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Himmler: Reichsfuhrer-SS
Himmler: Reichsfuhrer-SS
by Peter Padfield
Book Description: In a small museum in Munich lies a photograph of a man who looks for all the world like a harmless, myopic clerk. But, his peaked cap, bearing the death's-head insignia of the SS, exposes the truth: the man is Heinrich Himmler, and this is the chilling record of his rise to prominence in Hitler's Third Reich. As both SS police and Gestapo chief, and the person in charge of the camps in Eastern Europe, he presided over an empire of death. How could a man have such a disregard for human life? Through an exploration of Himmler's aberrant psychology, and the inner workings of the Nazi elite, some compelling and shocking conclusions emerge. A chilling study of the abuse of absolute power. 
Paperback from Cassell Academic
The Architect of Genocide: Himmler and the Final Solution
The Architect of Genocide: Himmler and the Final Solution (Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry Series, 14)
by Richard Breitman
Paperback from Brandeis Univ
Heinrich Himmler : A Photographic Chronicle of Hitler's Reichsfuhrer-SS
by Martin Mansson
Book Description: Many books have been written about Heinrich Himmler and the SS though, strangely, no photographic study has ever been assembled. Contained within this volume are over 380 photographs of Himmler, illustrating his entire career à from a soldier during the First World War period through the years when he was the second most powerful man in Europe. At the zenith of the Third Reich, all of Germany was under the controlling influence of Himmler and the SS. This photo chronicle records the entire Third Reich period in the life and death of Heinrich Himmler., over 380 b/w photographs, 8 1/2"x11" 
Hardcover from Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

The Devil's Doctor: Felix Kersten and the Secret Plot to Turn Himmler Against Hitler
by John H. Waller
Hardcover from John Wiley & Sons
Heinrich Himmler: A Nazi in the Making, Nineteen Hundred Thru Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Six
by Bradley F. Smith
Hardcover from Hoover Inst Pr
Himmler's Crusade : The Nazi Expedition to Find the Origins of the Aryan Race
Himmler's Crusade : The Nazi Expedition to Find the Origins of the Aryan Race
by Christopher Hale
Book Description: " As the Indiana Jones films showed, Nazis, new age mumbo-jumbo and exotic locations are a formula that works. Christopher Hale's gripping and well-researched tale of an SS-sponsored scientific mission to Tibet in 1938-39 has the whole shebang: mad occult beliefs, mountains, strange charactors called Bruno or Ernst and stomach-churning concentration camp experiments to round things off." -- The Sunday Times (London)

A scientific expedition or a sinister mission? 

Why would the leader of the Naziâ€s dreaded SS, the second-most-powerful man in the Third Reich, send a zoologist, an anthropologist, and several other scientists to Tibet on the eve of war? Himmlerâ€s Crusade tells the bizarre and chilling story one of historyâ€s most perverse, eccentric, and frightening scientific expeditions. Drawing on private journals, new interviews, and original research in German archives as well as in Tibet, author Christopher Hale recreates the events of this sinister expedition, asks penetrating questions about the relationship between science and politics, and sheds new light on the occult theories that obsessed Himmler and his fellow Nazis. 

Combining the highest standards of narrative history with the high adventure and exotic locales of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Himmlerâ€s Crusade reveals that Himmler had ordered these men to examine Tibetan nobles for signs of Aryan physiology, undermine the British relationship with the ruling class, and sow the seeds of rebellion among the populace. Most strangely, the scientistsâ€all SS officersâ€were to find scientific proof of a grotesque historical fantasy that was at the center of Himmlerâ€s beliefs about race. 

Set against the exquisite backdrop of the majestic Himalayas, this fast-paced and engaging narrative provides new and troubling insight into one of the strangest episodes in the history of science, politics, and war. 
Hardcover from John Wiley & Sons

The Strange Death of Heinrich Himmler : A Forensic Investigation
The Strange Death of Heinrich Himmler : A Forensic Investigation
by Hugh Thomas
On May 23, 1945, SS leader Heinrich Himmler committed suicide while in British custody, thus escaping trial and execution for war crimes. Or did he? British surgeon and forensics expert Hugh Thomas looks at the evidence and offers a surprising--and controversial--scenario. 

Available evidence is sketchy, and it doesn't help that the British government is keeping the files on the Himmler case sealed until 2045. Still, Thomas suggests, on the strength of forensic evidence and eyewitness testimony, that Himmler's presumed corpse was in fact that of another person. And as for Himmler? It is unlikely, Thomas believes, that Himmler could have fallen by accident into Allied hands; Thomas suggests that he may have gone underground, aided by parties unknown, to direct the SS in its postwar guise, the stuff of Frederick Forsyth's novel, The Odessa File. Thomas's argument is plausible and sometimes persuasive, especially when he discusses the negotiations Himmler's agents conducted with the Allies, well before the war's end, offering to provide a Nazi buffer state against the Soviet Union in exchange for clemency. Highly speculative but well reasoned, Thomas's book should intrigue readers inclined to question received wisdom. --Gregory McNamee -
Hardcover - 288 pages (March )
St. Martin's Press; ISBN: 0312289235

Heinrich Himmler
by Roger Manvell
from New English Library
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Heinrich Himmler: Platoons and Flies
by W.D. Snodgrass
Hardcover from Pterodactyl Pr

The Kersten Memoirs: 1940-1945
by Felix Kersten
Hardcover from Howard Fertig
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The slave state : Heinrich Himmler's masterplan for SS supremacy
by Albert Speer
from Weidenfeld and Nicolson
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SS-1: The Unlikely Death of Heinrich Himmler
by Hugh Thomas, W. Hugh Thomas
Hardcover from Fourth Estate

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by Wykes
Paperback from Ballantine Books
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Zodiac and swastika; how astrology guided Hitler's Germany
by Wilhelm Theodor H. Wulff
from Coward, McCann & Geoghegan
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Heinrich Himmler und die Liebe zum Swing. Erinnerungen und Dokumente.
by Franz Ritter
Paperback from Reclam, Leipzig
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Der Dienstkalender Heinrich Himmlers 1941/42.
by Heinrich Himmler, Peter Witte, Michael Wildt, Martina. Voigt
Hardcover from Christians

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Der Freundeskreis Himmler
by Reinhard Vogelsang
from Musterschmidt
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Der Rasputin Himmlers : die Wiligut-Saga
by Rudolf J. Mund
from Volkstum-Verlag
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Himmler : Reichsfuhrer SS
Peter Padfield
Paperback, McClelland & Stewart October 1995
ISBN: 0333646851
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Heinrich Himmler's Camelot: Pictorial/Documentary: The Wewelsburg, Ideological Center of the SS 1934-1945
by Stephen Cook, Stuart Russell
Hardcover - 256 pages (January 1, )
Kressmann-Backmeyer Publishing; ISBN: 0967044308
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