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Albert Speer : His Battle With Truth
by Gitta Sereny
Gitta Sereny's biography meticulously re-creates for the reader the professional, emotional, and psychological life of Albert Speer, Hitler's architect and later his Minister of Armaments. Throughout the 12-year history of the Third Reich, Speer remained one of Hitler's most trusted confidants and one of the most powerful political leaders of the Nazi party. Researched and written over an eight year period, Albert Speer weaves together information from innumerable personal interviews with Speer, his family, close friends, and professional colleagues, the author's own solid grasp of German history, and critical readings of Speer's own writings, including various drafts of his memoirs, Inside the Third Reich, first published in 1969.

Throughout, Sereny consciously avoids the pitfall of many Speer biographers, who seek to either blame or exculpate Speer for the Nazi's atrocities. Instead, she succeeds in helping the reader understand a "morally extinguished" man and place into context "all the crimes against humanity which Hitler initiated, which continue to threaten us today, and of which Speer, who was in many ways a man of excellence, sadly enough made himself a part." Well over 700 pages, Albert Speer is not a quick read, but superbly written and meticulously researched, it is a pleasure to read, providing unprecedented insight into one of the most complex figures in modern German history. --Bertina Loeffler -
Paperback: 757 pages
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0679768122; Reprint edition (November )

Spandau: The Secret Diaries
by Albert Speer, et al

AS&P Albert Speer & Partner : Planen Und Bauen Urbanism and Architecture
by Paulhans Peters
Paperback - 160 pages Eng/Ger edition
Birkhauser (Architectural); ISBN: 3764352655
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The Architecture of Oppression: The SS, Forced Labor and the Nazi Monumental Building Economy
by Paul B. Jaskot
Exploring the reasons why the SS chose to focus so many of its forced-labor concerns around the production of building materials, The Architecture of Oppression argues that the architectural history of Nazi Germany is inextricably linked to its most punitive institutions. Through an analysis of such major Nazi building projects as the Nuremberg Party Rally Grounds and the rebuilding of Berlin, Paul Jaskot ties together the development of the German building economy, state architectural goals and the rise of the SS as a political and economic force.
Paperback: 208 pages
E & F N Spon; ISBN: 0415223415; 1 edition (December )
Inside the Third Reich : Memoirs
by Albert Speer, et al
From 1946 to 1966, while serving the prison sentence handed down from the Nuremburg War Crimes tribunal, Albert Speer penned 1,200 manuscript pages of personal memoirs. Titled Erinnerungen ("Recollections") upon their 1969 publication in German, Speer's critically acclaimed personal history was translated into English and published one year later as Inside the Third Reich. Long after their initial publication, Speer's memoir continues to provide one of the most detailed and fascinating portrayals of life within Hitler's inner circles, the rise and fall of the third German empire, and of Hitler himself. Speer chronicles his entire life, but the majority of Inside the Third Reich focuses on the years between 1933 and 1945, when Speer figured prominently in Hitler's government and the German war effort as Inspector General of Buildings for the Renovation of the Federal Capital and later as Minister of Arms and Munitions. Speer's recollections of both duties foreground the impossibility of reconciling Hitler's idealistic, imperialistic ambitions with both architectural and military reality. Throughout, Inside the Third Reich remains true to its author's intentions. With compelling insight, Speer reveals many of the "premises which almost inevitably led to the disasters" of the Third Reich as well as "what comes from one man's holding unrestricted power in his hands." -- Bertina Loeffler -
Paperback: 672 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.69 x 8.30 x 5.54 
Publisher: Touchstone Books; Reissue edition
ISBN: 0684829495 

The Good Nazi : The Life and Lies of Albert Speer
by Dan Van Der Vat, et al

Albert Speer : Hitler's Architect (Holocaust Biographies)
by Fred Ramen
(Library Binding)

Albert Speer
by David Edgar

The Nazi Olympics
Richard D. Mandell
Listed under Olympic Games

Speer: The Final Verdict
Speer: The Final Verdict
by Joachim Fest, Ewald Osers, Alexandra Dring
Paperback from Harvest Books
Who's Who in Nazi Germany
by Robert S. Wistrich
350 short biographies
Listed under Third Reich

by Albert Speer
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The Other Face of Love : Dialogues With the Prison Experience of Albert Speer
by Miriam Pollard
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Albert Speer : The End of a Myth
by Matthias Schmidt
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Der Sklavenstaat : meine Auseinandersetzungen mit der SS
by Albert Speer
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