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All Quiet on the Western Front
by Erich Maria Remarque
Probably the best known of all First World War books, and with good reason.
Paperback Reissue edition
Fawcett Books; ISBN: 0449213943

by Robert C. Mason
An extraordinary book by a veteran of 1000 helicopter missions in Vietnam. Read More

For Whom the Bell Tolls
by Ernest Hemingway
" of the best war novels of the 20th century."

The Forgotten Soldier
by Guy Sajer
Listed under Eastern Front

The Last Enemy
Richard Hillary
One of the greatest books of the Second World War, highly recommended. 

Ray Parkin's Wartime Trilogy
by Ray Parkin
An extraordinary work by an Australian who endured the sinking of his ship, the Perth, after an epic battle in the Sunda Strait against impossible odds. Captured by the Japanese, he then spent years as a POW on the Burma Railway before being shipped to Japan to work the mines until the dropping of the atomic bomb. The work comprises his three books: Out of the Smoke; Into the Smother; The Sword and the Blossom.
Listed under Australia at War

Rommel : The Desert Fox
Desmond Young
A classic work widely regarded as the best book on Rommel and the Desert War, it is written by a Brigadier who personally witnessed much of the action described and diligently reseached his subject after war's end. The book may well leave you with a sense that this was a soldier the likes of which is seen perhaps once in several generations. Db.
Listed under Rommel

Seven Pillars of Wisdom
T. E. Lawrence
A superbly written account of desert warfare against the Ottoman Turk in WWI by one one of the most intriguing characters of the modern era, this ranks as one of the great classics of 20th century literature..
Listed under Lawrence of Arabia

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