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Art of the Third Reich
by Peter Adam
British filmmaker Peter Adam grew up in Hitler's Germany. In this important book, now available in paperback for the first time, he presents hundreds of examples of artwork that was officially sanctioned by the Third Reich, and which has not been seen by the public since the 1940s. 
Paperback Reprint edition (December )
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810926156
Art As Politics in the Third Reich
by Jonathan Petropoulos
Paperback: 464 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.16 x 9.26 x 6.14
Univ of North Carolina Pr; ISBN: 0807848093; Reprint edition

Alle Kunstler : War-Revolution-Weimar : German Expressionist Prints, Drawings, Posters and Periodicals from the Robert Gore Rifkind Foundation
by Ida Katherine Rigby
Book Description: The anguish, frustration, and desperate experimentation which characterized German society in the wake of its bitter defeat in World War I and during the ensuing revolution are nowhere more apparent than in the graphic posters, prints, and book and periodical illustrations produced by the German Expressionist artists who, between 1918 and 1922, joined the effort to reshape society. In a scholarly and sympathetic study enhanced by over 100 illustrations, art historian Ida Rigby analyzes these artists' attempts to integrate art into the movement for social reform, and their eventual disillusioned withdrawal into realism. Although such well known artists as KÃ uathe Kollwitz, George Grosz, and Otto Dix are given full consideration, an important feature of this book is the attention it pays to the minor figures who, many argue, were the most characteristic representatives of the Expressionist movement. Originally published in 1987.
Textbook Binding: 118 pages
Univ Pub Assoc; ISBN: 0916304620; (January 23, 1991)
Special Order

An Artist against the Third Reich : Ernst Barlach, 1933-1938
by Peter Paret
Hardcover from Cambridge University Press

Degenerate Art : The Fate of the Avant-Garde in Nazi Germany
by Stephanie Barron (Editor), Peter W. Guenther (Editor)
When the National Socialists came to power in Germany in the early 1930s, one of their most vigorous campaigns was against modernist and avant-garde art. Some 650 works by such renowned artists as Max Beckmann, Marc Chagall, Otto Dix, Wassily Kandinsky, and Paul Klee were removed from German museums and assembled in a traveling exhibition that the Nazis called "Degenerate Art." Fifty years later, the L.A. County Museum of Art reconstructed the notorious exhibition. This catalogue not only recreates the original show, but contains exhaustively researched essays on such topics as the Nazi ideals of beauty and resistance efforts by some German museums. Biographical information is available for each persecuted artist as well as rare photographs, and there is a room by room survey of and guide to the 1939 exhibition with a new English translation. Artistic expression is still under attack by such groups as the NEA, making this book strikingly relevant today.
Hardcover - 423 pages (April 1991)
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810936534
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The Faustian Bargain : The Art World of Nazi Germany
by Jonathan Petropoulos
Hardcover - 320 pages
Getty Ctr for Education in the Arts; ISBN: 0195129644

German Expressionist Painting
by Peter Howard Selz
Paperback (July 1983)
Univ California Press; ISBN: 0520025156 

Landscape With Smokestacks : The Case of the Allegedly Plundered Degas
by Howard J. Trienens, Newton N. Minow
Listed under Degas

The Ghosts of Berlin : Confronting German History in the Urban Landscape
by Brian Ladd
Paperback - 272 pages (November )
University of Chicago Press (Trd); ISBN: 0226467627

The Lost Museum : The Nazi Conspiracy to Steal the World's Greatest Works of Art
by Hector Feliciano
Paperback - 256 pages Reprint edition
Basic Books; ISBN: 0465041914

The Rape of Europa : The Fate of Europe's Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War
by Lynn H. Nicholas
Paperback Reprint edition
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0679756868

Art and Politics in the Weimar Period : The New Sobriety, 1917-1933
by J. Willett, 1996.
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