawny bushes and skeletal trees. For nine months of the year hardly a drop of rain falls. The days are torrid, the nights sometimes freezing cold. And the harmattan, the hot wind out of the desert, blows up relentlessly, filling the air with a sandy haze." Across this no-man's land the Wodaabe herd their cattle, migrating north in the rainy season and south again in the dry months and leaving no trace of their travels as they go. 

Photographer Carol Beckwith spent 18 months traveling with one particular band of Wodaabe, and her photographs concentrate on the family of a herdsman named Mokao and his family. Nomads of Niger is more than just a coffee-table book; it is also an informative and highly entertaining account of the lives, customs, rituals, and taboos of the Wodaabe reminiscent of the best of National Geographic magazine.
Hardcover: ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.08 x 13.37 x 10.18
Publisher: Abradale Press;
ISBN: 0810981254

The Peoples of the Middle Niger : The Island of Gold (Peoples of Africa)
The Peoples of the Middle Niger : The Island of Gold (Peoples of Africa)
by Roderick James McIntosh
Book Description: This book provides the first comprehensive history of the peoples of the Middle Niger written by an English-speaking scholar. "The Island of Gold" was the medieval Muslim and later European name for a fabled source of gold and other tropical riches. Although the floodplain of the Niger river lies far from the goldfields, the mosaic of peoples along the Middle Niger created a wealth in grain, fish and livestock that supported some of Africa's oldest cities, including Timbuktu. These ancient cities of the region that came to be known as Western Sudan were founded without outside stimulation and their inhabitants long resisted the coercive, centralized state that characterized the origins of earliest towns elsewhere. In this book, Roderick James McIntosh uses the latest archeological and anthropological research to provide a bold overview of the distant origins of life for the inhabitants of the Middle Niger, and an explanation for their social evolution. He shows, for instance, the difficulties the peoples faced in adapting to an unpredictable climate, and how their particular social organization determined the unusual nature of their responses to that change. Throughout the book oral traditions are integrated into the story, providing vivid insights into the inhabitants' complex culture and belief systems.
Hardcover: 376 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.05 x 9.29 x 6.23
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers; (November )
ISBN: 0631173617
Somono Bala of the Upper Niger: River People, Charismatic Bards, and Mischievous Music in a West African Culture (African Sources for African History, 1)
by David C. Conrad, Sekou Camara
Paperback from Brill Academic Publishers
Still Waters in Niger
by Kathleen Hill
A Novel

Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa
by Mungo Park, Kate Ferguson Marsters, James Rennell
Paperback from Duke Univ Pr (Txt)

Hebrewisms of West Africa from Nile to Niger With the Jews
by Joseph J. Williams

In Sorcery's Shadow : A Memoir of Apprenticeship Among the Songhay of Niger
by Paul Stoller, Cheryl Olkes (Photographer)

Industrial Labor in the Colonial World: Workers of the Chemin de Fer Dakar-Niger, 1881-1963
by James A. Jones
Hardcover from Heinemann

Into the Niger Bend : Book One of the Barsac Mission
by Jules Verne

Where Vultures Feast : Shell, Human Rights, and Oil in the Niger Delta
by Ike Okonta, Oronto Douglas, Ike Okanta

Bridge over Niger : The True Story of the J. F. Kennedy Bridge
by Remo Capra Bloise, Pat Fahey

Prayer Has Spoiled Everything : Possession, Power, and Identity in an Islamic Town of Niger (Body, Commodity, Text)
by Adeline Marie Masquelier

A Saro Community in the Niger Delta, 1912-1984 : The Potts-Johnsons of Port Harcourt and Their Heirs (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora)
by Mac Dixon-Fyle

Trade Winds on the Niger: The Saga of the Royal Niger Company 1830-1971
by Geoffrey L. Baker
Hardcover from I.B. Tauris

Marriage in Maradi: Gender and Culture in a Hausa Society in Niger, 1900-1989 (Social History of Africa Series)
by Barbara M. Cooper (Author)

The Niger Household Energy Project : Promoting Rural Fuelwood Markets and Village Management of Natural Woodlands (World Bank Technical Paper, No 362)
by Gerald Foley et al

The Poetics and Politics of Tuareg Aging : Life Course and Personal Destiny in Niger

Niger (Cultures of the World, Set 20)

Journal of an Expedition Up the Niger and Tshadda Rivers Undertaken by MacGregor Laird in 1854

National Unity and Regionalism in Eight African States: Nigeria, Niger, the Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, Chad, Uganda [And] Ethiopia,

Ways of the Rivers: Arts and Environment of the Niger Delta
by Martha G. Anderson, Philip M. Peek
Paperback from Univ of California Museum of

Niger-Congo Languages : A Classification and Description of Africa's Largest Language Family
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Recreating Words, Reshaping Worlds : The Verbal Art of Women from Niger, Mali, and Senegal
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Guide to West Africa : the Niger and Gambia River route

Niger Country Review 1999/2000
by Debra Ewing et al
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Warriors, Merchants, and Slaves : The State and the Economy in the Middle Niger Valley, 1700-1914
by Richard L. Roberts
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